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The Issues of "Categories" - "Admixtures" -and- "Identity Experiences"?

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  • wergifts2
    Warning: This is not your typical I m mixed -- so where do I belong? question. ************************************************************* Hello, As a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2004

      This is not your typical "I'm 'mixed'
      -- so where do I belong?" question.



      As a result of their "mixed" race `heritage' and appearance,
      there are some so-called "full-blacks" (i.e. both parents are
      listed as "black" (b) or colored (c) on various identification
      forms – no matter what their physical appearance) who
      are constantly questioned as to whether or not they
      are 'black' (b), are quite aware that they are
      not 'white' (w); and are generally excluded
      (by so-called "pure" 'mulattoes') from
      being categorized as "mulattoes" (m)
      [i.e. a selective application of the `One-Drop-Rule'].

      This precarious situation leads to the following question:

      Can anyone explain what category a person would fit
      in if the following were their family's heritage ?:

      Grandparents were:

      1) 1/2 black (b/b) + 1/2 black (b/b)
      2) 1/2 black (b/b) + 1/2 white (w/w)
      3) 1/2 mulatto (b/b) + 1/2 mulatto (b/w)
      4) 1/2 black (b/b) + EITHER 1/2 white (w/w)
      OR 1/2 american Indian (i/i)
      OR 1/2 american indian + 1/2 white (i/w)
      (ancestor would never tell if they were 'indian'
      or 'white' or a mixture of 'indian'+ 'white")

      Although a mixed 'racial' heritage has clearly been known
      and evident throughout the persons' family for generations
      -- all grandparents were generally identified as 'colored'.

      Individual has always been approached with the question of
      "are you mixed?" (throughout life) -- particularly by mixed
      race individuals, 'Hispanics', Arabs, Jewish persons, etc..

      Some people, of various races, have
      openly posed this question to them of:
      "If your heritage is 3/4 "mixed" (mulatto) and 1/4 "black"
      -- does that make them "mixed" (mulatto) or "black".

      Many very militant-mulattoes have made it clear that
      they do not consider one to be "mixed" -- or "mulatto"
      -- unless one has parents whose birth certificates or
      other identification forms clearly list two different races.

      The only humorous part of that logic is that many "blacks"
      have parents whose birth certificates clearly state "c"
      (for 'colored'), however, one or both parent(s) may look
      completely or almost completely "white" (although one or
      even both of their parents were listed as "c"), while the other
      parent may look "black" or or "mulatto", etc. --and the child
      looks like either the "white" parent or appears to be "mulatto.

      In an arrogance-based delusion-of-grandeur, many of the
      militant-mulattoes (some of whom actually look completely
      "black" themselves) have falsely accused these "white" and
      "mixed" appearing "full-blacks" of being "mulatto-wannabees"

      These militant-mulattoes have chosen to ignore and downplay the
      fact that these people have gone through all the same experiences
      a "1-black parent / 1-white parent"-"pure mulatto" has experience
      ---- particularly when their parents actually do appear to be
      a "mixed-race" couple, at casual glance, or if their parents split
      up and they are reared by the darker parent and, thus, assumed by
      others to be "mulatto"; clearly have a "racially-mixed" heritage;
      and have been "mistaken for a "mulatto" person' more often than
      many "mulattoes" have been "identified as a "mulatto" person'.

      These "white" and "mulatto"-appearing "full blacks"
      (i.e. both parents are identified as either 'b' or 'c' --
      no matter what their physical appearance) are not, in
      anyway "mulatto-wannabees" (as the "purely-b/b+w/w militant-
      mulattoes" have accused them of being); nor are they attempting
      to escape any "black" portion of their heritage (as some
      more "militant blacks" have accused them of doing)---- they
      simply want to know why two – very clear "groups of color"
      (the "full-blacks" and the "pure (b/b + w/w) militant-mulattoes"),
      as it were, ---- have both questioned their right to exist and
      to be fully acknowledged and accepted as either one of them.

      So, again, the question posed is, where does the "mulatto"
      -or-"white"-appearing "full-black" (i.e. both parents are
      listed as "b" or "c") --- who is also quite clearly of
      'mixed-race' heritage -- FIT-IN (if anywhere at all --
      without being questioned by "blacks" and shoved-out
      and condescended to by the "pure mulattoes")?


      Again -- this is not your typical "I'm
      'mixed' -- so where do I belong?" question.



      This question is being posed for the following three reasons:

      1) A true attempt to find out were "white" and
      "mulatto" -appearing so-called "full blacks"
      of "mixed heritage" would fit in.

      2) To try to discover why some "mulattoes" play the
      "race-purity" game just as much as do the very
      "whites" and "blacks" about which they complain.

      3) To let it be known that, contrary to popular myth, -- it's not
      just the "mulattoes" who have questions about their identity;
      their categorization and their lack of acceptance by others.

      [Seriously, God as my witness -- if I hear one more
      "b/b-b/b+w/w-w/w"person whine and wax melancholy about
      how they "got IT (i.e. 'negative treatment') from
      BOTH (b + w) sides" -- I am going to scream!!

      Seeing that many individuals have spent their entire lives
      having "got IT (i.e. 'negative treatment') from ALL THREE
      (b + w + m) sides" ---- and can only dream of the luxury
      of having experienced IT from only a mere two sides
      -- oh the luxury that must truly be.]

      Thank you,

      -- Getting IT From Three Sides (GIFTS)


      That bit of truth-clothed-in-sarcasm at the
      end was in no way directed at anyone here.

      Thanks again.
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