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1 Author Review today 9/30/2005

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  • Ainaechoiriel
    Author: Space Weavil . ID: 235
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2005
      Author: Space
      5> Weavil . ID: 235
      ter=235> . Books/Time: Post-Ring War [142]: General
      Reviewer: Alassante
      2> . 2005-09-30 22:41:25
      SpaceWeavil is an amazing writer. She has such creativity and originality in
      her stories, I am always impressed with the overall picture that sometimes I
      miss some of the small details. Its that type of writing that makes you
      forget you are reading fan fiction and makes you feel like you have just
      jumped headfirst into Tolkien's world. Her serious stories have plotlines
      that are always full bodied like a fine wine with rich and bold details that
      weave together to create a beautiful tapestry of fine art. Her humorous
      stories are so outrageously funny you dare not read them at work for feeling
      of people looking at you strangely for laughing outloud at your desk.I like
      how she chooses the most uncommon character to write her stories about. Like
      one of her stories nominated was about two ents. Another was a romance story
      about Gandalf. Most writers are not brave enough to risk breaking the mold
      too much but Space just sees a undiscovered area in the books or the HoME
      and goes exploring. From there, you never know where you will end up.
      Whether she is serious or funny, you will always enjoy reading a good
      SpaceWeavil story!

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