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Fw: [ZPEnergy.com] Consortium Claims Scientific Breakthrough in Hydrogen Production

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    (Moderator preface: While this message isn t on-topic for this group, I am approving it because it is I think News , promises free energy and might just
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2002
      (Moderator preface: While this message isn't on-topic for this group, I am approving it because it is I think "News", promises "free" energy and might just turn out to be real. Let's hope! Note though that discussion of this this concept on this site is not appropriate as there are better sites for this. Best, Stan)

      Maybe this organization did it right this time!...Vlad

      > New posting on 'ZPEnergy.com':
      > Chris Horianopoulos wrote:
      > Consortium Claims Scientific Breakthrough in Hydrogen Production. Edison
      Device utilizes
      > the existing electrical wiring and natural gas plumbing in a home or
      business to replace the
      > energy provided by utility companies. Source: PR Newswire [Dec 07, 2002]
      > Idaho--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 5, 2002--Genesis World Energy, a privately
      > consortium created by a group of military and space program research and
      > specialists, today unveiled a scientific breakthrough that allows
      consumers to easily
      > access the energy contained within the hydrogen and oxygen molecular
      structure of ordinary
      > water. This scientific breakthrough provides a limitless, low cost and
      > clean source of energy that can be implemented with minimal cost and
      effort. The viability of
      > using water as an energy source, previously a theoretical concept, is now
      a reality. "Water
      > has always been the source of life on this planet, now it will also
      transform the way we create
      > energy," said Charles Shaw, corporate counsel and spokesperson for Genesis
      World Energy.
      > "The implications for worldwide energy generation and consumption are
      nothing less than
      > staggering."
      > http://www.genesisworldenergy.org/
      > The new posting may be found at
      > http://www.zpenergy.com/1039362644
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