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Check Ballot 1: Adventure

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  • aure_enteluva
    Check Ballots for Main Category Genres: Adventure: General By The Light of Earendil s Star (83): Branwyn URL:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2006
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      Check Ballots for Main Category Genres: Adventure: General

      By The Light of Earendil's Star (83): Branwyn
      URL: http://storiesofarda.com/chapterlistview.asp?SID=2444
      PG-13, Reason for Rating: For non-graphic violence and a few
      instances of graphic violence.
      Romance Partners: N/A
      After an ambush in Ithilien, young Faramir has little hope of rescue
      from his captors or from his own despair. Unless help unlooked-for
      should arrive ...

      Good Neighbors (818): daw the minstrel
      URL: http://www.storiesofarda.com/chapterlistview.asp?SID=2930
      G, Reason for Rating: N/A
      Romance Partners: N/A
      Legolas and Thranduil deal with their Mannish neighbors from
      Esgaroth and visitors from elsewhere in Middle-earth.

      Appearances Can Be Deceiving (760): Dreamflower
      URL: http://talechallenge29.livejournal.com/4140.html#cutid1
      G, Reason for Rating:
      Romance Partners: N/A
      Bilbo encounters a mysterious stranger in Rivendell.

      In Sequent Toil (941): IgnobleBard
      URL: http://www.lotrfanfiction.com/viewstory.php?sid=3852
      PG-13, Reason for Rating: Violence
      Romance Partners: None
      Legolas is unexpectedly caught up in intrigue while passing through

      A Rohan Ghost Story (278): Katzilla
      URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1660421/1/
      PG-13, Reason for Rating: Strong violence, adult themes, gore, dark
      imagery, major battle scenes; Implied Rape
      Romance Partners: N/A
      In the first winter of his reign, King √Čomer encounters an enemy who
      has carefully planned his revenge on the young ruler and the

      Lesser Ring (184): Larner
      URL: http://storiesofarda.com/chapterlistview.asp?SID=3931
      PG-13, Reason for Rating: Deaths of characters, discussion of
      religious and political fanaticism, violence
      Romance Partners: Aragorn/Arwen; non-canonical characters
      A tale of two visits to Harad.

      Ada Knows Best (290): mistycracraft
      URL: http://www.storiesofarda.com/chapterlistview.asp?SID=4562
      PG, Reason for Rating: Some violence and battle scenes.
      Romance Partners: N/A
      Sixteen year old Estel is forbidden to join his brothers on patrol
      and takes matters into his own hands.

      Curious Mind, Noble Heart (270): Nilmandra
      URL: http://www.storiesofarda.com/chapterlistview.asp?SID=3702
      G, Reason for Rating:
      Romance Partners: N/A
      Young Estel learns that curiosity can harm more than the cat.
      Written to explain how Gandlaf knew about a 'pop-gun', as mentioned
      in The Hobbit.

      Half a Sticky Mile (940): SlightlyTookish
      URL: http://www.storiesofarda.com/chapterview.asp?sid=3993&cid=15514
      G, Reason for Rating: n/a
      Romance Partners: N/A
      After the Ents take control of Isengard, Merry and Pippin discover
      more perils than they expected.
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