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58 Reviews Today 9/4/2005

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  • Ainaechoiriel
    ... Title: A Good Custom · Author: Tanaqui · Races/Places: Cross-Cultural: Drabble · ID: 1380 Reviewer: Elena Tiriel · 2005-09-04 19:47:29 What a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2005
      Title: A Good Custom · Author: Tanaqui · Races/Places: Cross-Cultural:
      Drabble · ID: 1380
      Reviewer: Elena Tiriel · 2005-09-04 19:47:29
      What a delightful vignette! Faramir gets a Hobbit cultural lesson, and also
      a birthday gift from Pippin. He reacts in his usual courteous way - then is
      surprised by the perceptiveness and suitability of the gift... I'm sure he
      didn't expect that from Pippin!

      Title: Sight · Author: Aeneid · Races/Places: Gondor: Original Characters ·
      ID: 374
      Reviewer: obsidianj · 2005-09-04 19:54:21
      I'm a big fan of plasticchevy's The Captan and the King. This scene brings
      Boromir and Gil back the way I remember them.
      Great visualization of Boromir's handicap. I like the contrast between his
      mood in the beginning, when he is lost to his surroundings and the
      difference, when Gil gets him out of his world. His way of "seeing" with his
      hands and picking up on Gil's reactions without really seeing her. Finally
      we get to see what his eyes look like. I always wondered what was left of
      his eyes.
      Title: Downfall · Author: Forodwaith · Races/Places: Men · ID: 354
      Reviewer: Anoriath · 2005-09-04 19:55:06
      Oh my. Such powerful emotions and imagines in such a short space. LOL! I'd
      love to say more and add to the score of this review, for you certainly
      deserve more. But, words seem to just cheapen the emotion you evoke in this
      Title: Mother and Son · Author: Tanaqui · Books/Time: Post-Ring War: General
      Drabble · ID: 1381
      Reviewer: Elena Tiriel · 2005-09-04 20:11:18
      Ah, Liz, this gave me goose bumps! Elrond always seemed so self-possessed
      and calm -- but now he's facing a reunion with his mother... and it's as if
      he's a little boy again, wanting to please her. I loved his nervousness, and
      am saddened by his regret that his children didn't accompany him. The ending
      is endearing, but what I especially like is the imagery, like: "the sea as
      it frets against the stones"... how evocative!

      Title: Fathers and Sons, Cousins and Brothers · Author: Tanaqui ·
      Races/Places: Men: Drabble · ID: 1383
      Reviewer: Anoriath · 2005-09-04 20:13:07
      The quiet emotional reversal in this drabble is delightful. It accomplishes
      such hard work with such minimal effort. In one exchange, I hear the voice
      of loving father and son, a young Eomer's bereavement and hope, the fierce
      loyalty of Rohirrim kin, and an echo of my favorite theme of Tolkien's...
      What better thing can come of loss and grief than the determination to love
      and hope in the face despair.
      Title: Gríma's Giftgiving · Author: Alawa · Races/Places: Men: Poetry · ID:
      Reviewer: Anoriath · 2005-09-04 20:15:40
      *snork* I'd love to say more.. but... just... *ewwwwwww!*
      Title: Bringing the Sun · Author: Tanaqui · Books/Time: The Lord of The
      Rings: Drabble · ID: 1382
      Reviewer: Elena Tiriel · 2005-09-04 20:21:00
      Okay, I admit it: I have walked through snow with people who stayed on top,
      while I sank to my calves with every single step. It's da*n annoying.

      The weariness and drudgery of Aragorn and Boromir's work here comes through
      very clearly; and for dauntless Boromir to give up, both of them must have
      been weary indeed. But Legolas's news gives them new heart.... I like how it
      is clear how much Aragorn appreciates his Elven friend.

      Title: Fathers and Sons, Cousins and Brothers · Author: Tanaqui ·
      Races/Places: Men: Drabble · ID: 1383
      Reviewer: Elena Tiriel · 2005-09-04 20:37:51
      *Sigh* "for a little while"... that's what Théoden said to Merry, and we
      know how long that lasted. We know this relationship will last longer, but
      end the same... Sorry for getting maudlin... Young Éomer's eagerness to
      please Théodred is charming -- but probably Théodred didn't notice that at
      the time! Théoden comes off as being extremely wise here (and perhaps a bit
      foresighted?), and Théodred is appropriate chastened. Two extremely
      honorable men, both lives taken by the forces of evil. *Sigh*

      Title: Legacies · Author: Tanaqui · Races/Places: Cross-Cultural: Drabble ·
      ID: 1385
      Reviewer: Elena Tiriel · 2005-09-04 20:44:12
      I'd blink in surprise, too! It must have been a shock for Faramir to learn
      that Pippin was competent, and that his brother had taught the halflings...
      but Faramir's response was gracious. Never underestimate an opponent,
      indeed... a lesson that Boromir re-iterated in absentia.

      Title: Renewed Acquaintance · Author: Tanaqui · Books/Time: The Lord of The
      Rings: Drabble · ID: 548
      Reviewer: Elena Tiriel · 2005-09-04 20:58:00
      Very interesting... Boromir has treated Aragorn with (his father's)
      mistrust, yet at the end Aragorn is so impressed by his fellow warrior that
      he wishes he had had more time to get to know him... hinting at great honor
      on the part of both men.


      Title: Seeds of Old Trees · Author: Marnie · Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Aman
      · ID: 478
      Reviewer: Marta · 2005-09-04 21:32:31

      The hardest thing about reviewing Marnie's "Seeds of Old Trees" is deciding
      which thing to praise first. There's the metaphysical and philosophical
      discussions on topics as varied as the redeemability of orcs, whether fading
      is a gift or a curse, the nature of duty to one's loved ones versus more
      political duties. There are politics in all there glory, between both the
      Ennorim (elves of Middle-earth, those come more recently to Aman) and
      Amanyar (elves who are longer-term residents of Aman). Then there's the
      sweeping historical narratives, mainly in Celeborn's thoughts. And
      gut-wrenching depictions of all the people Celeborn must forgive, and his
      struggle with his desires to forgive (or not forgive, in the case of

      But I think my favourite aspect of this superb story was how the plot always
      kept my mind jumping. As I have said in another review, I have read a lot of
      stories about the ring-bearers' arrival to Valinor. This story has a similar
      premise in a lot of ways, so the first time I read it I expected the
      dock-side reuniting of Celeborn and Galadriel (similar to that of Celebrian
      and Elrond), followed by a series of trials that they would face together.
      Of course this makes so much more sense! And at every turn I expect Celeborn
      to reunite with Galadriel, but there is one detour after another. Of course
      the details are the real story.

      Combine this with Marnie's natural gift for spinning a rich and very
      enjoyable yarn, and her skill at making the tale relevant to those with
      limited First Age exposure such as myself, and I can heartily recommend this
      story to anyone with even a passing familiarity with the Silmarillion who
      loves good drama.
      Title: Dragon of the North · Author: Gwynnyd · Races/Places: Gondor:
      Pre-Quest Drabbles · ID: 395
      Reviewer: Marta · 2005-09-04 21:34:54
      I think the thing I love so much about this one is that Denethor is just so
      thoroughly Denethor. Not gentle by any means -- political. Conniving,
      almost, but not in a bad way. He sees Aragorn as a mercenary of sorts, and
      all of Thengel's words aren't enough to change his opinion. And he thinks he
      has his father cornered (or at least that he knows his father's mind), but
      he is of course surprised at the end. Also very Aragorn through and through,
      so calm and controlled but all of his words are true. Of course, I've come
      to expect nothing less from Gwynnyd.

      And, since I am by no means above flinging nuzgul in a review, may I beg for
      some treatment of that meeting between Aragorn and Bard? Even a drable. I
      really want to see it now. :-)
      Title: Interment · Author: Forodwaith · Races/Places: Gondor: Pre-Quest
      Drabbles · ID: 379
      Reviewer: Marta · 2005-09-04 21:36:08
      This was very poignantly told. Denethor's grief is only hinted at, but it is
      there in the marks his grip leaves in Boromir's and Faramir's tunics. This
      is the controlled steward who Pippin encounters at the beginning of Return
      of the King (book) before the palantir conquers him. And the fact tht he
      thought of the foolishness of the sea tells me that he valued his legacy,
      what he would leave behind besides his body. This was very well done.
      Title: An Unexpected Party · Author: Azalais · Genres: Crossovers · ID: 150
      Reviewer: Marta · 2005-09-04 21:38:05
      This paints a very convincing picture of a possible dream visition the
      professor might have had. I really like the idea that his creation became
      friends of a sort.
      Title: A New Age · Author: Tanaqui · Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Gondor
      Drabble · ID: 1387
      Reviewer: Elena Tiriel · 2005-09-04 21:38:51
      So, Eldarion is experiencing a glimpse of the mortality of less-blessed Men?
      I'm sure that, though he may not live as long as Aragorn, with his Elven
      blood he will still live longer than the average non-Dúnadan... and will
      outlive his own steward, maybe more than once. But it is always difficult
      for a younger generation to imagine how they are going to be able to fill
      their parents' shoes... especially those of a monarch.

      Title: Aragorn Himself Waits for a Sign · Author: Gwynnyd · Books/Time:
      Post-Ring War: General Drabble · ID: 392
      Reviewer: Marta · 2005-09-04 21:40:25
      Good use of the palantir. I can see Aragorn being tempted to do this, and
      his growing frustration at no news is something that most of us can relate
      to in one way or another.
      Title: Beyond Reach · Author: Elvenesse · Books/Time: The Silmarillion:
      Drabble · ID: 327
      Reviewer: Marta · 2005-09-04 21:41:06
      Elwing's logic here would be very twisted and illogical -- in the minds of
      anyone else, in any other situation. The best way to be a good mother is to
      leave your children behind? But it makes sense here, and that's a credit to
      Elvenesse's skill as a writer.
      Title: Patrimony · Author: Dwimordene · Races/Places: Gondor: Pre-Quest
      Drabbles · ID: 247
      Reviewer: Marta · 2005-09-04 21:48:34
      We rarely get to see an imperial Faramir, but this drabble shows us one --
      in a form. There is the intellectual curiosity that is so characteristic of
      him, but here it isn't merely intellectual. Good to know that will be
      tempered with age.

      The line that caught my attention this time (as opposed to when I first read
      it at the birthday cards forum at HASA) is how the river (Anduin) runs
      through all the lands Denethor has just named. That reminded me oddly of
      ancient Egypt, how the Nile was the lifeblood of the land. Interesting and
      fitting -- though quite possibly unintended -- given Tolkien's comments in
      the Letters about the crown of the kings resembling the crown of the
      pharaohs of Egypt.

      All in all this is a good drabble. It's different than what we often see,
      but it works.
      Title: And There Make a Garden · Author: Tanaqui · Races/Places:
      Cross-Cultural: Drabble · ID: 1388
      Reviewer: Elena Tiriel · 2005-09-04 22:17:48
      Ah, and if anyone can get passionate about planning a garden, it would be a
      forest Elf like Legolas! As usual, I love the reference to an obscure part
      of canon (which you did not cite! A drabble without a quotation?

      I love the image of Legolas pacing the room, while Faramir is puzzling over
      just what in the world this strange fellow is going on about... It is so
      perfectly in-character for Faramir to wonder if he is being tested by the
      King! Also, I really do believe that Faramir would be a map-lover; the image
      of the marked-up map is spot on. I almost wish you had shared Faramir's
      pleasure when he realized what a tremendous gift Legolas was bestowing on
      him and his bride...

      Title: Now in silence, now in speech · Author: Tanaqui · Genres: Romance:
      Drabble · ID: 1389
      Reviewer: Elena Tiriel · 2005-09-04 22:50:57
      A long family tradition of ancient lore sure comes in handy when you want to
      recount long romantic tales for your sweetheart and wife! This is just so
      quintessentially Faramirish, the loremaster and lover as well as warrior and
      Steward. I really like your synopses of Tolkien's greatest love stories of
      all time, especially "precious jewels ... no match for her bright eyes". (I
      imagine that he will later transport Éowyn with his skill, as well... nice
      turn of phrase.)

      And "sweet duplicity" is a perfect way to end this drabble!

      Title: Wandering in the Wild · Author: Tanaqui · Genres: Romance: Drabble ·
      ID: 1391
      Reviewer: Elena Tiriel · 2005-09-04 23:08:34
      I always wondered what it would be like to watch a planet in the night sky,
      knowing that it was your living father, grandfather, or (in Aragorn's case)
      distant ancestor. It seems comfort him.

      The Ranger life is incredibly difficult... I can see that one would become
      very sensitive to the seasons, and the different (but almost always
      uncomfortable) forms of weather associated with each -- and would have
      favorites and least-favorites.

      But this drabble ends on such a beautiful and loving reminiscence, that the
      difficulties must seem somewhat lighter to Aragorn. And I love that you
      start with Gil-Estel, and end with Evenstar -- very nice, Liz!

      Title: Where the Stars Are Strange · Author: Dwimordene · Races/Places: Men
      · ID: 255
      Reviewer: Anoriath · 2005-09-04 23:10:58

      I've read Dwimordene's writing off and on but, truth to be told, had been
      avoiding this piece.

      Why? You may well ask. Perhaps it initially was because I tend to read
      fanfic for its escapist qualities and delving into the existential after a
      day's work seemed a little more than my weary mind could handle. But, then
      again, upon further examination, perhaps not, as the questions she raises in
      other pieces have their own depth to them. I certainly enjoyed them
      thoroughly, day's work behind me or no.

      But, there it was, on the list of MEFA stories with the tantalizing Mithril
      commendation and so, the girding of loins began and I braved the link with a
      mere cup of thin, dry wine to fortify me. Alas, that I should have read the
      tale contained within with so little warning! I knew not what awaited me.

      It began with the deep and true characterization of Aragorn, brave Ranger of
      the North and lover of the elusive Evenstar. Only then did I know that I
      beheld my greatest fears. For, I found that, in pondering this work by the
      author Dwim, I soon began to channel my inner Gollum.

      For, we hatess her. Yess, we do, preciousss.

      Nassty Dwim, who paintses beautiful and stark pictureses of the desssert
      through cruel, hard Ranger's desspair, loneliness and longingss. We know
      longingses, yess we do, preciousss! Longingsss to write storiesss to match
      the emotional depth of this piecesses.

      She hurtsss us, she doess!

      And she doessn't stop there, doess she preciousss? Oh no, cruel, hard Dwim
      with her dialogue of interwined pretext and subtextsess. The ebb and flowss
      of tension of when the surface matchesess the depthss and when they play the
      game... The balanceses of action and internal dialogue! The perfect,
      sssatisfying ending! Cruel, cruel Dwim! No mercy for poor Anoriath, no.


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