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Supernegativity and Beyond!

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  • William Alek
    What is a phase conjugate replicant? You must read: Its also
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      What is a phase conjugate replicant? You must read:


      Its also known as a time-reversed wave, or anti-wave.

      Nicola Tesla was NEVER a believer in Hertzian Waves! He developed equipement
      that generated and controlled "negative energy", or commonly known back then
      as "radiant energy".


      His inventions include a device called a "Magnetic Disruptor" and the "Tesla
      Coil". These devices have erroneously been connected by the so-called
      "mainstream science" as electromagnetic Hertzian type devices, when in fact
      they are used to generate and control "negative energy" impulse functions!

      "Negative Energy" wave properties are BELIEVED to be superluminal, perhaps
      linked to gravity.


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