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1367Re: Permanent magnet flip-flop: Theories have been offered, please persue them

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  • Stan Mayer
    Mar 27, 2009
      --- In MEG_builders@yahoogroups.com, Vincent J Cataldi <vincent.cataldi@...> wrote:
      > I found: Permanent magnet flip-flop: with possible with half gainer
      > Searching for reversal: need to understand the cause - please help if you can
      ..... SNIP ......
      > Vince

      Your posting has gotten a lot of potential answers to your question about magnet reversal and I hope that you find your answer within them. I encourage you to followup to the answers ... and questions ... provided in the recent emails via PERSONAL EMAILS rather than postings to this site as your subject is a bit off topic.

      Here's wishing you luck with experiments with breaking magnets!

      Stan Mayer - Co-moderator for MEG_Builders
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