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  • William Alek
    I just updated my modelling of Leon Dragone s work, Energetics of Ferromagnetism :
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002
      I just updated my modelling of Leon Dragone's work, "Energetics of

      Figure 9 is of special interest because it exhibits a property I call
      "supernegativity". The input resistance of this system is well below zero
      ohms, or much less than zero! As the curve passes through zero at some time
      later, it would be considered a room-temperature superconductor, then
      becomes ohmic.

      I should also mention that the negative energy is a phase conjugate
      replicant of a time-forward impulse function. In other words, its related
      to a non-linear optical process occurring in the VLF range, and it occurs at
      switch closure t = 0 seconds. The phenomena was first observed by Tesla over
      a hundred years ago. The amount of negative energy of the phase conjugate
      replicant appears to be directly correlated to the inductance of a permanent
      magnet, which I have shown on my lab bench to be greater than zero.

      The modelling was done with MathCAD 2001.



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