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  • Tanaqui
    Hi guys Here is your weekly admin post – this week focusing on stories about Tolkien s Fair Folk : the Elves. If you re a fan of wily Fëanorians, like
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      Hi guys

      Here is your weekly admin post – this week focusing on stories about
      Tolkien's "Fair Folk": the Elves. If you're a fan of wily Fëanorians,
      like stories about the woodland realms of the Sindar or enjoy the
      less-written-about Vanyar or Avari, we have something for you. Whether
      you like reading about them crafting marvellous works, fighting bravely
      in battle or quarreling as only someone with a grudge hundreds of years
      old can, I hope this list helps you find stories you'd like to review.

      For the list of pieces in this announcement I've used an author's main
      category selection. Each author selects three category choices, only one
      of which it can be placed in; but the author has still described it as
      being suitable for three category choices, even if it isn't placed
      there. So if an author selected the "race" category Elves it will be on
      this list.

      Finding stories that selected a certain main category is pretty
      straightforward. To do this

      1. Log in to www.mefawards.net/MEFA2008/
      2. Click the "Stories" link at the top of the page.
      3. Click the "Show Filter" link.
      4. Click the "Clear All Filters" button if you've used the filter before
      this session.
      5. Select the genre, race, or time period you would like from the
      "Genre, Race, Time" filter (sixth from the bottom).
      6. Click the "Display selected nominations" button.

      This will pull up all of the nominated pieces that selected your main
      category as a first-, second-, or third-choice category, even if they
      didn't end up categorized in that main category.


      Here are the stories competing in this year's competition whose author
      selected Races: Elves to describe their piece.

      ---(260) Out, Damn'd Spot! Out, I Say!
      ---(682) A Great Cause for Concern
      ---(322) Name Calling: Group Identity and the Other among First Age Elves
      ---(171) Upon the Pebbled Shore
      ---(321) A Smile
      ---(269) Elrond's Farewell
      ---(161) Comfort
      ---(170) Dragons In The Trollshaws
      ---(190) A Darkness Lies behind Us
      ---(310) Long Memories
      ---(419) Healing
      ---(698) Shadows
      ---(704) In Search of Stillness
      Branwyn (Lady Branwyn)
      ---(33) Wave-Singer
      ---(233) Coming Home
      ---(193) The Language of Waves
      Dawn Felagund
      ---(32) An Ordinary Woman
      ---(74) Stars of the Lesser
      ---(107) A Woman in Few Words: The Character of Nerdanel and Her
      Treatment in Canon and Fandom
      ---(125) For What I Wait
      ---(128) The Dance
      ---(131) Surprise
      ---(140) Journeys of Vása
      ---(247) Essecarmë
      ---(253) Noldolantë
      ---(254) Discretion
      ---(255) Rekindling
      ---(256) The Scribe and the Heir
      ---(272) The Ghost in the Garden
      ---(323) One Last Wish
      ---(169) A Problem Shared
      Elen Kortirion
      ---(96) A Sea Visit
      ---(516) Collecting Hearts I, II, III & VI
      Elena Tiriel
      ---(64) Unwilling
      ---(465) Last Stroke
      ---(534) All these hands
      ---(218) Ghost
      ---(399) Return
      ---(736) Five Fires
      ---(110) Like Roses over a Fence
      ---(658) If I Had One Wish
      ---(195) Harmony
      ---(735) Tolo Dan Na Ngalad
      ---(589) Silver Rain
      ---(191) In This Far Land
      ---(298) My Oaths I Will Keep
      ---(648) Prior Claim: The Sons of Elrond Series
      ---(712) Not Yet
      ---(538) The Wrong Path
      ---(55) WAR: A Promise Before Dying
      ---(57) WOUNDS: Invisible Scars
      ---(451) MAGIC: The Password
      Ford of Bruinen
      ---(660) Maglor's Harp
      ---(661) I Married for Love
      ---(662) Crumbling Walls
      ---(714) Vodka
      ---(289) Don't Explain
      ---(432) Love at First Sight
      Ignoble Bard
      ---(36) Hearts Like the Sea
      ---(646) Silver Blossoms Blown
      ---(356) The Pillar Perished Is
      ---(367) Taking Roots
      ---(369) Forsaken
      ---(375) A Race, To Be Like Me
      ---(659) Nerdanel’s Sons
      ---(86) King Stag
      ---(87) Nightfall
      ---(178) The Houseless
      ---(204) Here's To The King!
      ---(205) Out of the Blue
      ---(348) Elflings
      ---(408) Wayward Sons
      ---(557) Twentynine White Horses
      Jay of Lasgalen
      ---(10) A Large Bold Hand
      ---(176) The Legend of the Grey Riders
      ---(700) The Librarian
      ---(76) Footsteps in Time
      ---(251) Spaces in the Heart
      ---(252) To Be A King
      ---(283) Star's End
      ---(717) Circle of Silver
      ---(318) Ionnath-Estel ( The Sons Of Hope )
      ---(702) Hidden Watcher
      ---(703) Orc Talk!
      ---(540) And Then There Was Cake, or Begetting Day Horrors
      Lady Elina
      ---(151) And Whisper You to This Earth
      ---(1) The Craft of the Elven Smith
      ---(293) Epiphany
      ---(663) Dorwinion Wine
      Maeve Riannon
      ---(404) The Nightingale
      ---(365) They Also Serve
      ---(475) Galdor: An Elf By Any Other Name....
      ---(219) Burdens
      ---(389) Five things that never happened to Nerdanel
      ---(390) Flickers
      ---(202) The Healers from the Sea
      ---(221) Lessons from the Mountain
      ---(139) The Revenge of Curufin's Horse
      ---(220) Alqualondë
      ---(382) The Rescue of Celebrian
      Nieriel Raina
      ---(163) Utúlie'n Aurë
      ---(558) Spiced Wine On A Snowy Day
      ---(560) The Stranger
      ---(701) Free To Live
      ---(707) The Water's Song
      ---(708) Whatever Harm Encroached
      ---(709) Hold To Hope
      ---(541) Thicker Than Water
      ---(49) A Harmony In Autumn
      ---(77) Young Fëanáro Makes A Stone
      ---(80) Denial
      ---(212) Full Brothers in Blood
      ---(371) My Shining Stars
      ---(52) The Apprentice
      ---(54) Broken Star
      ---(58) Cat's Paws
      ---(665) Risk Assessment
      ---(612) Fidelis
      ---(160) A Sleep Over
      ---(609) In Dreams
      Queen Galadriel
      ---(697) The Queen's Gift
      Raksha the Demon
      ---(46) Undivided
      ---(61) The Blessing of the Waters
      ---(423) Refuge
      ---(552) The Littlest Warrior
      red lasbelin
      ---(563) Blue
      ---(81) Duty, Honour, Country
      ---(82) The Last Stand
      ---(409) The Last Words
      ---(570) Midwinter Thoughts
      ---(718) Vengeance's Folly
      ---(122) Blood and Iron
      ---(83) The Sky Is Over
      ---(84) In absentia
      ---(398) Maglor's Song
      ---(657) House of Ransom
      ---(583) Galadriel Remembers
      ---(584) The Strength of Men
      Sivan Shemesh
      ---(582) Adar & Ion
      ---(407) My Legacy
      Star In Ruin
      ---(555) Even Legends Fade
      ---(120) The War of Wrath
      ---(279) Celevon a Mallen
      ---(387) Possessing the greatest powers
      ---(406) An Elf-lord Revealed
      ---(537) Wherever You Go
      ---(562) Switch
      Thundera Tiger
      ---(349) Seaworthy
      ---(182) Dawn Twilight
      ---(276) Some Confusion in Accounts
      ---(493) Starcrossed
      ---(494) A Perfect Impression

      To find more information about any of these pieces, just do the following

      1. Log in to www.mefawards.net/MEFA2008/
      2. Click the "Stories" link at the top of the web page.
      3. Type the Story ID followed by the "#" sign into the search bar, and
      click the "Search" button.

      For instance, searching for "709#" will bring up story #709, Hold To
      Hope by Nieriel Raina

      Stories about Elves are competing in the following subcategories:

      ---Genres: Adventure: General
      ---Genres: Adventure: Gondor
      ---Genres: Alternate Universe: Angst/Tragedy
      ---Genres: Alternate Universe: Drabbles
      ---Genres: Alternate Universe: Other Fixed-Length Ficlets
      ---Genres: Drama: Featuring the Noldor
      ---Genres: Drama: Final Partings
      ---Genres: Drama: General
      ---Genres: Drama: General Drabbles
      ---Genres: Drama: General Fixed-Length Ficlets
      ---Genres: Drama: Hurt/Comfort
      ---Genres: Drama: Incomplete
      ---Genres: Horror: General
      ---Genres: Humor: Drabbles
      ---Genres: Humor: Elven Lands
      ---Genres: Humor: General
      ---Genres: Humor: Other Fixed-Length Ficlets
      ---Genres: Humor: Valar & Maiar
      ---Genres: Non-Fiction: Character Studies
      ---Genres: Non-Fiction: General
      ---Genres: Poetry: Drama
      ---Genres: Poetry: General
      ---Genres: Romance: Drabbles
      ---Genres: Romance: Elven Lands
      ---Genres: Romance: General
      ---Genres: Romance: Other Fixed-Length Ficlets
      ---Races: Cross-Cultural: Elves and Men
      ---Races: Cross-Cultural: Fixed-Length Ficlets
      ---Races: Cross-Cultural: General
      ---Races: Cross-Cultural: Post-Ring War
      ---Races: Elves: Drabbles
      ---Races: Elves: Family
      ---Races: Elves: General
      ---Races: Elves: House of Elrond
      ---Races: Elves: House of Finwe
      ---Races: Elves: Incomplete
      ---Races: Elves: Mirkwood Elves
      ---Races: Elves: Noldor Fixed-Length Ficlets
      ---Races: Hobbits: General
      ---Races: Villains: Fixed-Length Ficlets
      ---Races: Villains: General
      ---Times: First Age and Prior: General
      ---Times: First Age and Prior: House of Finwe
      ---Times: Fourth Age and Beyond: General
      ---Times: Late Third Age: General
      ---Times: Modern ---Times: General
      ---Times: Multi-Age: Fixed-Length Ficlets
      ---Times: Multi-Age: General
      ---Times: Second and Early Third Age: General

      Remember: The lists of stories and sub-categories listed above are based
      on the main categories chosen by the author.

      Happy reading!

      (MEFA Tech Support)

      P.S. - If you noticed a mistake in this post, please email about it so I
      can check whether a mistake has been made and, if necessary, correct my
      announcement. You can reach me privately at
      techsupport(.at.)mefawards(.dot.)net. Thanks!
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