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1363Reply to Vincent, HJ Mgnet Motor Replicated

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  • Charles Couch
    Mar 20, 2009

      Leedskilnin, the builder of Coral Castle wrote a book that might give you some insight into what is happening. In it he gives experiments that display the true nature of Magnetism. He says that there are little Norths and Souths coming out of both ends of a magnet and traveling to the other end. Two opposing flows that pass each other on their way from N to S and S to N. If you take a TV or Computer Monitor (old style with electron guns) and hold a SumariumCobalt magnet (the big rectangular one from Radio Shack) to a white background or static screen you will see these lines of magnetic force alternate colors cyan and magenta. That should help you work it out. Maybe you can break one up against the screen and watch it.

      Sounds like you are well on your way to creating yet another ZeroPoint Energy or Free Energy device. God's speed, keep me informed.

      The Howard Johnson Magnet Motor has been replicated there are videos on Youtube. It ran 27 hrs. without energy input. Enter "Howard Johnson Motor" into the search engine. There should be two videos one from Jan and one recent one.

      Michael Couch