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MEFA Reviews for Tuesday, December 2, 2008 (Evening Set, Part Two)

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  • annmarwalk
    Title: Fatherhood · Author: annmarwalk · Genres: Humor: Drabbles · ID: 547 Reviewer: viv · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 4 As an aunt of a six-year-old, I
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      Title: Fatherhood · Author: annmarwalk · Genres: Humor: Drabbles · ID: 547
      Reviewer: viv · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 4
      As an aunt of a six-year-old, I had a moment of pause when I read that
      she was pouring honey... and then I let out a breath of relief when I
      realized that you had *not* written "head." hee. Altough, at six, I
      suppose children are very mature, at least compared to preschoolers
      and toddlers and such. At any rate, I think Imrahil is quite right:
      she's ready for a pony (though not quite for marriage!). I loved this
      peek into Imrahil's daddy-brain.

      Title: Terra Incognita · Author: Branwyn (Lady Branwyn) · Genres:
      Humor: Drabbles · ID: 723
      Reviewer: viv · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 7
      This is exceptional, and not just as a drabble but also as a story
      teaser. Have you ever thought of expanding it? The subject matter is
      fascinating, at least to me, and you have such a deft hand at setting
      the scene. The smell of [woolen socks] indeed! Plus, the dialogue bits
      were sparkling, working at least as well as the descriptions at
      setting the scene. I assume that the peculiar officer here is Tolkien
      himself, yes? He is characterized every well, very much in a
      show-not-tell fashion. And the twist at the end, the "funny" part...
      actually *was* funny. Lots of things that are classified as humour
      just aren't that amusing -- that is, they don't make *me* chuckle,
      which could always be a casualty of my poor sense of humour, actually
      -- but this humor piece is very amusing. Not cackle-out-loud
      laugh-inducing, but wringing a good solid chuckle from me nonetheless.
      Thank you! This drabble is such an excellent example of good, solid
      writing. It makes me want to read more of your work. Very enjoyable
      and intriguing!

      Title: Horse Sense · Author: Branwyn (Lady Branwyn) · Genres: Humor:
      Elven Lands · ID: 22
      Reviewer: viv · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 3
      A fair and gentle portrayal of Gimli (and indeed all dwarves, vis a
      vis their care of animals). How nice it is to imagine that Bill the
      Pony and Gimli were able to hit it off. (Also, since I'm not a horse
      person, I can only imagine that all those horsey terms were used
      properly. Regardless, they impressed me! hee.)

      Title: I Ain't Got Nobody · Author: Ignoble Bard · Genres: Humor:
      Valar & Maiar · ID: 568
      Reviewer: viv · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 6
      I love this. Love it like a loving things that loves... things. Well,
      you get the idea. I laughed. Out loud. Several times. Oh, the
      wonderfulness! I dig that Glorfindel's new body is tight in the
      crotch, that he can't seem to stay embodied longer than a flea lives,
      and that Namo is becoming increasingly irked by it all. Also, I dig
      the fact that fear (with the umlaut over the e, of course) can
      shrug... who knew? And that Valar floss their teeth (again with the
      who knowing). Plus, somebody has to award points to a story that uses
      the word [boffo] in context (oh look: just did). And the straw. The
      Oh-my-god-am-about-to-bust-my-guts-but-in-the-best-possible-way. *deep
      breathing* Yes. Love it. All of it. And to think that this sprung from
      the same brain as the impossible smugness of being (Feanor). You'se
      brilliant! Please to write more of this goodness, yes?

      Title: Call of the Wild · Author: annmarwalk · Genres: Romance:
      Drabbles · ID: 94
      Reviewer: viv · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 4
      This is the crummy part of MEFA (and it's a small one): A story like
      this screams for a one-word review. But if I left it a one-word
      review, you might get to thinking that it isn't a lovely drabble, and
      it is. It really is. The descriptions are nice, the interior
      italicized thoughts are effective the characters are well-drawn. But
      all of that, really can be summed up with one word. And so, having
      dithered enough that you know this review is far from an insult, here
      it is: ROWR.

      Title: A Great Cause for Concern · Author: Alassante · Races:
      Cross-Cultural: Post-Ring War · ID: 682
      Reviewer: Amarok · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 4
      That is a very nice little story about how Legolas and Gimli arrive in
      the Undying Lands. I enjoyed especially Galadriel's interference. And
      of course I loved the reason why Aule allowed Gimli to stay in the
      end: because of friendship and loyalty.

      That Legolas now is viewed as someone causing trouble I find rather
      amusing. He indeed is in good company with Gandalf. I loved the end.

      Title: Parting Gifts · Author: Fiondil · Races: Cross-Cultural:
      Post-Ring War · ID: 452
      Reviewer: Amarok · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 6
      Oh, that is a very touching story. I love Gimli's calm acceptance, and
      how he even on his death bed tries to aid Legolas, who just needs a
      push into the right direction. Sure, the elf knows what to do, but
      sometimes it needs a friend to give one a shove to finally do what you
      already know is the right thing to do... but I certainly also can
      understand Legolas' anger at the univited interference ;-).

      This was wonderfully written, I loved the atmosphere. And I loved
      Galadriel's appearance, and her reaction to Gimli's gift (as well as
      the gift itself..., no wonder he was nervous about it ;-) ). And the
      Valar were great also. I really loved the end. That was one of the
      best Gimli-interpretations I have read so far, and the contrast of
      humour and being sent close to tears was remarkable.

      Title: The Blessing · Author: Mews1945 · Genres: Drama: Featuring
      Frodo or Sam · ID: 228
      Reviewer: Amarok · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 3
      It is nice to read a story from the point of view of an 'unimportant'
      character - how he sees the famous ones, Aragorn, Legolas, Samwise and
      of course Frodo, but also how he sees the daily heorism of healers and
      carers, and the ones who bear their wounds and losses bravely.

      Title: All That Remained · Author: Allee · Genres: Drama: Featuring
      the Noldor · ID: 155
      Reviewer: Amarok · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 8

      Interesting story. And I do not think that either Gilraen or Elladan
      behaved unrealistic, even if I had not read the comments at the
      beginning. But perhaps that comes from having had a mother who one day
      came to her little girl to say 'farewell'. My father caught her before
      she went through with her plan, but I know enough to understand what
      this story is about.

      Anyway, what I really like is that Elladan and Elrohir are not
      'identical' here. Happy-ending-lover that I am I am glad they find
      their old trust and connection back in the end (or at least it seemed
      to me that way), but to see them struggle and cope differently for a
      change is good.

      The only thing I missed is Elrond in the end (meaning in the last
      scene). He still seems on the outside, but he has lost as well, and as
      Elrohir commented, has hidden behind a facade. He has his way of
      coping, yes, but will it be changed by Estel's and Gilraen's time
      there? Or by Elladan's final acceptance of what happened?

      That Estel has a minor role here - merely as catalyst - is realistic I
      think, and I like it. He is very young still. His time will come later.

      Title: Untold Tales of the Mark: The Banishment of Éomer · Author:
      Katzilla · Genres: Alternate Universe · ID: 206
      Reviewer: Amarok · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 9
      Besides being a very gripping story, this long tale explaines nicely
      some of the holes the movie left me with. The way they are described,
      I could virtually see Eomer, Eowyn, Grima and the others before my
      eyes while I read this.

      And the story is also great. Thoughts and insights, as well as action
      and fights, betrayal, hope lost and regained..., and even a bit of
      humour now and then - everything such a tale needs is in it - and I
      have only read the first third of it as of yet.

      I especially like Firefoot. What a horse! Intelligent but with an
      attitude. Half-Meara indeed :-).

      And I very much love the different people you invented, for example
      the pair, Thea and Forlorn, who aided Eomer despite the danger to
      them. Or the handmaiden who aids Eowyn. Not to forget all the noble
      Rohirrim who are loyal to Eomer despite him being banned. They all
      have a personality of their own, some more likable and some less, and
      I like that a lot.

      Ok, now I am off to continue to read...

      PS: after having finished the whole epic tale (all but the too dark
      parts) I still think it is a great story. AU, yes, but in a good way,
      the major events could still continue just where this story ends.

      Title: I Stand No Longer Alone · Author: Larner · Races: Men: Minas
      Tirith · ID: 62
      Reviewer: Amarok · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 3
      That was very interesting. It took me a while to realize who does the
      thinking/talking in this story. Great idea, and done in quite a nice
      way. I liked the interaction, the almost dialogue between them. Surely
      'it' and it's Man will rule well :-).

      Title: Hope comes for Estel · Author: stefaniab · Genres: Drama:
      Featuring Aragorn · ID: 622
      Reviewer: Amarok · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 6
      This story focuses for once on what happens to Arnor after Argorn's
      coronation, instead of Gondor. I liked that a lot, and even more I
      liked how it was done. In Aragorn's musings a much bigger story is
      visible, for example in the simple mentioning that he talked about
      building a new Annuminas with Arwen. The comparisons of Gondor and
      Arnor are also interesting, and how they might react to the less
      popular changes a king has to make.

      Oh, and how the first 'real' encounter between Aragorn and Faramir is
      set up is very much to my liking! Hope and fear, caution at first, and
      then real understanding. I love the 'mind-reading' Faramir.

      When time allows, I certainly want to visit 'Steffverse' more in
      depth, this short tale has made me curious :-).

      Title: Eagle of the Star · Author: Neoinean · Genres: Adventure:
      Incomplete · ID: 327
      Reviewer: Amarok · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 7
      This story already hugely impressed me when I read it on Teitho. I
      especially was impressed by the comparisons of healing actions (I
      liked the medical details!) with killing actions. Like love and hate,
      saving someone and destroying him can lie very closely together, and
      in my eyes this whole story centeres around this conflict.

      Aragorn seems hard and harsh here - and he is, he has to be - but his
      human caring side is also shown very clearly, and I like this
      contrast. The hands of a healer, the hands of a killer. He is aware of
      that conflict, and he deals with it accrodingly.

      Also of course the action is nicely done. It is a mission to save a
      friend, against bad odds and at high risk. Legolas' and Aragorn's
      interaction when he finally reaches him are amusing to read, despite
      the dangerous situation. Of course I also like that it ends well, with
      both of them still alive, and I don't miss the background plot that
      would explain some 'why's'.

      Title: The Vase that was Broken · Author: Linda Hoyland · Genres:
      Humor: Gondor · ID: 417
      Reviewer: Amarok · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 4
      This is once more a wounderful short story Aragorn and Faramir, a
      scene from the early fourth age in Minas Tirith. As usual, one of the
      friends comes to the aid of the other, even if it is not a
      life-threatening situation for a change.

      I like the humour in this, the quib at the 'unobservant' nature of
      men, and that Arwen was smat enough to hide the precious vase with a
      child in the household. Nicely done, like all your drabbles and stories.

      Title: Fidelis · Author: Pentangle · Genres: Drama: Hurt/Comfort · ID: 612
      Reviewer: Amarok · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 10
      I have read and reviewed this story before..., and still I find it
      hard to put into words what it does to me, how it touches me. A heavy
      theme, or rather several heavy themes, masterly done in my eyes.

      While reading this the second time, I found myself liking Lenwe not
      quite as much as the first time. He is too manipulating for my
      (personal) taste, but I think he was very well characterised from a
      reader/writer standpoint.

      It is very sad that both elves have to die, but I think it was the
      right way to write it. All sides of the argument in such a case were
      given. Nienor made his wish very clear. My personal believes are that
      everyone should be allowed to decide for themselves if they want to
      live or not.

      Even more than by the death-theme, I was touched by the
      friendship-problems of Aragorn and Legloas. One who needs to speak of
      his troubles, and the other who needs to distance himself, to shut
      them out of his thoughts. How familiar that sounds... I am glad
      Aragorn came to Legolas 'rescue' in the end - even though I am like
      Legolas and need to speak of my troubles I also know that to open up
      when the time is not right is hard or near impossibe.

      Luckily the sarcastic Kenuric (good call of Chris to ask you to give
      him more background, and of course you did so wonderfully in the
      'Badger'-story) provides a bit of humour now and then - and gives good

      Title: Dark Dreams · Author: SlightlyTookish · Races: Hobbits:
      Hurt/Comfort · ID: 550
      Reviewer: Lily · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 3
      This is another very gentle piece that focuses on the friendship of
      Merry and Pippin. Slightlytookish shows incredible insight into the
      bonds that connect the cousins and the dreadful memories they share -
      probably with noone but each other. A lovely story that touches the
      heart of the reader.

      Title: Incarnation · Author: Gandalfs apprentice · Genres: Humor:
      Drabbles · ID: 242
      Reviewer: Lindelea · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 2
      LOL, nicely done!

      You capture the rhythm of language very well, sounding as if it might
      have come out of the original somehow. (Perhaps excised by an editor?) *g*

      Title: The Portrait · Author: agape4gondor · Races: Men: Pre-Ring War
      Fixed-Length Ficlets · ID: 288
      Reviewer: Avon · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 1
      I liked the descriptive touches - it seemed very real.

      Title: Refuge · Author: Raksha the Demon · Races: Elves: Noldor
      Fixed-Length Ficlets · ID: 423
      Reviewer: Avon · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 4
      I really liked this. It makes it very real and captures the fear and
      just not-knowing they must have gone through. Elrond and Elros are
      well-written because they do seem like real kids, and that does tend
      to be unusual in fan fiction. I also like this because it deals with a
      little corner of the Tolkien universe that fascinates me - the Elrond,
      Elros and Maglor relationship. I particularly liked the link to how
      all this helped create the Elrond we know - the keeper of the last refuge.

      Title: Blood and Iron · Author: Ribby · Races: Elves: Drabbles · ID: 122
      Reviewer: Avon · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 2
      That's very nice! Quite amazing what you can catch in just one hundred
      words.It is a real killer of a last line. I also liked that repetition
      of sounds in the second paragraph.

      Title: The Dooming of Small Hands · Author: Thundera Tiger · Times:
      Late Third Age · ID: 639
      Reviewer: Avon · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 3
      That's sad but sweet. It was a terrible choice that was forced upon
      Gandalf, and this story truly captures that. It's not just Frodo who
      will be forever changed by the journey, but also those who sought to
      protect him and could not. A great gap-filler!

      Title: Possessing the greatest powers · Author: Tanaqui · Times:
      Multi-Age: Fixed-Length Ficlets · ID: 387
      Reviewer: Avon · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 1
      A clever drabble series. I enjoyed the imagery.

      Title: Now the Green Blade Riseth · Author: annmarwalk · Genres:
      Drama: Ring War Drabbles · ID: 37
      Reviewer: Avon · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 2
      Such a sweet, peaceful story. I hate to think of the burning of the
      Shire, but this truly shows the hope that peace will come and stay.
      Very nicely done, as always.

      Title: Courage · Author: annmarwalk · Genres: Humor: Gondor · ID: 41
      Reviewer: Avon · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 4
      That's lovely - very sweet. I love that what seems to be a fun story
      about Gimli trying something different - oysters, for goodnes sake! -
      has a final bitter-sweet twist at the end. Life, by then, will never
      be just simple and sweet without a hidden, half-forgotten sting for
      Legolas. And that of course means that the sting will always be there,
      even if more deeply buried and less understood, for the one who loves
      him best.

      Title: Bibliophile · Author: Imhiriel · Genres: Romance: Drabbles ·
      ID: 370
      Reviewer: Avon · 2008-12-01 00:00:00 Score: 1
      That's very cute - and I like Findulais NOT being seen as a tragedy queen.
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