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1253Re: Meg Construction

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  • Stan Mayer
    Aug 1, 2004
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      --- In MEG_builders@yahoogroups.com, "jack82721" <jack82721@y...>
      > The age here is 69 I went to elect school in 1953 when i left
      > electronics to become a ind elect in 72 chips were the big thing.I
      > need a parts list for the MEG can someone help me?.J>W

      Dear J>W,

      Regarding a parts list: Since there apparently isn't a full blown
      parts list for a WORKING MEG available, one has to research what
      others have done, including of course researching what the
      inventor ... Tom Bearden and all ... have used and that's one of the
      things that this group is about.

      This will likely require some time consuming research of ... (1)
      Bearden's patents and his site, (2) perhaps checking out JLN's
      (Naudin's) web site for info about his successful MEG replications
      and (3) possibly researching the messages of this group.

      This is a big job I know but in my opinion, that's the challenge of
      the MEG and that's what many of us builders have had to go through.

      ANYWAY, here's just a bit of info that MAY be of help to you in the
      form of a very small list of possible sources for parts. What I am
      talking about is message number 753. While it isn't entirely certain
      what core Bearden is using in his MEG's, there is good evidence to
      indicate that it is an AMCC type of core by Honeywell and one of the
      sources for it is Eastern Components. I haven't recently "visited"
      Eastern Components to verify that they still supply AMCC cores, but I
      do know that they are still alive and available on the internet.

      Hope this is of at least some help to you.

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