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UPDATE: Motionless Battery Shock Charger

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  • William Alek
    I finished my magnet/coil/c-core assembly and mounted it on the microcontroller-based board as shown:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2002
      I finished my magnet/coil/c-core assembly and mounted it on the
      microcontroller-based board as shown:


      The theory of operation is a two step process:
      Step 1, I energize the solenoid (the two red coils), which sets up an
      opposing magnetic field, effectively canceling the magnetic field produced
      by the magnet mounted inside the coils. This energy is ALMOST fully
      recoverable as Lenz's Law when the current to the solenoids are shutoff,
      which occurs during the second step.

      Step 2, the magnet MUST restore its original field by removing completely
      the "remnant" field (from Lenz's Law occurring as a result from the first
      step). Restoration of the original field is the FREE ENERGY half of the
      whole equation, and should result in an overall cooling effect in the space
      occupied by the magnet. The restoration of the original field of the magnet
      is a NEGENTROPIC process, where the magnet performs a NEGATIVE work
      function, hence, "unbending" its own dipoles and flux cutting the output
      coils (the two blue coils). The recoverable Lenz' Law effect of what I
      originally put into the system plus the pm field restoration supplied by
      VACUUM ENERGY should give a working OVER-UNITY device! I'm expecting a COP
      value of around 2.

      The purpose of the microcontroller is to monitor the various voltages and
      currents, and control battery charging and usage. All the software is
      running perfectly, which I'm up to about 16KBytes of compiled C-language

      Unfortunately, during my tesing of the two output coils shown as the two
      blue coils this morning, I discovered both coils are electrically shorted to
      the Metglas c-cores. My FREE ENERGY output is effectively being shunted
      away! - MAJOR BUMMER!!! I will have cut away the two blue coils, carefully
      put down a heavy electrically insulating layer, then rewrap my coils. This
      will cause a 1 week delay! :-(


      William S. Alek
      INTALEK, INC. PHONE/FAX: 219.924.2742
      3506-43rd. Place EMAIL: <mailto:wsalek@...>
      Highland, IN 46322-3129 USA HOME PAGE: <http://www.intalek.com/
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