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CONTROVERSY: Who / What Are African-Americans

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  • wergifts2
    Ms. Heinz Kerry s background brings up a debate: is she an African-American? … Ms. Heinz Kerry refers to herself as African American, which has caused some
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2005
      "Ms. Heinz Kerry's background brings up a debate:
      is she an African-American? …
      Ms. Heinz Kerry refers to herself as African American,
      which has caused some controversy. …."
      [Article: Who is African-American]

      "… Heinz Kerry sometimes describes
      herself as an "African American," …
      Throughout the 1990s, Heinz Kerry
      referred to herself as "African American," …
      And when her use of the term set off a firestorm
      of controversy in 1993, she defended the claim. …"

      Also See:
      [Article: Not a simple matter of black and white]

      "The term "African-American"
      does less to define ... than divide ..."
      [Article: America's label game misses diversity of race]


      BETWEEN Jesse Jackson's nonsensical demand that
      "any American of African descent" be referred to
      as `African-American' AND the Census Bureau's
      subsequent hopelessly flawed `revised' form
      (circa 1990) …. the term `African-American'
      has become one of complete controversy.

      Originally it was used to describe the `Middle Passage
      Voyage' (i.e. from `Africa'- to `America') – then it
      was used to describe the ethnic grouping of people
      who were descendents of the survivors of that `voyage'
      and the slavery `system' that followed – then, thanks
      to Jackson and the USCB, it moronically has been
      expanded to refer to "any American of African descent".

      Personally, I feel that words such as `Black' and
      `African-American' are BOTH completely erroneous
      terms to use in describing this largely MGM
      Tri-racially "Mixed" Ethnic group of people.

      Use of the word `African-American', to describe this
      group, generally leads the hearer to naturally make
      a neuro-linguistic assumption-based error that the
      term is indicative of it's subject being someone who
      is "sole or predominantly" of a black-admixture.

      [In reality, researchers, geneticists, historians and
      anthropologists have repeatedly proven, detailed and
      documented that the majority of those people who are
      members multi-racial Ethnic grouping (more than 70%,
      in fact) have about 25% `white' "racial" admixture
      (i.e. ranges from 20% in some and 30% in others)
      and even more than 25% 'Amerindian' "racial"
      admixture (see links below for more information)]

      Use of the term `Black' to describe this group is also
      inappropriate – both for the reason listed above as
      well as for the fact that the term was only used in the
      1960's and 1970's as being reflective of an anti-racist /
      anti-colonialist / pan-African socio-political
      "identification" with the, now rather phased
      out, "black-power" movement of that era.

      The term "Black" was never meant for use as a
      `racial-descriptor' for the people of this ethnicity –
      but rather it was actually meant to be used merely as a
      way of describing an emerging "political consciousness"
      and "cultural connection" being expressed and "identified"
      among many of the younger members of a given group
      in an certain era in history for a particular purpose.



      Referring to an 'Ethnic' group by a 'Racial' term
      is inaccurate, causes confusing, leads to
      'lineage-denial' and results in nothing more
      than an adherence to the infamous one-drop-rule.

      Being an "Ethnic" grouping, the "African-Americans"
      DO NOT neatly fit into any 'singular' so-called
      "racial" categorization (including that of "black").

      Just as many 'Jewish' people will openly state that
      their "Ethnicity" cannot be described as being only
      'white'-"raced" (as the 'Jewish' people overlap
      multiple racial categories as a result of their lineage),
      the 'African-American' "Ethnicity" also cannot
      be described as being only 'black'-"raced".

      (This is one of many reasons why African-Americans
      are not generally seen as being 'black-'"raced"
      anywhere in the world other than the U.S.)

      The reason for this is not only because of their
      'Multi-Generational Multiracial' lineage --- but also
      because the term "Black" (like the term 'White' or 'Asian')
      would be used to be used to describe a "Racial" category
      -- not an "Ethnic" category (and the 'African-Americans'
      -- again -- are an "Ethnic", not a "Racial", grouping.)

      All "Ethnic" groupings are able to fit
      under MANY number of racial categories.

      For example, there are

      "Black"-identified 'African-Americans'
      (ex. Diana Ross)
      "White"-identified 'African-Americans'
      (ex. Hilary Clinton)
      "Bi-racial"-identified 'African-Americans'
      (ex. Elizabeth Atkins Bowman)
      "Multi-racial"-identified 'African-Americans'
      (ex. Lenny Kravitz)

      Just as there are

      "Asian"-identified `Amerasians' (ex. Russel Wong)
      "White"-identified `Amerasians' (ex. Keanu Reeves)
      "Multi-racial"-identified `Amerasians' (ex. Dean Cain)

      All of these individuals belong to "ethnic" groups.
      Ethnic groups can fit into and overlap across
      any number of "racial" categorizations.

      No "Ethnic" group should ever be forced to fit itself
      into only one so-called "Racial" category – and
      this is particularly true when said "Ethic" group
      was formed via a "Multi-Generational Multiracial"
      lineage, heritage and historical experience.))

      ***African-Americans are ...
      an ETHNIC group composed of multiple-"races"
      (ex. African-Amerindian-European admixtures*)

      ***Black-American are ...
      a RACE group composed of multiple-"ethnicities"
      (ex. Nigerian, Rwandan, Angolan, etc.)

      ***African-Americans are "multi"-racial (tri-racial*)
      ***Black-Americans are "mono"-racial (black)

      ***The African-American Ethnic group is about 400 years old.

      ***The Black-American Ethnic groups
      are thousands of years old.

      ***When African-Americans call themselves "black",
      they are generally referring to their particular
      'socio-political' "identification" – (as most are
      more than aware of their multiracial lineage).

      ***When Black-Americans call themselves "black",
      they are generally referring to their particular
      'racial' "identification" and lineage.

      Both groups are very proud of their 'black heritage'

      However, one group is a "multi-racial" ETHNIC
      group (African-Americans) while the other is
      a "mono-racial" RACE group (Black-Americans).

      Just as Amer-Indians and Eastern-Indians are both
      called "Indians" -- yet are two different groups with
      two seperate heritages, the same applies to the
      African-Americans and the Black-Americans.

      The terms African-American and Black-American are not
      synonymous and should not be used interchangeably.

      It is only as a result of political-correctness, turning us into
      a nation of cultural-illiterates, that people tend to do so.

      FACT #1)

      Per DNA-testing; genetic research and historical record,
      it has been repeatedly proven that the AVERAGE person
      belonging to the multi-racial "ethnic" group, currently
      mis-nomered as `AFRICAN-AMERICAN'(more than
      70% of the ethnicity, in fact) has a lineage containing:

      ***A 'European admixture' ranging from 20%-30%
      (some have more -- ex. 40-60%, some
      have slightly less -- ex. 20% or less)


      ***An 'Amerindian admixture' ranging from 25%-35%
      (many have an even higher range)


      ***An `African admixture' 50- 60%

      These admixtures are found in varying amounts and
      percentages as very few `African-Americans' (AA)
      have any `recent' ancestors (recent meaning –within
      4 generations or more) who were "mono"-racial.

      Interesting Book:

      Genes, Peoples, and Languages
      (-- Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza)

      "Cavalli-Sforza has been the leading architect
      of a revolution (even a paradigm shift) in
      human genetics since the 1960s.

      Because of his work, geneticists no longer think that
      the human species is divided into color-coded races.

      By correlating global studies of genetic markers
      with archeological evidence and patterns of
      linguistic change, Cavalli-Sforza attempts
      to track the earliest mass migrations …
      he is confident enough to state that ...


      From the vantage point of DNA, according
      to Cavalli-Sforza, the idea of separate
      races is unscientific and fallacious


      [[[ And the high amount of Amerindian
      admixture found within this group should also
      always be taken note of and remembered.

      http://dodona.proboards35.com/index.cgi?bo...&num=1087461625 ]]]

      FACT #2)

      Contrary to popular myth, most AAs do not make a clain of
      having a "white" or "indian" great-great-grand-whatever in
      order to prove their continually and fully "mixed" lineage.

      Most of their ancestors were some variety of
      "mixed" individual (ex. Mulatto, Griffe,
      Metisse, etc.) of a tri-racial lineage.

      FACT #3)

      Thus, MOST (+70%) AAs are what is referred to as
      MGM-Mixed (MGM=Multi-Generationally Multiracial).

      Although MGM-Mixed is not the same as FGM-Mixed
      (i.e. `First-Generationally Mixed' – ex. bi-racial), it is
      still a `category type' of Mixed/Multi-racial.

      FACT #4)

      As a result of the infamous and racist "One-Drop Rule',
      those who were of any part `black admixture' were simply
      placed in the "mono"-racial category of "black" or
      "colored" – no matter how well known or proven that it
      was that the person or family was, in fact, "multi-racial"

      Most AAs have NO "mono"-racial ancestors for at least
      the past 4 or more generations of their family – as all of
      these ancestors were likely some `variety' of "mixed".

      Also See:


      "wergifts2" <soaptalk@h...>

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