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1359Re: [MEG_builders] COP>1

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  • Tommy Waldner
    Dec 7, 2007
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      All of the reports I've heard have been COP < 1.  However, Bearden said on his Energy from the Vacuum Part 1 that it will take no less than $9,000,000 to figure out the logistics of the tuning and timing.  He supposedly has a foreign university working on it now.

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      Subject: [MEG_builders] COP>1

      Hi All,
      I'm new group member. I have university education of radio electronics.
      Some days ago I made MEG Bearden's style. I use Metglas AMCC 1000 core
      and permanent magnet NdFeB with B=1,3T. Now this MEG works like normal
      transformer, with bias made by permanent magnet, and COP<1.
      I would like to ask, has somebody working example with COP>1, and works
      this device real without external power source after starting?
      Best Regards,
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      This is an add-on note to your message by me, one of the moderators for the group. I certainly hope that you get some replies from members who have COP>1 machines. However I would like to let members know that if they submit messages to this group about machines that aren't documented and are just rumors, there is a good chance that such submissions won't be approved. Remember this site is about sharing the results of experiments and/or helping a experimenter that is currently building a MEG on this site and is strongly focused on this. Those people who have info about rumored undocumented MEGs may want to email their info directly to Sigitas.

      Sigitas ... I hope that someday you will share with us the results of your experiments and even your MEG schematic and other drawings. The best place to do this at this site is at the FILES area.

      Best regards,
      Stan Mayer Co-moderator for MEG_builders.

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