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1369MEG Redesign

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  • starraider25
    Jul 13, 2009
      Considering that no one seems to be able to get any O/U from the MEG, maybe we should try to redesign it a bit. Bearden talked about barium in BaFe magnets having some special property that makes it easier to extract free energy from, so why not try barium ferrite cores in the MEG?

      Here's what Bearden said about the magnet in the Sweet-VTA:

      "Contrary to your disinformation, the magnets were indeed barium ferrite magnets -- the old audio kind which were quite common in surplus shops at the time. Again, ask John Bedini.

      And for your information, I personally took a Sweet-activated barium ferrite magnet, placed a shim stock on it, and watched the shim stock oscillate continuously to and fro for an hour, fanning air and doing free work all the time. I then locked the self-oscillating magnet and its waving shim stock fan load) in a safe, and took the key with me. 24 hours later, when I reopened the safe, there sat the magnet with its shim stock still waving and fanning air and doing free work. "


      Note from the moderator,


      Interesting idea. Would you be inclined to build a MEG using Sweet Activated barium-ferrite magnets? If so, we here at MEG_Builders would certainly be interested in the results of your experiments because that's what this site is about ... EXPERIMENTING.

      Best regards,
      Stan Mayer
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