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Re: Planned experiment

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  • Stan Mayer
    ... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JMPulseCharger ... Hello Witness(?), I ve built several MEGs ... unfortunately none of them were OU ... so I guess I am
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 21, 2004
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      --- In MEG_builders@yahoogroups.com, "witness_ir" <witness_ir@y...>
      > I'm currently collecting parts for a Naudin's MEG v3 replication...
      > I'm planing to use this type of logic in order to do a close-loop
      > attempt :
      > http://www.la-machine.net/avpump/closingloop.jpg
      > with this battery charger :
      > What do you think ?

      > (Witness)

      Hello Witness(?),

      I've built several MEGs ... unfortunately none of them were OU ... so
      I guess I am qualified to offer some opinions. :-)

      I have QUICKLY reviewed the JMPulseCharger circuit and while it
      appears to be a very efficient charger, IMHO, a charger is a charger
      is a charger. You don't explain why you have chosen this charger so
      I can't really comment on it for this application.

      I have also reviewed your closed loop concept and definitely have
      some suggestions to offer here. Per comments from Bearden and
      Naudin, closing the loop is really really tricky and as I understand
      it, this was and probably still is a major hurtle for Bearden in the
      production model he is working on.

      May I suggest that you concentrate on just getting the basic MEG
      running, that is, getting the coils wound (insulating them
      rigorously), the core assembled, the magnets tighly stuffed into the
      throat of the core, the control electronics going and then carefully
      selecting and testing the driver/switching transistor devices in your
      MEG and tuning things. This is in a major job.

      When you get all this done and do some testing in open loop mode,
      THEN you can move on to trying to close the loop.

      Just my two cents!!

      I hope that you do indeed build a MEG and I hope that you report your
      findings, be they for a successful unit or not, to this site because
      that's what this site is about. We're here to learn from each

      Very best and good luck!
      Stan Mayer
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