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RULES FOR MEG_builders

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  • Dave Narby
    FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO JOIN MEG BUILDERS: Due in part to the general free-for-all nature of most discussion groups that people are used to (and the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2004


      Due in part  to the general "free-for-all" nature of most discussion groups that people are used to (and the continuing complaints of Eric Kreig that this is a "censored" list DESPITE repeated detailed explanations given to him that MEG_builders is a TECHNICAL DISCUSSION LIST ONLY and NOT a
      general discussion list open to any and all subjects); we have opted to clarify the rules for acceptable postings to MEG_builders.  If you have experimental data that you want to share with the group, or technical questions which pertain to actual experiments you are running, we will be happy to approve your message. Otherwise, all other discussion is better suited to other more general alternate energy discussion groups.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  

      Rules for MEG builders:

      This group is intended to be a low noise and focused group or forum for experimenters to discuss their experiment results towards building a working MEG or a MEG like device (a stationary electromagnetic or magnetic device that is capable of producing electricity in a free energy/over unity manner) and to allow non-experimenters to supportively interact with these experimenters. It is not intended to be a place for proving or disproving the validity of Bearden's theories/MEG or for that matter anybody’s device or theories! We’re here to experiment, not criticize! You may view this as a rather optimistic or pie in the sky site attitude and perhaps it is... But it's our attitude, our time (and if we succeed, our pie). Also, we’d like to reiterate a key point of how this group works, by quoting a statement from the charter for our site: " … In all cases approval of posting submissions is entirely at the discretion of the moderators. This board is not "open" and makes no claim to being such. While we the moderators will always endeavor to be fair and equitable in the way messages are handled, it should be clearly understood that how this is done is entirely our prerogative."  Please also realize that anyone can read our message archives, membership is only required to be able to post messages to the group list.


      Guidelines for posting and membership:

          Membership:  The moderators reserve the right to expel those members whose behaviors we deem to be inappropriate. Such behaviors include flaming, personal attacks and rudeness.

          New members: It is up to you to get up to speed with the group. Read the messages, check the files! Bringing every new member up to speed simply takes too much time and message space and detracts from the focus of this site.

          Acceptable posting topic examples:

              Experiment results (words, schematics, drawings, photos)

              Constructive criticism about experimental methods/results

              Design proposals for new devices to be tested especially if submitter intends to build such a device

          Unacceptable postings topic examples:

              Postings that are (or contain) demeaning, belittling or non-constructive remarks.

              Postings that criticize an experimenter's work without offering anything supportive to help them get results.

        In all cases approval of all postings is entirely at the discretion of the moderators.


        Dave and Stan

        The MEG_Builders Moderators

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