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MEFA Reviews for Sunday, August 31, 2008

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  • annmarwalk
    Title: The Blessing · Author: Mews1945 · Genres: Drama: Featuring Frodo or Sam · ID: 228 Reviewer: nancylea · 2008-08-31 01:37:35 mews1945, okay, i did a
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      Title: The Blessing · Author: Mews1945 · Genres: Drama: Featuring
      Frodo or Sam · ID: 228
      Reviewer: nancylea · 2008-08-31 01:37:35
      mews1945, okay, i did a quick re-read to remind me why i choose this
      out of all the entries; i'm crying again. this has to stop. i am not
      allowed to cry because everything swells shut and i end up needing
      medical assistance. the sad thing is so many people think i'm kinding.
      the pathos of the situation is so exquisite. you bring every nerve to
      the foreground and then begin to expose them to the air. here is joe
      ordinary and he just wants to understand what has happened and what is
      going to happen. he doesn't deal with the world at large just the part
      he lives in. he doesn't have any clue what rings of power are, he just
      knows that his entire life has had THAT as the foe, now the foe is
      dead and as a country he and his fellows have to pick up the little
      pieces and start again. you write just enough detail to give us the
      scene and then you lead us on a soft waltz through some very tough
      terrain. thank you for letting him acknowledge how and why women will
      be an important part of retraining and reprogramming the lives of so
      many. i myself feel that it is entirely possible that the walking
      wounded would be encouraged to help in tending to their fellow
      soldiers, i think that there is no way to bring in enough back up
      support for any kind of war. thank you for the two sided exchange of
      graditude, if frodo and sam never felt like heros could this simple
      man feel eny more comfortable with their thanks?

      Title: Wherever You Go · Author: Tena · Genres: Drama: Featuring the
      Noldor · ID: 537
      Reviewer: nancylea · 2008-08-31 01:57:16
      Tena, such a common phrase and how many places you have managed to get
      it into. elrond while not the longest lived of tolkiens characters,
      certainly was one that had many chances to use and hear this phrase, i
      enjoyed your method of mixing a present usage with the memory of a
      usage; his twins to glorfy- he and his twin to gilgalad.you show a
      wonderful grasp of the reality of live forever and the danger of it
      could end so suddenly. your backdrop is sketched with a deft hand and
      lets daylight reflect through in a way that adds a dimension of its
      own, the plot line is never the over riding concern, it is amazing
      flexible in its appeal to our senses. pardon the way this may sound,
      you give each character the oppurtunity to expose themselves to us in
      many different ways and yet you maintain their modesty to the point it
      wold take a bible thumper to find your writing objectionable. you
      bring up times when it may feel like he doesn't carry through with the
      simple idea; and show how it is really only a postphonement not an
      abondonment. your use of three couples is discrete and complex and
      just so very touching. thank you for your time and the excellent use
      of your taste to keep this matter so generic and multi- age group

      Title: Baker's Dozen · Author: Tanaqui · Genres: Drama: General
      Fixed-Length Ficlets · ID: 372
      Reviewer: Elena Tiriel · 2008-08-31 01:57:21
      Each drabble in this series is about a person in Middle-earth pursuing
      his own career. And what a wide-ranging collection of careers!

      These drabbles show Tanaqui's talent at populating her works with
      compelling characters, and describing their situations in language
      that is uniquely tailored to the point of view of that individual.

      A great character is "The Maker", about a Dwarf creating an
      articulated doll, causing echoes of two fairy-tales: Gepetto creating
      Pinocchio, and Aule creating the Dwarves.

      My favorite career is in "Studious": a marine biologist returns to a
      tidepool to study its denizens, whose names are a delight to translate
      into real-world creatures.

      And the funniest drabble is "The Little Sister", in which a
      pulp-fiction-style detective is approached by a dame needing help.
      Tanaqui's talent for getting the voice just right truly shines in this

      Title: Moon Over Water · Author: Avon · Genres: Drama: Final Partings
      · ID: 518
      Reviewer: nancylea · 2008-08-31 02:23:55
      the author of this story, has build a legend within a legend and makes
      use of the grand tapestry of many cultures, to bring us a small
      measure of comfort that started for faramir when he was first bereaved
      and then sheltered him through the changes that are part of the
      culture of growing up, fortunately our author lets faramir keep his
      faith and he is eventually rewarded by the one thing that may let him
      release the greif and guilt of his brothers death. many of the stories
      in this nature leave me feeling, no, faramir wouldnot buy into that so
      easily; he's going to hold on to the guilt even after this. this story
      without giving us one on one interaction between boromir and faramir
      leaves me with the feeling that he might be able to see the release in
      boromirs spirit and let himself understand that what was was and that
      now we need to move on to what can and will be.it is mildly amusing to
      see the different ways people have managed to work boats floating down
      a river into a tribute to the dead especially on an assigned day or
      seasonal event. it plays into something i am coming to appreciate more
      and more as i delve deeper into fandom and tolkienism. there is a lot
      of redundancy in the works we get to see. some of it is oh so
      redundant and some of it is the repeating of something to good to let
      go of. you get to be in the too good to let go of class. thank you for
      sending this out to the world.

      Title: Creation Myths · Author: Tanaqui · Genres: Drama: General
      Drabbles · ID: 300
      Reviewer: nancylea · 2008-08-31 02:48:12
      drabbles amaze me and they confound me. how do you limit yourself to
      one hundred words and still express such profound thoughts. now i have
      to find a way to say in more than one thousand characters just how
      wonderfully you managed to do something so grand.i'm just going to go
      ahead and check the dreaded box i don't have any hope of complimenting
      you without giving the story away.

      two different creators, two different processes and two so intertwined
      results. you need to begin with the creators. our first creator
      acknowledges from the beginning that he is not alone in making this
      world. he was the song writer, he was the conductor, and he had the
      privilege of making his musicans. but he never claims that he alone
      was responsible for singing the world into existence. now on the other
      hand it seems that we have a polar opposite quandry. if he doesn't
      realize how much he depended on others doing their portion of the job,
      can anyone force him to share the glory.

      this is an actor standing on stage accepting an emmy without saying
      thank you to the original author at the very least. the rules may
      limit how long he talks but he should at least get a few others
      thanked for giving him the chance.

      so in closing thand you tanaqui for writing an inspiring drabble for
      me to babble about.

      Title: Birthday Present · Author: Aranel Took · Genres: Drama: General
      Fixed-Length Ficlets · ID: 441
      Reviewer: nancylea · 2008-08-31 03:08:03
      aranel took has written a marvelous light hearted story of our dear
      pippin and his at the moment favorite older cousin. of course he will
      revert back to third place at the end of this story, only proper you
      must not misplace merry for long or he may not be merry long. as any
      aunt or uncle, honorary or not, knows around birthdays there is no
      sharper tack than the youngest of children they will remember exactly
      who has not yet given them their just rewards. and they are still
      honest enough to come remind you of your mistake and give you the
      oppurtunity to correct the error of your ways, big of them don't you
      think? now before some of you get all bent out of shape with paladin
      and elegantina, you need to slip in and take a look at just how
      unmaterialistically pippin handles this reminder. it is a laugh or two
      away from show stopping but it will give your belly muscles a light
      workout. bilbo might never have gotten good marks as a father, but he
      would have been homerun king as a grandfather.knowing that we are
      familar with the over all background aranel just lightlybrushes in a
      scene that has comfort and security written into the fabric of its
      existence, she keeps her characters in a very tolkienish fashion and
      lets them exchange a light dialog that covers all the bases and leaves
      us standing in the aisles hoping for more.

      Title: Heavens' Embroidered Cloths · Author: Tanaqui · Genres: Drama:
      Gondor Fixed-Length Ficlets · ID: 292
      Reviewer: nancylea · 2008-08-31 03:28:27
      what lovely possibilities for a young courting couple of varying
      cultures to use to find connections and reaffirments of their beliefs,
      even nicer for a newly wed couple to explore their ability to co-exist
      in each others culture. most of us probalby can think of star gazing
      as a pleasant way to spend an evening with no pressures and no
      hassling, some few will try to make star gazing a religious supplement
      and spoil our moment. lets ignore them. for the purposes of her story
      tanaqui gives this two at least a passing knowledge of the stars. it
      is probably very fitting in as much as both cultures were largely
      civilized, they had a far chance that someone in their culture had
      taken the time to formalize the formations as recognizable symbols.
      both cultures would have had lots of oppurtunities to teach the
      symbols to their children as markers of the passage of time and as
      guidepost to navigate by. both eowyn and her husband would have found
      the time in their lives to spend quiet moments of personal reflections
      and build up the legends of their cultures for their own
      entertainment, the presentation of the story leaves you with the
      feeling that even yet in their relationship there is a little rivalry.
      you can see them playing with each other and pointing out one more
      over there, well heres this little factoid, oh yeah well how about
      these apples. there are moments of carefully feeling each others
      tenderspots and quiet pokes in the ribs to nusge us bakc into playful.
      well conceived, well executed, just plain well done.

      Title: Primum Non Nocere (First, Do No Harm) · Author: febobe ·
      Genres: Drama: Hurt/Comfort · ID: 628
      Reviewer: nancylea · 2008-08-31 03:51:16
      febobe, i must i may be spending too much time on the other side of
      your site, i missed this one there. i've read a couple of stories that
      said something about ewoyn as a healer and for the most part i would
      have to say that i would need to be pretty hurt to let her treat me.
      she does not engender the compassionate healing side very much. now in
      this case you have made it not only likely but terribly tempting to
      remember where i have an owwy. you keep her the strong, sword-sy,
      horse-sy, out-of-door-sy, in control and what are you going to do
      about it girl that she is and yet she really comes across as
      sympathetic, and caring, tender, and compassionate. by starting out
      from sams point of view you get to lay the ground work of the scene
      and bring all three players to the field. then you change to frodo and
      we begin in that bubble of pain that leaves no room for filling in
      background there's pain and nothing but pain, and it plot really takes
      over here. we are willing to let the river carry us along because each
      moment brings us closer and closer and closer to relief. its as if you
      had lived that kind of pain and knew just how irrational and childlike
      a victim becomes, yes an adult should be able to deal with some pain
      but then there's PAIN.and i think we can assume frodo is in PAIN. so i
      geuss that would make her the wraith-slayer and PAINkiller.

      Title: ...and the sound of a battered heart, beating · Author:
      Lindelea · Genres: Drama: Ring War Drabbles · ID: 690
      Reviewer: nancylea · 2008-08-31 04:15:26
      lindelea, i have to begin this review with the side comment--you are a
      genuis,,,deep bows in sublimation. your last sentence may be the
      wisest to be lived by phylosiphy {spelling sucks} after the advice of
      my doctor that told me to learn to live with my disease or die from
      it. i am in constant awe over the fact that some of you can take one
      hundred words and may the whole idea stand up and shout.Thse use of
      estella as the major player was a landslide of emotions, here is a
      female who depending on your source has been after one of our boys for
      quite a while and may not have any indicators that she has any hope,
      and then she lives through things that she never dreamed were
      possible, her brother goes from missing probably dead to found but may
      not live. and we don't know if she's reconnected yet with her parents
      and she finds out that frodo doesn't have any problem forgiving the
      person she can most blame for all these things, don't you imagine that
      they will be carrying this conversation on for hours and hours. she is
      going to need to vent for a long long time before she gets to that
      level of acceptance. it might be fun to take this to the next chapter
      to see just how good a student frodo was, did he learn from the wizard
      how to help people reach the plateus that he has come to rest on. did
      he listen to the underlying reasons or has he just been burnt to the
      core and has no other option. good luck and keep writing.

      Title: On Hobbits · Author: Aratlithiel · Genres: Non-Fiction · ID: 457
      Reviewer: stefaniab · 2008-08-31 04:34:57
      Aratlithiel's short essay makes some important points about Hobbits as
      a society among all races in Middle Earth. She points out how all of
      Tolkien's main character Hobbits save Sam are rebels against the
      extreme insularity of their society. Finally, she shows how the
      strictures of Hobbit society ultimately work against Frodo's remaining
      in Middle Earth after the destruction of the ring.

      Title: The Dark of Night · Author: Ellie · Genres: Horror · ID: 484
      Reviewer: nancylea · 2008-08-31 04:41:28
      ellie, this was a story that appealled to me because it shows that
      even the strongest, wisest in the mix has moments when they must look
      to others for help because the thing that makes them so special is
      exactly the thing that makes them most vulnerable.you define a
      respectable plot you use long established characters with specifically
      detailed strengths and then you exploit them to the extreme. you do
      use a few names i don't recognize but they may be from the silm or
      even your own invention. you move us through many locales and never
      take long to make each independent and exciting. you keep a nice sense
      of tension running through the entire story you don't let up, when we
      think one idea is going to win the day, you bring in a twist or turn
      that could only happen with life lived on the edge. i'm not a big
      galadriel fan but if she keeps up like this i may have to reconsider
      her possibilities. you write a pretty story, thank you for writing
      elves without resorting to the elitism that so many stories i read for
      this award seemed to feel was their due. your notes at the beginning
      of each chapter let us keep up to pace with what was being protrayed.
      i am glad you took the time to write such a fine story and thank you
      for sharing it with us readers.

      Title: In the Van · Author: Branwyn (Lady Branwyn) · Genres: Humor ·
      ID: 72
      Reviewer: nancylea · 2008-08-31 05:08:05
      Lady Branwyn, i understand and i forgive you this one time, if you let
      me get all my male bashing out and over with. yes that sentence
      definitely needed referred to. and i know that you don't as a rule try
      to make to many trips this close to reality. and when you do you are
      so smack down drop dead on target that we might let you aim the
      howiser next. you might suggest to gandalf individual viewing screens.
      they now come one per seating unit in the back seats i think the most
      i saw was ten in a stretch limo. there are some cute possibilities in
      the masterpiece for this kind of kinky connections. but i think that i
      will always end up comparing them to this. of course if you have rear
      seat entertainment, shouldn't you have sprung for gps tracking and
      satellite navigations. or was this one of those cases of i'm a man i
      don't need to get directions i will find it on my own. interesting
      that the two who are reading the map are two who should have some
      first hand information of the area, both of them could easily have
      reconintered the area in person or on maps in the war room at some
      point in their military careers with gondor. i think you are pandering
      to the obvious making the dwarf want world wrestling while the elf
      wants emeril, elf-fruity-food show; dwarf-mindless male
      warrior-mindless wargames.and of course your going to let
      boromir-warrior join him in the back seat as soon as possible.

      Title: There Was A Hobbit · Author: agape4gondor · Genres: Humor:
      Drabbles · ID: 111
      Reviewer: nancylea · 2008-08-31 05:27:50
      Agape4gondor, drabbles is so hard to write one thousand character
      reviews for. but i guess some of them are worth it, i'm not clicking
      the spoilers button because if readers can't geuss the next line i'm
      not sure they are smart enough to manipulate the buttons of the sites
      to get here. there was a story to be told and you told it in your best
      one hundred words. let us hope that haldir and boromir were able to
      lighten celeborn up, i'm sure if they take him to frodo frodo will
      help him get over the face. after all hobbits have humor and they
      understand the value of a good laugh and they would probably be the
      first to offer to sing it as ... what do they call the way you sing
      row, row ,row your boat? hobbits are very good singers also.so maybe
      they could get celeborn to quit with the attitude. this is really,
      really cute and i think you need to be rewarded for the play on words
      you have pulled off and i'm running out of babble and i'm not any
      where near where i need to be, just think if you had had more words i
      could congratulate you for choosing to set this somewhere other than
      in lothlorien, and i know you are there because you said flet.if you
      had had more words i would know why boromir was hanging out with
      haldir who does not like any other race.

      Title: Legolas' Seat · Author: erobey · Genres: Humor: Elven Lands ·
      ID: 671
      Reviewer: nancylea · 2008-08-31 05:48:18
      Erobey, i can not tell you how very much i enjoyed this story. your
      opening note lays the ground work nicely, legolas is a messanger
      between the kingdoms and fairly well known, comfortable in his role.
      you take a few minutes and give us beautiful serene setting,
      evverything laid out to encourage healing and health. and then, every
      sentence and each chapter was so much fun as i watched poor sam dig
      himself such a large hole to bury himself in. here you are a small
      town person with very firm upbringing for modesty in behavior and
      maybe just a little naive, you are a trusted servant and know that
      gossip is not the way of life you should choose. you overhear two
      adult males discussing what is an obvious body part, you see that the
      owner of said part is also a male, questionable on age but most likely
      adult, there are just certain ideas that come to mind. and of course
      while you are wuite shocked you let slip a thing or two to the
      rascally youngsters who really are adept at gossip.they add their own
      interpretationsa and we are off and running. you let the tension
      build, you bring in a few twist of your own and then add a little
      jealousy, a little spite, and quite a few semi-guilty on-lookers and
      just wait for the powder keg to explode.

      Title: Surprise Inspection · Author: AmandaK · Genres: Humor: Gondor ·
      ID: 207
      Reviewer: nancylea · 2008-08-31 06:11:04
      Amanda, this story has so many possibilities as a repeatable theme, i
      believe that the nasty minded of us might call this a short arms
      inspection but this is supposed to be a family ratings award so cut
      that theme short. this was one of those days that boromir should have
      called off last week. i was always amazed when i worked for a company
      with nation wide shops just how aften we had more than twenty four
      hours to prepare for a surprise inspection, sometimes by so simple a
      trick as the secratary calling to leave a message with us for when the
      owner arrived. or the one where the owner called ahead and asked which
      ski area had the most new snow so he could call in a reservation, ah
      and could one of us pick him up at the airport. yes true surprise
      inspections can be surprises for both sides.i loved the way you
      handled it from the garrison officer who wanted notice to the actual
      spot where the inspection was supposed to happen and then i just fell
      off the plane with how the inspection and its aftermath went. if this
      is your style of writing, you are a writer that i shall look for in
      the coming year. i hope you have lots to say and say it frequently. i
      may not personally like boromir but this is one more reason why i have
      to respect him he looked at the situation and saw more then the
      surface, he noticed details that let him find reasons and rewards for
      jobs done and done well.

      Title: Last Stroke · Author: Elena Tiriel · Genres: Alternate
      Universe: Drabbles · ID: 465
      Reviewer: Marta · 2008-08-31 15:52:06
      This drabble does a good job of inverting the expectations developed
      in the reader both by the quote at the beginning and the line, [though
      none be left to remember]. One would expect the character in question
      to be a man making some last heroic stand, and that would have been
      enough. Yet the revelation that this is no man but an elf, and Círdan
      at that, sent a chill down my spine. Nice reversal, Elena.

      Title: Wayward Sons · Author: Jael · Races: Elves · ID: 408
      Reviewer: crowdaughter · 2008-08-31 20:59:45
      I think, there are few stories that show what the process of "fading"
      of the Elves is all about, and what fighting the long defeat really
      meant for them, with greater impact than the first paragraphs of this
      story. The long years in the ever changing world, and what it means to
      someone who, for all he knows, is going to live forever except the
      consummation of his body by the fea gets him first, is driven home
      most poignantly. So is the visualization of that very process, here
      brought home in a telling scene with great impact.

      All the more delivering, then, is the second part of the tale, that
      gives the details to some scene hinted at in another of Jael's
      stories, [Not Fade Away] - the most unlikely and hopeful reunion with
      his loved ones the Thranduil of this story arc is allowed to
      experience, as so many of the Elves who had their loved ones travel
      across the Sea in Tolkien's world did not. The symbolism we see
      entwined with that, here - the rejuvenation not only of Tranduil, but
      also of his connection with the forest - is another great element of
      this story.

      All in all, a great gap-filler to Jael's later story arc of NFA, and
      at the same time a most poignant statement to the question what
      staying behind and surviving in a changed world of Men might have
      meant for those Elves who remained in Middle Earth in the later
      centuries of the Fourth Age and refused to sail. A great tale, greatly

      Title: The Dance · Author: Dawn Felagund · Genres: Romance: Elven
      Lands · ID: 128
      Reviewer: elea24 · 2008-08-31 21:54:07
      I thought this was a really beautiful story, and was only sorry that
      it ended so soon. I loved Nerdanel's characterisation. The awkwardness
      in her own appearance and feelings of inadequacy were very realistic
      and charmingly written. I particuarly like the contrast between
      Nerdanel and the other ladies mentioned. Nerdanel's inner beauty
      shines through and it is a lovely interpretation of the qualities that
      Feanor was attracted to in her.
      I also liked the obvious youth of the couple. Feanor still has
      remnants of teenagehood in his reluctance and and his slightly timid
      behaviour with Nerdanel was very touching.

      Title: The King's Colors · Author: Dwimordene · Genres: Alternate
      Universe: Steward's Family · ID: 482
      Reviewer: Marta · 2008-08-31 22:04:49
      Tolkien tells us in the appendices that Faramir was more like Denethor
      than was Boromir, yet as I was reading this piece what I first noticed
      was how similar Boromir's reaction to Aragorn was to how I imagine
      Denethor's would have been. It's an AU that almost doesn't read like
      one – Boromir stays in Minas Tirith and Faramir goes to Rivendell, but
      the main focus on this piece is how Boromir comes to accept Aragorn.
      As such, it feels delightfully canonical and shows a more reserved,
      more calculating Boromir that I can very easily see being Denethor's
      son. Nicely told, Dwim.

      Title: The Dark of Night · Author: Ellie · Genres: Horror · ID: 484
      Reviewer: Larner · 2008-09-01 00:09:29
      A nice tale of horror and mystery as Elves about the southern borders
      of Imladris are assaulted by creatures they cannot see, creatures that
      appear to come out of the trees and that the trees identify as "dark
      of the night." When even Glorfindel is assaulted and wounded near to
      death, the decision is made to seek help from Amroth of Lorien and his
      advisors, Celeborn and Galadriel. How to help heal Elves of Noldorin
      extraction when both their Light of Being and their blood appears to
      being drained?

      Ancient stories come under scrutiny, and the stories told of the
      voyages of Earendil before he left Middle Earth appear to hold the key.

      Well told with a good use of tension. It appears that when Elves from
      Lothlorien team up with those from Imladris they get things done and
      seriously whup the behinds of their mysterious foe! And the twins
      attempt heroics but find themselves requiring rescuing--and a
      satisfactory rescue it is.


      Title: Enticements · Author: annmarwalk · Genres: Drama: Featuring
      Boromir or Faramir · ID: 266
      Reviewer: Marta · 2008-09-01 00:33:18
      There is an awful lot to love in this short ficlet about Galadriel's
      testing of the Fellowship. The scenes we are offered – Faramir's
      reconciliation and the more intimate glimpses of Boromir and Théodred,
      especially – are evocatively portrayed in Ann's usual sparse style.
      Yet what really caught my attention was a scene Ann seems to pass over
      without comment: the page who delivers Théodred's message to Boromir,
      in full view of Denethor.

      I think that Boromir would have found this personal space and freedom
      from responsibility even more enticing than a guaranteed military
      victory. It shows a real perceptivity about Boromir's character that
      Annmarwalk grasped this; the fact that Boromir resisted this
      temptation and yet fell to the Ring shows both his and the Ring's
      strength. Nicely told, Ann.

      Title: Cinnamon and Chocolate · Author: Cuthalion · Genres: Romance ·
      ID: 264
      Reviewer: Larner · 2008-09-01 01:05:02
      I've been teased by how much I love "Hobbit-porn," but I do find
      myself loving the Frodo-finds-a-love stories about, although I've
      never quite written one of these myself.

      And this is one of the best and most erotic. To find my beloved Frodo
      is also an expert lover is--well, delightful, delightful and rather
      exciting; and I find myself rather wishing I could find my way to the
      Hill and see the light shining there for me.

      Icing, chocolate, cinnamon--and Frodo Baggins's love. Lily Proudfoot
      has it all!

      Now, if I could bring all this to Aragorn.... Heh!
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