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Check Ballot #2 - Multi-Age

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  • aure_enteluva
    Check Ballots for Main Category: Times: Multi-Age ***SubCategory Times: Multi-Age: General*** WAR: A Promise Before Dying (55): Fiondil URL:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2008
      Check Ballots for Main Category: Times: Multi-Age

      ***SubCategory Times: Multi-Age: General***

      WAR: A Promise Before Dying (55): Fiondil
      URL: http://www.storiesofarda.com/chapterview.asp?sid=5793&cid=24484
      Teen, Reason for Rating: Character death.
      Romance Partners: N/A
      Some promises take longer to fulfill than others. Gil-galad must wait an
      entire Age to learn the outcome of one such promise. Written for 'The
      Tolkien Tango' challenge at the Leaf and Stone Yahoo Group.

      The Craft of the Elven Smith (1): Larner
      URL: http://www.storiesofarda.com/chapterview.asp?sid=5058&cid=23940
      General, Reason for Rating: n/a
      Romance Partners: Fëanor/Nerdanel; Celeborn/Galadriel; Drogo/Primula;
      Fëanor's obsession with the Silmarils he'd created and his
      destructive vow have served to rend at Aman itself, as well as leaving
      his family in tatters. To help restore the balance, the Valar would see
      the remaining Noldor smith within the Undying Lands at work, for much
      will be needed as those now dwelling within Middle Earth fight evil as
      they find it.

      Tower of the Moon (577): Nath
      General, Reason for Rating: N/A
      Romance Partners: N/A
      Scenes from the birth and death of a city.

      Fulfilling Oaths (332): Nieriel Raina
      URL: http://www.storiesofarda.com/chapterview.asp?sid=5786&cid=24383
      Teen, Reason for Rating: some violence
      Romance Partners: N/A
      Finrod doubts his strength after falling before Sauron's throne at
      Tol-in-Gaurhoth. After Finrod's death, Beren considers the Ring of
      Felagund given to his father and over the years it is passed down until
      a mysterious messenger arrives in Aman.

      A Day in Time (230): Pearl Took
      URL: http://www.storiesofarda.com/chapterview.asp?sid=4170&cid=24283
      Teen, Reason for Rating: One character is in labor with a child and
      implied sexuality.
      Romance Partners: Merry/Estella, Gormadoc/Malva, Gorbadoc/Belladonna
      Merry has a series of odd dreams, but were they merely dreams or an
      interesting opportunity to learn about his ancestors and the meaning of
      love? Written as part of a Marigold's Challenges Yule Story exchange -
      written for Pippinfan1988.

      ***SubCategory: Times: Multi-Age: Fixed-Length Ficlets***

      Collecting Hearts I, II, III & VI (516): Elen Kortirion
      URL: http://community.livejournal.com/tolkien_weekly/426585.html#cutid1
      General, Reason for Rating:
      Romance Partners: N/A
      Moments of joy and sorrow in the life of Lord Elrond and his family -
      prompted by playing cards and the suit 'Hearts'

      Feelings of Superiority (362): Gwynnyd
      URL: http://www.henneth-annun.net/stories/chapter.cfm?stid=6671
      General, Reason for Rating: N/A
      Romance Partners: n/a
      Answer to a challenge on 'tolerance and discrimination.' I could not
      decide which culture to showcase, so here are six drabbles - three for
      men and three for elves - on the topic of equality and acceptance or
      lack thereof.

      Flame of Life (114): Imhiriel
      URL: http://www.tolkienfanfiction.com/Story_Read_Chapter.php?CHid=3776
      General, Reason for Rating: N/A
      Romance Partners: N/A
      If the Imperishable Flame could speak...

      Flickers (390): Meril
      URL: http://www.henneth-annun.net/stories/chapter.cfm?stid=5185
      General, Reason for Rating: N/A
      Romance Partners: Fëanor/Nerdanel
      A collection of drabbles about Nerdanel and Fëanor.

      Birthday Double Drabble (526): PipMer
      URL: http://www.storiesofarda.com/chapterview.asp?sid=5636&cid=24919
      General, Reason for Rating: N/A
      Romance Partners: N/A
      Merry wishes Pippin a happy birthday at two different points in his
      life. Written for Llinos' birthday.

      An Elf-lord Revealed (406): Tanaqui
      URL: http://tanaquilotr.livejournal.com/121401.html
      Teen, Reason for Rating: References to battle and death.
      Romance Partners: N/A
      A series of drabbles about Glorfindel. Gandalf described him as "one of
      the mighty of the Firstborn... an Elf-lord of a house of princes." He
      fell during the flight from Gondolin, but Middle-earth had not done with
      him. Through the long years, his fate was woven with both the mortal and
      immortal branches of Turgon's line.

      Possessing the greatest powers (387): Tanaqui
      URL: http://tanaquilotr.livejournal.com/119638.html
      General, Reason for Rating: N/A
      Romance Partners: N/A
      Four drabbles about the Three Elven Rings: their forging, and what each
      of the bearers felt when the One Ring was destroyed and the power of the
      Rings was unmade.

      [this is the last of this round of checkballots -Marta]

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