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Working Maxwell's Demon(?)

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  • Dave Narby
    All, There has been an interesting paper of late regarding what looks to be a working Maxwell s demon. Right click on this link and select save as to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2003

      There has been an interesting paper of late regarding what looks to be a working Maxwell's
      demon. Right click on this link and select "save as" to download and save a copy locally.


      This fits the bill of a MEG type device so I thought I'd bring it to the group's attention.
      Harvey Norris had some interesting things to say about it on his list
      (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/teslafy/), I copied it below.


      Dave Narby


      Realizations of Maxwell's (Demon) Hypothesis.
      from Jaio Tong Univ; Shanghai, China


      What the authors here have done is to make a "virtual" free energy
      machine by reacting A ceramic-8 based magnetic field at right angles
      to the electron movements caused by Ag-O-Cs photoelectric cathodes,
      which can eject thermal electrons at room temperature. The Lorentz
      force causes electron spiraling from the former straight line
      progressions. Using two cathodes one cathode will then increase
      potential with respect to the other by receiving a higher % of return
      spiraled electron paths. A load placed on the differing cathode
      potentials showed a minuscule .01 volt extracting 10^-13 A. This
      output current is accompanied by a small loss of temperature from the
      device, which is replenished by the ambient room temperature, from
      which the device itself draws its effects. Maxwell's Demon problem is
      shown, and how it here applies to thermal electrons, which actually
      have a rms speed of 117 km/sec at room temperature.

      The importance here is that apparently the energy of the magnet is
      tapped, via the medium that already functions at room temperature.
      This application here is very similar to proposed flux cap scenarios,
      only there the applied magnetic field is one that is also in
      movement, and polarity change, accompanied by an othogonal electric
      field that is made to mirror the magnetic field actions in unison.

      Sincerely HDN
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