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MEFA Reviews for December 1, 2007 (Part 1)

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  • Ann
    Title: Stone from Above · Author: Thundera Tiger · Races: Men · ID: 284 Reviewer: dkpalaska · 2007-11-30 21:15:03 A gripping read from Hama s PoV. His
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      Title: Stone from Above · Author: Thundera Tiger · Races: Men · ID: 284
      Reviewer: dkpalaska · 2007-11-30 21:15:03
      A gripping read from Hama's PoV. His loyalty, bravery and desperation
      all come through beautifully, even as the reader is grieving over his end.

      This is an enjoyable gap-filler for yet another of those odd side
      comments that pepper Tolkien's work. Even better, it is a well-earned
      tribute to a character that gets short shrift in the book, especially
      after (as the author notes) making at least one rather critical
      decision that definitively affected the outcome of Rohan's future!

      Title: The End of a Lonely Road · Author: White Gull · Races: Hobbits
      · ID: 542
      Reviewer: fantasyfan · 2007-11-30 21:37:41
      White Gull has done what we all secretly long to do - given Frodo a
      happier ending than Tolkien did. In this story, Violet in her
      suffering both before and during the time of troubles becomes the kind
      of strong and compassionate companion that is so suited to our heroic
      but tragic Ringbearer. White Gull does not dimish the noble sacrifice
      of Frodo - he is still wounded beyond healing in this world, and still
      ready to leave home, security and love behind to complete his
      redemptive sacrifice, but in this story he recieves a more immediate
      reward than a vague promise of potential healing the the West. In
      honor of her own selfless act that saved Rose Cotton, and in
      recognition of the destruciton of her own health and ability to thrive
      in the Shire, Violet is allowed to travel West with Frodo, rewarding
      them both with the promise of the healing that comes from love, no
      matter what either of them may eventually find on reaching Tol Eressea.

      I enjoyed this very dramatic and gripping tale. White Gull writes with
      a lot of emotion and makes you really feel for her characters, canon
      or author-created.

      Title: Hope Unquenched · Author: White Gull · Genres: Poetry: With
      Hobbits · ID: 410
      Reviewer: fantasyfan · 2007-11-30 21:48:25
      In this short poem, Sam faces the loss of what has been his signature
      characteristic through all the adventures and troubles of his life -
      he almost loses his hope. Old and alone, careworn and almost
      dispairing, he stands under the mallorn. But he wouldn't have been Sam
      if hope had died for long. His much-beloved and missed master is
      tangibly present in the wind, the leaves, and the memories, and Sam is
      able to raise his head to new hope that he might find across the sea.

      White Gull really shines as an author in her poetry. Every word is
      carefully chosen, every nuance and rhyme and meter contributes to the
      emotion of the whole. I especially liked the contrasting images of the
      slow movement of the old hobbit and the wind-driven movement of the
      tree. The emotion in this piece is heartfelt and poignant. And though
      Frodo is never mentioned explicitly, he's never far from recall by
      either Sam or reader. A beautiful poem.

      Title: Elrond's Song · Author: White Gull · Genres: Poetry · ID: 409
      Reviewer: fantasyfan · 2007-11-30 22:04:51
      Elves take a long view of things, and Elrond perhaps has a better
      grasp of the big picture of the long fight against Sauron than most.
      He has been one of the architects of the long plan, and was there for
      some of the key defeats in what must have seemed a long and fruitless
      war. Mostly though, Elves wait. Sometimes they just endure through the
      battles and councils, through the times when it is not yet time to
      act, or the way of action is not clear.

      All that is present in the first few stanzas of White Gull's poem.
      Elrond has never stopped fighting and scheming for Sauron's downfall,
      but at times even he did not know how those plans were to be
      fulfilled. That is, until he met Frodo. You can feel his appreciation
      of how Frodo did what the great among men and elves never could - he
      endured the evil and fought, not with armies but with only his will,
      giving hope he could not keep for himself for the sake of all of Arda,
      and restoring the hope that you sense Elrond has almost lost.

      I don't often contemplate what it might have meant to the Elves to
      leave the world they were so bound to. So much is given up when they
      leave the world to Men after ages of Elven guardianship, but Elrond
      does it with a sense of relief that, thanks to Frodo: with gratitutde
      and anticipation of the end of days, when they will all meet again.

      As usual with White Gull's poetry, each word is perfectly chosen for
      nuance and rhythm, and the repeating structure of each stanza makes it
      feel like a song. I always look forward to reading her poetry.

      Title: Aragorn's Moment · Author: docmon · Races: Men: Eriador or
      Rivendell · ID: 509
      Reviewer: Linda hoyland · 2007-12-01 01:07:51

      This outstanding ficlet offers a revealing glimpse into Aragorn's
      state of mind as he sets out upon the quest ,which will either make or
      destroy him. What a dreadful burden for one man to carry with not only
      his future but that of the whole world at stake ! This,however is what
      Aragorn has been born for and he will conquer his own fears and give
      his all.

      Title: Of Difficulties and Delicate Situations · Author: Garnet Took ·
      Races: Hobbits: Post-Grey Havens · ID: 255
      Reviewer: Linda hoyland · 2007-12-01 01:22:38

      We like to imagine Pippin as making a full recovery from his injuries,
      but what if they effected his future life in a most crucial area, that
      of having children?

      This difficult subject is dealt with tactfully and tasefully when
      Pippin and and his wife are helped by Aragorn to receive their heart's

      Title: The Dryad · Author: Imhiriel · Times: Late Third Age: 3018-3022
      TA: General Drabble · ID: 71
      Reviewer: Linda hoyland · 2007-12-01 01:27:24

      I loved the idea of Ithilien with Dryads who protected the
      Rangers,unknown to them.I loved the Dryad's perceptive first glimpse
      of Faramir and her insight into his worth.

      Title: Comes Now The Plaintiff, Frodo Baggins · Author: EdorasLass ·
      Genres: Humor: Parody · ID: 17
      Reviewer: stefaniab · 2007-12-01 01:39:30
      What a comment on our litiguous society this story is. "Comes Now the
      Plaintiff, Frodo Baggins," is a legal brief that answers the question,
      "What if Frodo were to sue for damages the very heroes that persuaded
      him to go on the quest to destroy the Ring of power?

      The prime defendent cited in the brief is the nefarious Aragorn son of
      Arathorn, aka Strider aka Thorongil aka Elessar aka Estel aka Frankie
      "the Hammer" of Pelargrir (who?) and many more aliases. The second
      defendent is the murderous Maia Gandalf Greyhame aka Gandalf the White
      aka Mithrandir aka Olorin, and not to mention Stoned Old Guy in the
      Hat and Magneto. The last is the criminal kidnapper Faramir, Son of
      Denethor, House of Hurin, aka The Spare. This band of miscreants,
      according to the brief, conned poor Frodo, sent him on a fools errand,
      and kidnapped him, among other crimes. Surely Frodo Baggins must be
      awarded a vast sum of money for the pain and suffering these three
      have inflicted on him!

      Edoraslass taps on her experience typing legal briefs for these
      riotous parody on lawyers and Lord of the Rings. Her brief and
      legalesse are the real thing and very worth reading. I was bellowing
      with laughter.

      Title: Winds of Change · Author: Lady Bluejay · Genres: Romance: With
      Rohirrim · ID: 228
      Reviewer: obsidianj · 2007-12-01 02:13:12
      This is an absolutely delightful Eomer/Lothiriel romance entirely from
      Eomer's point of view. He is reluctant to marry for political reasons,
      but discovers that as a king it is not so easy to meet a suitable wife
      who is not lined up by his advisors for his perusal. When he meets
      Lothiriel, he doesn't know who she is and when he figures it out, she
      is another one of those suitable women. But by then his encounters
      with her leave him in no doubt that he would like to marry her. Now he
      needs to figure out her real feelings toward him.

      I love the way all the new responsibilities and deference for his new
      station keep getting in the way of any meaningful conversation. Woven
      into this tale is the court etiquette of the Gondorian nobles, which
      Eomer learns to use to his advantage, although he and Aragorn both
      don't like it. Eomer's valet is priceless. I loved the exchange
      between them when Eomer goes back to Edoras.

      Title: Comforting Silence · Author: Radbooks · Times: Fourth Age and
      Beyond: Gondor or Rohan · ID: 157
      Reviewer: obsidianj · 2007-12-01 02:13:58
      This is a beautiful little scene of Aragorn comforting Faramir after
      the death of Eowyn. It depicts the strong friendship between the two
      men. Aragorn and Faramir both come to life with a few words. I could
      feel Faramir's deep grief and Aragorn's strong, silent support.
      Aragorn pulling out his pipe made me smile.

      Title: One Frodo Too Many · Author: Baranduin · Genres: Humor: Parody
      · ID: 683
      Reviewer: grey_wonderer · 2007-12-01 02:16:50
      That was splendid! Iloved every single word of this one and I felt
      sorry for poor, old Book Frodo having to sort it all out without
      losing his mind or his temper. An excellent parody and the author
      handled all of those different Frodo's very well.

      Title: Reconcilation · Author: Dwimordene · Genres: Drama · ID: 86
      Reviewer: obsidianj · 2007-12-01 02:17:24
      I love this story. It is based on two situations in stories by
      Isabeau. In one Peloren helps to beat Andrahar to a pulp and in
      another story they are both friends. This story explores how the
      change might have come about. But I don't think you need to read any
      of these stories to understand this story.

      All the characters in this story are well-drawn, complex characters
      and come to life. Andrahar as a newly minted Swan Knight comes back to
      Dol Amroth, and Peloren and Elethil, Peloren's friend, are back as
      esquires after a year away with the infantry as punishment for the
      beating incident. Everything should be okay now even if they are not
      exactly friends, but they should be able to tolerate each other.

      But the atmosphere, unspoken rules and a sometimes misunderstood Code
      of Conduct that made the beating incident possible have not changed.
      All this conspires that some esquires resent Peloren and Elethil for
      what they did, others think it was a good thing what they did, but
      they made the mistake of getting caught. Peloren and Elethil are the
      target of bullying and since they are under oath not to be impolite or
      start any trouble, they can't do anything about it, and in typical
      fashion of young people they don't know when the pranks cross the line
      and they need to get help. On top of that they can't avoid Andrahar
      since he is one of their instructors.

      Andrahar is also a victim, since there are still a lot of people even
      among the leadership who think a Haradrim among the Swan Knights is a
      stain on their honor. The tension racks up from chapter to chapter
      until something has to give.

      When Elethil finally cracks under the pressure, Peloren and Andrahar
      are thrown together to try to find him. A surprise raid of Corsairs
      manages to let them set aside their differences and respect each
      other. It is still a long way to real friendship, but the groundwork
      is done.

      I highly recommend this story.

      Title: Safe In My Arms · Author: Fiondil · Genres: Drama · ID: 470
      Reviewer: obsidianj · 2007-12-01 02:18:43
      In this story Faramir, after his death, goes to Mandos' halls and
      finds his brother and father again. I like the role reversal playing
      out between the brothers. At first it seems they play the same roles
      as in life, Boromir the older brother, protective of Faramir, and
      Faramir trying to gain acceptance for being the way he is. But
      gradually during the healing of past hurts new roles emerge and I love
      the reconciliation scene with Denethor.

      Title: Mushrooms · Author: claudia6032000 · Genres: Drama: The
      Fellowship · ID: 561
      Reviewer: obsidianj · 2007-12-01 02:19:22
      Wicked, wicked mushrooms. Poor Frodo, being tricked by a mushroom is
      no fun. I like the description of Boromir and Aragorn caring for
      Frodo. At least for once Pippn followed orders and was spared.

      Title: A Mother's Touch · Author: Raksha the Demon · Genres: Humor:
      Other Fixed-Length Ficlet · ID: 44
      Reviewer: grey_wonderer · 2007-12-01 02:20:32
      This is the first Dragon fiction that I have read and I adore little
      Smaug and his proud, caring mum. This was lovely and I like the fact
      that as Dragons they can be covered in the blood of their enemies but
      not coated with dirt like dwarves! Very well done!

      Title: A Need To Know · Author: Pearl Took · Races: Hobbits: Post-Ring
      War · ID: 776
      Reviewer: grey_wonderer · 2007-12-01 02:26:12
      Now that was excellent! I loved the way Tom Cotton showed his concern
      over his daughter's future and managed to get an honest response
      without even the very clever Samwise Gamgee catching on to his plan.
      This was so like a father protecting his daughter! I adored it.

      Title: Hiraeth · Author: Llinos · Genres: Poetry · ID: 803
      Reviewer: grey_wonderer · 2007-12-01 02:31:04
      This is such a wonderful love poem. These lines tell all really,
      Yet I loiter by Mirrormede's side,
      While Ilúvatar calls from the ocean swell,
      I linger still, seeking – yearning!

      The love of the sea and it's call is strong but even when faced with
      that the choice is to stay by the one you love, Mirrormede. The fact
      that this sea-longing can be put off show the full meaning of the
      desire. This is a beautifully written poem like all of this author's
      poems and the emotion in this one is very clear and almost pulls at
      you as you realize that the narrator of the poem is being pulled
      between the need for the sea and for true love.

      Title: Remembering Anew · Author: Pearl Took · Times: Fourth Age and
      Beyond · ID: 88
      Reviewer: grey_wonderer · 2007-12-01 02:33:27
      This story contains some very engaging original characters and those
      characters manage to hold the reader's attention. The plot is very
      entertaining and so as not to spoil it for any who have not read this
      one, I won't say more about details involving the main idea of this
      one. I will say that Merry, Pippin, Frodo and Sam all appear in this
      story in a very imaginative way. There is suspense, there is humor and
      there is one moment involving The Red Book that really takes your
      breath away. This author is always one of my favorites and I really
      enjoyed reading this one.

      Title: Letting Go · Author: SlightlyTookish · Races: Hobbits:
      Post-Ring War · ID: 230
      Reviewer: grey_wonderer · 2007-12-01 02:41:14
      I always enjoy everything that this author writes but this is one of
      my favorites. I adore the way she describes Paladin's struggle to
      understand what has happened to his son during his time away and his
      efforts to find a way in which he can help. I like the scene where
      Paladin over-hears Merry comforting Pippin after a dark dream and
      Paladin leaves before Pippin sees him knowing that Merry can help his
      son more than he can at that moment. That must have been very
      difficult and it is written very well. A lovely story.

      Title: Rohan's Future · Author: Madeleine · Genres: Humor: Gondor or
      Rohan · ID: 79
      Reviewer: Linda hoyland · 2007-12-01 02:46:21

      A delightfully amusing tale in which readers are pleased to see that
      Lothiriel and Eomer's passion for each other in the author's earlier
      stories has proved very fruitful and provided a quiver of heirs for Rohan.

      Unfortunately the children are rather a handful,willing to listen only
      to their parents, but are nevertheless loved by the people of Rohan.

      When Eomer and Lothiriel go away,the boys are left in charge of their
      hapless uncle, who rather unwisely decideds to keep them busy building
      a catapult !

      The underlying theme of this well written story is that adults and
      children need to have mutual respect for and learn from each other.

      Title: Are You Going to Leave Me? · Author: Llinos · Genres: Drama:
      With Merry · ID: 142
      Reviewer: grey_wonderer · 2007-12-01 02:51:26
      One of my favorite authors writing about the close relationship
      between my two favorite hobbits! Naturally, I love this story. This
      manages to show the deep bond, closer than cousins, between Pippin
      Took and Merry Brandybuck. I like the fact that this begins with
      Merry's confusion and the darkness that he must fight after his part
      in the death of the Witch King. I like the idea of Pippin as the
      strong one giving support to his older cousin when Merry needs it
      most. The author also conveys some of Pippin's guilt at having looked
      into the palantir and then being taken away to Minas Tirith leaving
      Merry to go on without him. You can see how Pippin feels responsible
      in a way for Merry's current state. The healing in this is very well
      written and we see how difficult it is for Merry to fight off the
      shadow and how Pippin stays at his side throughout it all. In the end,
      Pippin is still trying to protect Merry by not actually giving him the
      full details of the battle that Pippin must ride off to fight. As
      hobbits will both Merry and Pippin make light of it but you know what
      both are really feeling. Excellent read!

      Title: Unexpected · Author: Madeleine · Genres: Romance: Incomplete ·
      ID: 559
      Reviewer: Linda hoyland · 2007-12-01 02:52:57

      As Eomer and Lothiriel begin to adjust to life in Rohan, they quickly
      learn that here are two strong wills.

      I especially loved the humour in this tale. After all, Lothiriel is
      the lady who asked the King of the Reunited Kingdom to hold parcels
      for her.

      Lothiriel has her own ideas when a tutor is needed to teach her
      Rohirric,those ideas and her husband's turn out to be at loggerheads.

      The battles continue in the bedroom,where Lothiriel is an amazingly
      confident and eager young wife.

      There is never a dull moment in this delightful story by this very
      gifted author. I would love to know what happens next

      Title: The Three Hunters · Author: Dreamflower · Genres: Adventure ·
      ID: 333
      Reviewer: grey_wonderer · 2007-12-01 02:57:48
      I love Aragorn's POV . I don't recall having read anything about his
      search for Merry and Pippin before this. I liked seeing Glorfindel in
      the story as he should be. I also thought his impatience was
      interesting since the Hobbits were not yet his friends and his main
      concern would be Frodo and his safety rather than keeping the three
      Legolas doesn't often make his way into my own stories as I am a bit
      nervous about writing Elves but this author does a lovely job with
      him. I enjoyed his thoughts in this.
      I enjoyed the way Gimli talked about his own father and Bilbo while
      recounting his feelings. After all, he had family that had dealt with
      Hobbits before. I
      enjoyed his POV very much.
      Lovely story all around!

      Title: When the King Comes Back (the Great Smials) · Author:
      Dreamflower · Genres: Drama: The Shire · ID: 262
      Reviewer: grey_wonderer · 2007-12-01 03:03:01
      This is a wonderful story from beginning to end by an author who
      obviously loves hobbits! Great story.

      Title: More Than Just Years · Author: Llinos · Genres: Adventure:
      Minas Tirith · ID: 362
      Reviewer: grey_wonderer · 2007-12-01 03:13:18
      This is filled with magic, not just Gandalf's sort of magic but the
      magic that lives inside Pippin Took because he believes in it. I love
      the way Gandalf looks after the hobbits as small children in this
      story and the connection to that past and Pippin's lighting the
      beacons in Minas Tirith. It's a story about over-coming fear and doing
      something important but mostly this is about believing in magic!
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