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Re: Flux question

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  • YoTango
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    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 18, 2005
      --- joseph lhelias <jolhelias@...> wrote:
      > My name is Jo, in order to reply to Steven about flux
      > question inside the MEG, I agree with you and I guess all
      > the bad experiences is linked to what you are talking about. In
      > fact , like you, from my point of view, in order
      > to generate a significant power output, I guess it is physicaly
      > to influence the flux of the magnet as a FET transistor is operatin
      > . Like you, I cannot understand how we can have an efficient
      > way, only by modulating the flux from outside the magnet circuit.
      > Like in a transistor, we have to insure alternatively the blocking of
      > the magnetic flow and the release in order to generate a power ouput
      > proportional to the variations of the magnetic flow . If we don
      > t do this by inserting a coil in the magnet circuit, how
      > does it works ? and in this case, like in a transisto
      > , a gap is mandatory between the field generated by the coil and
      > the one generated by th e magnet circuit, in order to have
      > a locking point without having to use the same input power as the
      > possible output power .

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