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1371Re: problem with the MEG as described in the patent

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  • leskraut
    Sep 5, 2009
      ***** PREFACE BY GROUP MODERATOR *******

      I am approving this posting with some trepidation that it might spur a round of THEORY discussion. What's the problem with that? Simple. This site is about BUILDING MEG type devices and discussing the results of experiments with them NOT ABOUT DISCUSSING THEORY. Since Leskraut is a new member, I'm making an exception for this posting.

      Stan Mayer Co-moderator for MEG_ Builders.

      P.S. Just FYI ... having been a MEG Builder and moderator for this site for many many years and having watched it fail to fulfill its purpose of being a place for people to share the results of their experiments, I AM VERY VERY CLOSE TO SHUTTING THE SITE DOWN.

      May I suggest to those of you who have recently done some MEG experimenting that you report your results now, placing your photos and drawings in the PHOTOS section of this site.


      Thank you for letting me join in as a new member.
      I am still reviewing the material posted and have learned a great deal. I have a lot to read yet. But I ran into this comment and wondered if this relates to certain changes I have noticed in the MEG design. Even though Dave made this comment some time ago it certainly seems to have made a mark.

      In this picture there are three visible white square rods top, right and left.
      Any Ideas what they are? and perhaps the purpose?

      On this one there are now cross flux magnetic gates.

      I am wondering if the material used for these flux magnetic gates is available to attempt this replication?


      --- In MEG_builders@yahoogroups.com, "Dave" <dv_fixit@...> wrote:
      > Hi guys
      > I agree with the idea that driving a coil to impede the flux path is a
      > difficult task. I have worked with dc brushless motors and the motor
      > stator permeability is a problem for high torque with small motors.
      > As I see it the objective of the meg is not to totally stop the flux
      > path but to reduce it just prior to reaching core saturation. Any
      > change in flux will result in a change in secondary output.
      > I do believe that true over unity can be achieved with the new
      > materials being invented with a crystalline structure that could shift
      > polarity and hinder a flux path with a small current applied.
      > Dave
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