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Re: Spin flipping

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  • trapierenrj
    ... possible workings of the MEG? ... Effectively, it s a great silence, isn t it ? I just reply that I ve stopped thinking and experiment the MEG as I
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 12, 2003
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      --- In MEG_builders@yahoogroups.com, J├╝rgen v Ooijen <jvooijen@k...>
      > Hello all,
      > It's pretty silent in the MEG-builders group lately.
      > Is anybody still experimenting with the MEG?
      > Does anybody have ideas about spin-flipping in relation to the
      possible workings of the MEG?
      > Webdrifter

      Effectively, it's a great silence, isn't it ?

      I just reply that I've stopped thinking and experiment the MEG as I
      realized, after long and deep thinkings, that it cannot work...

      It was a bad experience for me, because I dream about such a device,
      able to furnish more energy than required for it's self running mode.

      For me, the problem with the MEG conception is that we want to create
      an EM field in the core, to "push" the magnet's static magnetic
      field into the opposite leg of the core.
      Sorry, but if you want to create a EM field to oppose against the
      magnet's field, you need at least the same amount of energy in the
      input than the magnet is able to provide in the output. You have just
      moved the field, but the result will never exhibit a cop > 1 ...

      In my opinion, the only way I can imagine the MEG work would be to
      find some special paramagnetic compound, inserted in the flux path,
      and able to flip between two states, passing or stoping, with the
      need of the less energy as possible. You can figure it out, by
      analogy, with the transitor, triode, etc... principle.
      A few milli ampere current will let the transitor conductive, and
      able to provide few amps on its output.

      I know that some special iron alloys are able to "memorize" their
      forms, and can "switch" from one to another just by changing their

      Maybe this "magic" magnetic alloy still exist, I don't know... If
      someone has some ideas about that ...

      Best regards

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