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Hello Fellow MEG Builders

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  • Stan Mayer
    Hi all, My name is Stan Mayer and I m a professed addicted MEG builder and I make no apologies for this. When Dave Narby the owner of this site approached me
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2001
      Hi all,

      My name is Stan Mayer and I'm a professed addicted MEG builder and I
      make no apologies for this. When Dave Narby the owner of this site
      approached me with the idea of creating a Yahoo group where MEG
      builders and people planning to build MEGs could share ideas, I
      pretty much jumped at the chance of being part of and helping with
      this forum so here I am, posting a hello to you all.

      What do I personally hope to get out of this site? I hope to learn
      from the building experiences of others about what it takes to make a
      MEG work, find some more MEG resources, and perhaps share some of my
      MEG experiences. While I am relatively new to the MEG concept, I
      find it to be so fascinating that I've spent almost 60 days of 10
      hour days working on my MEG and dealing with failing transistors,
      trying all kinds of things to break the COP=1 barrier, and I'm happy
      to report that I'm getting closer all the time.

      For this, my first real posting, I'll try to keep it short but
      forgive me if I don't as I tend to be verbose. First off I am a
      classical hands-on electronics technician, working in the electronics
      manufacture industry for 18 years and have just recently retired to
      do some of the things that I have put off for years.

      Among these retirement to-dos was a to-do to work on the concept of a
      magnetic valve or transistor to valve or control permanent magnetic
      fields. My thinking was that while we have at least learned how to
      harness and control some forms energy, "forces," atomic particles
      such as electron flow and portions of the electromagnetic spectrum
      (and in some cases we can do this gain), we have had very little
      success in controlling things like magnetism and gravity with a
      control gain. As I got to thinking about how we can control a
      relatively large electron current flow in a field effect transistor
      with a feeble electrostatic field, I wondered if a similar principle
      could be used to control magnetic flux. If so, one could create a no-
      input-force-required or motionless electrical generator from some
      permanent magnets and "magnetic valves" that could supply us with
      energy at nearly no cost and I developed some ideas for my transistor
      on paper.

      Recently I went on the web to search for information on magnetism,
      and as luck or serendipity would have it, I came across Naudine's JLN
      Lab site and after I studied the MEG, I realized that it looked very
      much like the approach that I had been thinking about. I must admit
      that I don't understand the theory of the MEG very well at all, what
      with one theory being that it taps into scalar potentials and another
      theory being that gain can be had by just simple shuttling flux from
      one side of a ring core to another, nevertheless something inside me
      tells me that whatever the "magic" is, it is real ... and the bottom
      line in my opinion (MO) is that this is what life is mostly about ...
      believing in something and then going out and finding out if it can
      be done.

      Anyway, I am looking forward to the postings that will come to this
      site and I hope to be able to also help some of you to, if nothing
      else, avoid some of the mistakes that I and apparently many others
      have made in building MEGs and maybe help somebody get to a
      successful MEG soon.


      Let's take advantage NOW of each other's capabilities, fields
      of expertise and our real time building experiences. Let's make this
      site a place of action vs. a forum for theories!

      Good luck to you all!

      Stan Mayer

      P.S. You'll find a .jpg graphic of the schematic for my current MEG
      in the files section of this site. In my next posting, I hope to
      explain two unusual things about this design, namely a circuit to
      protect the driver transistors from excess current and a circuit to
      protect the driver transistors from the excess forward voltages
      created by the inductive kick of the input coils.
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