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1355Valeri Ivanov - Bulgarian experimenter

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  • lichtrov
    Jun 14 2:09 AM
      Hi all!

      I recently discovered one Bulgarian experimenter that built MEG like
      device with COP > 1. His Website is here: www.inkomp-delta.com. The
      site is in Bulgarian, so I asked him and he uploaded one page in
      English (http://www.inkomp-delta.com/page9.html).

      Valeri generously agreed to answer my questions and we talked for a
      few hours. There are 2 conclusions that I got from this conversation,
      and I want to share them with you guys:

      1. Valeri claims that magnetic flux from control coil and output coil
      should be separated. He claims that the structure presented in TB
      patent (with mutual flux for both coils) cannot work. He worked
      around this problem by inserting additional toroidal core inside the
      main core. The control coil is winded on the additional core but its
      flux does not go to the output coil.

      2. He also claims that capacitor is absolutely necessary to be
      connected to the output coil to obtain resonance. It also makes TB's
      patent claims about zero phase difference between output coil voltage
      and current somewhat suspicious.

      There were also other interesting points like:

      3. He said that nanocrystalline material is not absolutely necessary
      for the effect to be observed. Such materials can improve efficiency,
      but nothing unique happens inside the core. For example, one of his
      prototypes with measurements published on the Website
      (http://www.inkomp-delta.com/page6.html) works at 50Hz (!!!) with
      regular transformer steel core and exhibits COP up to 5.4.

      4. He also proposed a few constructions for his ideas in his patent
      application (http://inkomp-delta.com/page4.html). It's also in
      Bulgarian, but all schematic figures are in couples. The first
      presents a state without current in control coil, the second presents
      a state with current in control coil. Permanent magnet flux is in
      blue. Control coil flux is in red.

      I hope the above points will help somebody. At least for me it
      changed a lot.
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