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  • drspark86
    Sep 2, 2002
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      Hello All

      After further homework I have found that information in JLN's report and that found in Tom Bearden's Original paper megpaper.pdf, does not show the nonlinear actions occurring on the output.

      But a close look at the Patent (6362718) figures 6E thru 6H do clearly show a nonlinear loading and unsymmetrical currents in the waveforms.

      Sorry for any confusion resulting from my earlier post

      >--- In MEG_builders@y..., "drspark86" <drspark86@y...> wrote:
      > Hello Group: My first post. Greatings fellow researchers...
      > Has anyone here determined if the current and voltage are really in
      > phase, when measured on a working MEG? Like JLN and Bearden have
      > published?
      > If true: Does anyone know why their in phase?
      > The MOVs, why cant we see the MOV actions on the oscope waveforms?
      > Also, In construction of a MEG Should I consider the winding
      > direction (right&left hand rule) for each coil, as an important
      > variable?
      > Carbonprobe: The magnet made a differance in your MEG! Did the
      > polarity (north up or down) of the magnet make a differance in the
      > differance?
      > Permanetly Curious
      > Dave
      > P:S: Anyone have a BH curve or model for metglas I can type into FEMM
      > or Quickfield programs?
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