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9/3/05 Final Reviews

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  • Ainaechoiriel
    74 Final Reviews today! ... Title: Fairer Than Most · Author: SlightlyTookish · Races/Places: Hobbits: War of the Ring · ID: 69 Reviewer: Vistula the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2005
      74 Final Reviews today!

      Title: Fairer Than Most · Author: SlightlyTookish · Races/Places: Hobbits:
      War of the Ring · ID: 69
      Reviewer: Vistula the Dunadan · 2005-09-02 22:27:02
      This is great! The banter between the cousins reminds me of the kind of
      picking and poking that my cousins and I have done over the years. They are
      at once teasing and loving. I also liked the serious turn the conversation
      took in the middle, but was glad to see it turn back to humor in the end.

      The capper, though for me was Sam's line to Aragorn: "No Sir, sometimes
      they're even worse." It gave me a grand little chuckle.
      Title: Mae Govannen · Author: Azalais · Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Drabble ·
      ID: 148
      Reviewer: Vistula the Dunadan · 2005-09-02 22:44:47
      Very nice view of Glorfindel through the eyes of Aragorn. I suspect he would
      have been a very welcome visitor at that point - Aragorn, in spite of his
      Dunadan heritage had to be running on empty by then. Hard to imagine how our
      favorite ranger would have faired if he'd have been forced to fight the
      Wraiths again.
      Title: Beyond the Door · Author: ErinRua · Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Drabble ·
      ID: 283
      Reviewer: Vistula the Dunadan · 2005-09-02 22:52:23
      Oooh, what eerie foreshadowing on Halbarad's part. I love Aragorn's attempt
      at comfort, and Halbarad's confident statement: "I shall fear nothing, lord,
      while you lead us." It is great that he sees comfort in the fact that his
      possible death will bring about the return of the white tree and all it
      stands for.
      Title: Ties That Bind · Author: LadyAranel · Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Drabble
      · ID: 457
      Reviewer: Vistula the Dunadan · 2005-09-02 22:59:27
      What a heart breaking drabble. Legolas and Aragorn knew Gandalf much longer
      than any of the other members of the fellowship and it is so easy to forget,
      as they minister to the needs of the others, that they too would feel
      intense grief at Gandalf's fall. But unfortunately, at this time of the
      quest, they don't have the luxury to indulge that sadness. I like it that
      Aragorn acknowledges Legolas's hurting and offers some small comfort.
      Title: A Step in The Dark · Author: SilverMoonLady · Books/Time: Gap-Filler:
      Drabble · ID: 1221
      Reviewer: Vistula the Dunadan · 2005-09-02 23:03:09
      Chilling! This made me a shiver. Poor Merry, to be that filled with the
      darkness. Despair makes one do crazy things, I'm glad Legolas was there to
      call him back to the light.
      Title: In Bree · Author: Rabidsamfan · Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Drabble · ID:
      Reviewer: Vistula the Dunadan · 2005-09-02 23:07:41
      Nicely done. The comparison that Frodo makes to their sleeping in the barrow
      is very poignant. I love Frodo's tenderness toward Merry at the end. Great
      use of 100 words.
      Title: Fellowship · Author: Gwynnyd · Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Drama · ID:
      Reviewer: Vistula the Dunadan · 2005-09-02 23:13:22
      This is an interesting take on how Legolas came to join the fellowship -
      though bringing an archer along definitely makes sense. I like how you've
      portrayed Aragorn's ire at the size of the group and his lacking as an
      Title: Links · Author: Forodwaith · Books/Time: Post-Ring War: General
      Drabble · ID: 23
      Reviewer: Vistula the Dunadan · 2005-09-02 23:19:48
      Beautifully sad. It's good to see Frodo pay tribute to Boromir and to
      acknowledge that the two of them were indeed bound together by the ring.
      Perhaps, as Frodo wonders if Boromir is finally free of the Ring, he is also
      wondering if it will take death to free him as well.
      Title: Blossoms · Author: ErinRua · Books/Time: Post-Ring War: General
      Drabble · ID: 287
      Reviewer: Vistula the Dunadan · 2005-09-02 23:25:37
      This is beautiful. Who else, but Legolas, would beable to see the joy of
      impending fatherhood in Aragorn's eyes. As the queen blooms, so too does the
      city...what a lovely analogy.
      Title: Aragorn Himself Waits for a Sign · Author: Gwynnyd · Books/Time:
      Post-Ring War: General Drabble · ID: 392
      Reviewer: Vistula the Dunadan · 2005-09-02 23:28:12
      How very sad. It would have been so difficult for Aragorn to wait, not
      knowing if Arwen would be his at last. It would have been a hollow victory
      to win the kingship and not his heart's desire. I can easily see him using
      any means at his disposal to see if she would come.
      Title: Guarding the Shire · Author: Shirebound · Books/Time: Post-Ring War:
      Gap-Filler · ID: 513
      Reviewer: Bodkin · 2005-09-03 04:42:16
      I love Merry, the thinking, analytical hobbit. He shines as the hobbit for
      his time - when the Shire becomes aware of and has to deal with the outside
      world. Good general, too.
      Title: Who Will Care? · Author: faramir_boromir · Books/Time: Post-Ring War:
      Gondor · ID: 612
      Reviewer: Bodkin · 2005-09-03 04:49:01
      The chaos in the library is so symbolic of the end of Denethor's reign - and
      Faramir's calm order indicative of a new world where different peoples and
      customs again have meaning. Faramir is just the kind of man to know that
      what he does may never be seen by any - yet do it anyway. Great Faramir.
      Title: Servant of Elbereth · Author: Beethoven's 7th · Races/Places:
      Villains · ID: 796
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 08:18:42
      Servant of Elbereth is a gem of a story. I love Beethoven’s 7th perspective
      coming from an orc, who feels very non-essential in the events surrounding
      the battle around the One Ring. I like how Beethoven’s 7th takes her time to
      unfold the story, very delicately and at the same time gives us a different
      perspective on how Sam and Misterfrodo managed to go on during their final
      miles to destroy that trinket. It is a short story, but there is so many in
      it, that it gives you the idea that it is much longer then it actually is.
      As for our main character, Hahrvye, I see a change in him throughout the
      tale. Deep down, in my humble opinion, Hahrvye, is still elven enough to
      crave for redemption, want to fight for what is good in this world. It is
      incredibly touching to read that before he dies, I think, he remembers who
      he once was and whom he once loved: Varda, the lady who loved the elves so
      much and guided them with her stars. To me Hahrvye, though marred – just
      like Arda herself-, becomes an elf again.

      Now, once you finished reading the story, you really have to read it again
      and you will read it from a different perspective. It makes you wonder if
      instead of his own inner drive, Varda has guided him all along to follow the
      halflings and shows him the way to return to the light. This detail alone
      makes this story outstanding, this besides a good command of the language, a
      good story writing technique. A incredible story Beethoven’s 7th, I can only
      hope to see more if this incredibly well written work coming from you!

      Title: And Now to Bed · Author: Marigold · Races/Places: Hobbits: Drabble ·
      ID: 783
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 08:31:57
      This is so incredibly... cute. A great drabble series from Marigold, in
      these four drabbles she reflects the changes all of our four hobbits have
      gone through during the war of the Ring. Especially Sam's drabble was very
      touching. Great work Marigold!!
      Title: Bedazzled · Author: Beethoven's 7th · Races/Places: Hobbits: Drabble
      · ID: 976
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 08:32:40
      I am going to be honest here: I love fireworks, so forgive my ramblings.
      What I like about this little drabble is how Beethoven’s 7th describes in
      just 100 words the magical effect fireworks can have over you. And not just
      standard fireworks, no the very best: Gandalf’s fireworks! No wonder every
      hobbit there is in awe, no matter which age. The author writes almost
      poetry, words carefully chosen and balanced, she conveys this special moment
      on the evening of Bilbo’s birthday. A lovely drabble! Thank you Beethoven's
      7th for drabbling this!
      Title: Marigold · Author: Marigold · Races/Places: Hobbits: Drabble · ID:
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 08:39:17
      What a great drabble series! Marigold gives us readers a great insight on
      Tolkien's Marigold so down to earth, always taking care of others and very
      hobbity. A youthfull hobbitlass, yet so incredibly productive. What I also
      liked about this drabble series is the way the author gave it form and I am
      very curious how Marigold's song actually goes. Yet again, great work
      Marigold! There is so much in there in less then 400 words.
      Title: Elements of the Resistance · Author: Marta · Races/Places: Hobbits:
      Drabble · ID: 939
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 08:47:17
      A nice drabble series, although it isn't very clear that it is about Fatty.
      But I assume that was the intent of the author in the first place. The
      elements are nicely woven into the words and add a pinch of the grimmness
      regarding the war to it, it almost kills the hobbity feeling. A good thing
      the lads came back.
      Title: Second Watch · Author: Gwynnyd · Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Drabble ·
      ID: 410
      Reviewer: Tanaqui · 2005-09-03 08:50:36
      Gwynnyd has captured well the commonality of experience between Pippin and
      Boromir in this short moment. We really feel Pippin’s discomfort and
      homesickness in the descriptive details she has managed to cram into this
      piece. We are also able to deduce so much about Boromir’s mood and feelings
      from not only his heartfelt agreement at the end but from the way Gwynnyd
      describes how he keeps watch. This is a very well constructed piece.
      Title: Aragorn Himself Waits for a Sign · Author: Gwynnyd · Books/Time:
      Post-Ring War: General Drabble · ID: 392
      Reviewer: Tanaqui · 2005-09-03 08:50:49
      I like several things about this drabble. One is the way Gwynnyd conveys
      that technology -- and power itself -- is intrinsically neither good nor
      bad. It is only the uses we put it to. Another is how Aragorn still has a
      care for politics and duty, even though he has personal concerns. But mostly
      I like the way Gwynnyd subtly shows us Aragorn’s real fear: not that Elrond
      will not bestow his daughter now that Aragorn has achieved his goal, but
      that, while “all is well in Gondor”, all may not be well elsewhere in the
      world, and that there may be loss and sorrow in Rivendell as well as in the
      Title: Morgul Vale · Author: Gwynnyd · Races/Places: Men: Drabble · ID: 1306
      Reviewer: Tanaqui · 2005-09-03 08:50:52
      This drabble is a good gap-filler for a throwaway line from Aragorn: it does
      a fine job of explaining his motivations and feelings for “treading the
      flowers of Morgul Vale”. However, what I most like here is Gwynnyd’s use of
      language: words such as “miasma” are perfectly chosen, while the combination
      of adjectives Aragorn uses to describe the qualities he will need lend
      greater power to each other through their union. A well-executed piece.
      Title: Spoons · Author: LKK · Races/Places: Hobbits: Drabble · ID: 644
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 08:51:14
      Fantastic LKK!! This one made me laugh. A very striking characterisation of
      Lobelia and that last line regarding the umbrella... Excellent! Very daring
      of Frodo to ask her what is in there the first place, it shows also a bit of
      character growth of Frodo. I hope you one day will write a follow up on what
      will happen next. A great drabble that makes the reader want to read more.
      Title: The Taint of Guilt Lingering · Author: Vistula the Dunadan ·
      Races/Places: Hobbits: Drabble · ID: 635
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 08:56:37
      What an eerie drabble... wow. Vistula gives the reader in just 100 words how
      Sam tries to resist the One Ring. It lures you, tempt you where ever it sees
      the opportunity to do so and even our brave Sam finds it hard to resist. A
      great portrayal of the One Ring Vistula! In this drabble you let the reader
      feel the immense power of it and write it as the second character in this
      excellent drabble. Great work!
      Title: A Gift · Author: Forodwaith · Races/Places: Hobbits: Drabble · ID:
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 09:01:39
      An incredibly cute drabble featuring little Pippin. And just not a gift, but
      an incredibly gift coming from Bilbo Baggin's, who still remembers what a
      wee!Pippin needs. Very cute and very hobbity! Well done Forodwaith, I really
      love this one!
      Title: A Step in The Dark · Author: SilverMoonLady · Books/Time: Gap-Filler:
      Drabble · ID: 1221
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 09:11:19
      A dark and most dangerous part of Lord of the Rings this most certainly is!
      What an awesome drabble. In just hundred words, Silvermoonlady write a very
      chilling moment that keeps me on the edge of my seat. Again, I mutter
      silently: more..

      I love the author’s take on Merry’s experience when they walk the dangerous
      path through Moria and I am very relieved when that certain elf hand stops
      Merry in time before he falls down. A missing moment in Tolkien’s story
      itself, but a astounding gap filler. A drabble is just hundred words, but
      Silvermoonlady gives you an experience that feels like it is ten times more.
      As a reader, I wonder how you managed to do that. A great piece of writing
      Silvermoonlady, your drabble has been an experience in itself!

      Title: No Rival · Author: Tanaqui · Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Drabble · ID:
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 09:13:46
      A very nice drabble Tanaqui. I love the way how you approach this from both
      perspectives and feelings. You capture much in so less words: a great job!
      Title: Before the Call to Muster · Author: Lindelea · Books/Time:
      Gap-Filler: Drabble · ID: 461
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 09:17:16
      A breathtaking drabble with so many in it. Lindelea touches upon the
      relationship between our favourite halflings with so much care and love:
      that clearly shows through the eyes of Pippin. Both periannath have grown up
      so fast and that is another detail Lindelea captures in this very refined
      Title: Second Watch · Author: Gwynnyd · Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Drabble ·
      ID: 410
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 09:19:03
      Very touching Gwynnyd, I love the comparison between Pippin and Boromir
      regarding what they have wanted to hear from both their fathers. Well done!
      Title: Master of the House · Author: Vistula the Dunadan · Books/Time:
      Gap-Filler: Drabble · ID: 639
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 09:21:19
      Sam goes where he wants to be, even when it means he has to disobey Elrond,
      who in his wisdom, surely understand why Sam feels this need.

      A nice drabble Vistula!
      Title: Ties That Bind · Author: LadyAranel · Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Drabble
      · ID: 457
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 09:28:26
      What a very beautiful drabble that says so much in so many words. I can only
      assume that every reader is deeply moved between this little conversation
      between Aragorn and Legolas. Lady Aranel gives both characters so much depth
      in the dialogue she writes, in this she also tells us so much what just
      happened, connecting her drabble to the greater story Tolkien wrote.

      Lady Aranel’s drabble gives me the feeling that this comes from the
      professor himself, the way she chooses her words to reflect on Gandalf’s
      fall. A gap filling moment that needed to be written. Just stunning Lady
      Aranel, I enjoyed this drabble a lot!

      Title: Devil of Kindness · Author: Nancy Brooke · Books/Time: Gap-Filler:
      Drabble · ID: 685
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 09:33:57
      Nancy! What an amazing drabble, it leaves me wonder how much feelings you
      can pour in just hundred words. Gandalf's regret is incredibly tangible and
      in this drabble you give your reader the chills. In this drabble (I read it
      more then once and I am still amazed that it is just hundred words, it feels
      so much more) you give the author insight in Gandalf's motive to bring down
      Sauron once and for all! Well done!
      Title: In Bree · Author: Rabidsamfan · Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Drabble · ID:
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 09:37:01
      A very insightful drabble into Frodo's world, a bit of foreshadowing of what
      is to come... it makes you wonder how much Frodo already knew. It is
      peaceful and yet angsty. A great piece of prose Rabidsamfan!
      Title: Steel and Flame · Author: Flick · Genres: Romance: Poetry · ID: 736
      Reviewer: annmarwalk · 2005-09-03 09:37:20
      I read this vilanelle just before going to bed last night; the words "fire
      and steel" haunted my dreams. How I wish I could remember the dreams
      themselves, in addition to the words!

      Your words "When first your lover I became/ your heat the temper of my soul
      did try" perfectly illustrate the contrast between cool, taciturn Strider
      and the fiery Boromir, Of course Boromir would be a sore trial to Strider in
      so many ways: potential rival for leadership of the Fellowship; potential
      rival for rule of Gondor, even potential rival for the friendship and
      affection of the hobbits. That the two were able to transfigure the heat of
      rivalry to the heat of passion is very elegantly expressed here.

      (There are so many gorgeous, gorgeous lines and imagery; and I know I'm not
      supposed to quote them all, but each time I reread I am left breathless. The
      very last :"I did not think that you could die" is heartrending, a perfect
      expression of Aragorn's, and our, shock and desolation. Oh, my.)
      Title: Boys to Men · Author: ErinRua · Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Drabble · ID:
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 09:38:49
      A very touching father-son moment of two minor characters. Beautifully
      drabbled Erinrua!
      Title: Mae Govannen · Author: Azalais · Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Drabble ·
      ID: 148
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 09:41:10
      A great drabble about a great Noldo lord! Thumbs up Azalais, this was very
      Title: Beyond the Door · Author: ErinRua · Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Drabble ·
      ID: 283
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 09:43:51
      A very touching drabble between two of my favourite rangers. I love the way
      Erinrua pictures Halbarad here, his determination to follow his chieftain to
      whatever end. A great drabble Erinrua!
      Title: The Test · Author: Forodwaith · Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Drabble · ID:
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 09:46:47
      What a great exploration of what might have happened to Arwen if she indeed
      would have taken the ring. This is a very thoughtprovoking material, I can
      imagine how a fellow author can be inspired by your amazing drabble. A great
      job Forodwaith!
      Title: Going to Rohan · Author: Gwynnyd · Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Drabble ·
      ID: 401
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 09:50:32
      Oh what a wonderful drabble! Gwynnyd writes a desperate dunadan ranger who
      tries to understand a stubborn stallion. I guess the young ranger mustn't
      have been that experienced with horses if Roheryn teases him so much. I love
      the desperation of your OC Gwynnyd and your very spirited picture of the
      stallion. Thank you for writing this, I thoroughly enjoyed it (and I think
      every other horseperson as well)!
      Title: Bed Time, Part 2 · Author: Blackbirdsong · Books/Time: Gap-Filler:
      Drabble · ID: 1248
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 09:54:43
      I like this drabble series a lot. Blackbirdsong writes the four drabbles in
      such a clever manner, that they really belong together and yet can be read
      seperately. I like the author's characterisation, they are very strong,
      Tolkienlike and on top of all: very hobbity! The author has a gift of
      writing very compelling dialogue that is very enjoyable to read. A great
      series of Drabbles Blackbirdsong, thank you for sharing them with us!
      Title: At the Witch King's Feet · Author: Lindelea · Books/Time: Gap-Filler:
      Drabble · ID: 459
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 09:57:42
      A very chilling drabble written by Lindelea. The way how she portray's
      Merry's despair and courage to do what must be done... I love the way how
      the author captures the budding friendship between Éowyn and Merry. Great
      drabbling Lindelea!
      Title: Charity · Author: Dwimordene · Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Drabble · ID:
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 09:59:41
      Very well drabbled, I liked the comparisons between two great men who met
      their fate too soon. Great job Dwimordene.
      Title: What Thou Lovest Well · Author: LadyAranel · Books/Time: Post-Ring
      War: Incomplete · ID: 458
      Reviewer: Bodkin · 2005-09-03 10:35:07
      This is beautifully written and the characterisation is a delight. Write
      more. Please.
      Title: A Lesson on Hobbits · Author: Budgielover · Books/Time: The Lord of
      The Rings: Incomplete · ID: 177
      Reviewer: Bodkin · 2005-09-03 10:57:54
      I loved the way Gimli became a hot water bottle for Merry and Pippin - and
      his bemusement about becoming an honorary hobbit. He seemed to find it
      rather easier to understand than Legolas did. The battle and the bath were
      beautifully done and I'm sure Boromir and Legolas have developed a much
      better grasp of life with hobbits. I look forward to more.
      Title: The Party Next Door · Author: Acacea · Books/Time: The Hobbit · ID:
      Reviewer: annmarwalk · 2005-09-03 11:04:22
      How on earth did I miss this? Must be because it's hobbit-centric, of
      course; not a Man anywhere in sight! And full of dwarves, too! I'm not much
      for dwarves, generally, though Gimli is a nice enough sort...

      ...but this is just too funny! You've got the voice of the nosy, snooty
      neighbor down just perfectly, with her (or maybe his? males can be nosy,
      too!) constant harping on the respectability, and wealth, of the Baggins
      family, and the shadiness of the Tooks. We've probably all had neighbors
      who've taken a bit too much interest in our goings-on (or, by my point in
      life, actually been one of those neighbors, myself.) But this is just
      wonderfully,perfectly realistic with all the color and detail of the
      visitors, and the aromas wafting over the fence, and the many many excuses
      to be outside...very enjoyable! even without any Men.
      Title: Cormallen · Author: Mariposa · Books/Time: The Lord of The Rings:
      Incomplete · ID: 807
      Reviewer: Bodkin · 2005-09-03 11:31:12
      This is a delightful rendition of those dreadful days while Pippin was
      struggling to recover from injury. I like the healer - and Legolas and
      Gimli. There is a very realistic, yet caring feel to the way this is
      expressed and I like the style. What it needs now is to be finished!
      Title: During a journey in the dark... · Author: Thundera Tiger ·
      Books/Time: The Lord of The Rings: Incomplete · ID: 1254
      Reviewer: Bodkin · 2005-09-03 11:42:50
      I just love the interpretation that you put on events. And the
      characterisation. And just generally the whole thing. You succeed in make
      the story so exciting! I think you have a particular talent for describing
      battle, too. There's only one problem with the story - it really needs to be
      Title: Greenery · Author: Forodwaith · Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Gondor ·
      ID: 14
      Reviewer: quirky_orthodox · 2005-09-03 11:44:24
      I just want you to know how much I enjoyed this story. You must have put in
      a lot of research to get all those plant names and technical terms straight.
      I really appreciate it when a writer makes a real effort. I also liked how
      you addressed quite a few very deep issues without breaking the rhythm or
      mood of the story. Thanks!
      Title: Campdóm and Lufian · Author: Drake/Eokat CoAuthors · Genres: Romance:
      Rohan · ID: 1039
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 11:44:53
      Campdóm and Lufian is a captivating story that covers the romance between
      two married original characters written from both the male and female
      perspective. You can feel that, as a reader, in every word, gesture, and
      touch written. You can feel the difference between them and also, in some
      way, how separate both worlds are because of something that the Rohirrim had
      to deal with for so many centuries: orcs and warfare. This story is
      refreshing in such a way, that it doesn’t deal with the standard Rohan
      characters and yet both authors give you that genuine Rohirrim feel.

      Halig is a very sturdy warrior that tries to do his utmost best, the authors
      do capture his doubt between home, and duty very well and I sincerely hope
      that once the War of the Ring is over, Halig can enjoy his family more.
      Rowen’s worries about the future mirror’s the feeling the Rohirrim woman
      must have felt: when does this end, when can we serve our proud men the food
      they deserve and when can we enjoy our husband more then the short reprieves
      they are granted. It most certainly is the same fate every soldier’s wife
      face every day. It must be incredibly hard for Rowen to face hardships
      alone, but the role in the community has in this story makes sure she never
      will feel alone. I loved the banter between the women a lot. I hope both
      author’s will continue to write more about this lovely couple: this short
      story most certainly leaves you wanting for more!

      A job well done Eokat and Drake!

      Title: By the Light of Earendil's Star · Author: Branwyn · Genres: Drama
      (includes Angst): Incomplete · ID: 173
      Reviewer: Bodkin · 2005-09-03 11:45:35
      Beautifully plotted, written and characterised. Your additional characters
      are delightful, too - and deserve more page time. I liked seeing a less
      manic Denethor, who was able to be multi-dimensional. All in all, this is a
      very good story and I'm looking forward to more of your work.
      Title: Guilt · Author: Eokat · Genres: Drama (includes Angst) · ID: 1046
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 12:04:03
      Guilt is a story that touched me deeply. Eokat takes me as a reader with her
      words, description’s into Éomer’s world that in this short story is clouded
      by worry, fear and a huge guilt regarding the love of his life: Lothiriel.
      You can see how Éomer slowly grows into the role of his life: that of a
      father. I like the moments of which Eokat chose to write the flashbacks:
      those are most certainly the key moments of every single mother and father
      to be.

      There are so many fabulous lines, words or moments that made the story very
      special: from the moment where Éomer swells from pride himself when
      Lothiriel starts to show, or the flashback where he worries if he indeed
      doesn’t hurt his beautiful life when they make love, or the moment where
      Lothiriel muses that another child would be great as well. The thought only
      makes Éomer wonder if he ever is able to go through this guilt trail again.
      In that respect, Eokat shows her extraordinary writing talent: she brings
      the story to full circle in the most natural way, without forcing the
      characters or plot over all. I do have to admit that I hope for a sequel
      where Eokat writes about Lothiriel’s experience of becoming a mother. But,
      let’s be honest: this is about the birth of a newborn father who has gone
      through an ordeal most fathers has faced. In that respect: this is a
      excellent story Eokat and thank you for writing it.

      Title: Ugly Beautiful · Author: MagicalRachel · Genres: Drama (includes
      Angst) · ID: 1343
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 12:12:34
      What a beautiful vignette on how Éowyn sees herself before all the good in
      the world enters her life. I love the way how Magical Rachel gets into
      Éowyn's head and brings out everything that Éowyn deeply fears: that golden
      cage. I know Magical Rachel doesn't use that word, but she shows the reader
      exactly how it feels. In this respect, I bow to Magical Rachel not to use
      those words Tolkien used, but tells us what that would mean to Éowyn, even
      before she falls for Aragorn. After I read this dramatic prose, I felt very
      happy that I know Éowyn will find her true love and will be admired for her
      beauty and heroic deeds. This gap-filling vignette is a perfect portrayal on
      how Éowyn was before she went through all the ordeals to come. The author
      apologises for making it to short, but her piece proves that you don’t need
      long-winded sentences to get down to the bottom of the story.

      Magical Rachel: I truly hope to see more of these vignettes or stories
      coming from you, this one is truly a gem.

      Title: To Live Another Day · Author: Kasmi Kassim · Genres: Drama (includes
      Angst) · ID: 1052
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 12:21:34
      Kasmi Kassim writes this vignette in such beautiful style, the dialogue
      between Legolas and Aragorn is deeply moving. Friends help you to see your
      path, friends stand by you in the hour of need. Legolas is such an elf, who
      is gentle but direct at the same moment. Legolas gives Aragorn that purpose,
      that answer and such a key moment.

      Kasmi Kassim: what an incredibly thought provoking vignette is this. Thank
      you for writing and sharing it with us!

      Title: Gríma Goldentongue · Author: Lackwit · Genres: Drama (includes Angst)
      · ID: 625
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 12:46:33
      Gríma Goldentongue is a great story written by Lackwit, the author writes a
      very lively picture how Gríma once was before Saruman influenced him. I like
      how Lackwit explores Gríma's background, which gives us as a reader a great
      insight on his character. I love Éowyn as well in this story, it is so great
      to see her so carefree and full of joy here. I cannot help to think what
      would have happened if his father listened more to his Gondorian woman and
      how more balanced, Gríma might have turned out instead.

      Lackwit's story telling reads as poetry, the manner how the author puts her
      excellent narrative style in full use in this story is stunning. Especially
      the comparison between Éowyn's beauty and the Golden Hall was very poetic
      written. What I also appreciate about this story is how Lackwit touches upon
      Rohirrim culture and how exceptional a Rohirrim princess is. What makes me
      wonder though, and the author gives you plenty of room to make that decision
      for yourself, is how much Theodred might have realised how easy Gríma can be
      persuaded. Will there be a sequel written where Gríma Goldentongue changes
      into Gríma Wormtongue? It would make it more complete.

      A great short story Lackwit, with plenty of foreshadowing and drama!

      Title: Beast of Burden · Author: Werecat · Genres: Drama (includes Angst) ·
      ID: 118
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 12:57:50
      What an incredibly sad story and such a brave horse. Written from an unusual
      perspective, but very enjoyable.
      Title: Long Leagues for Little Legs · Author: Fadagaski · Books/Time:
      Gap-Filler · ID: 628
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 13:10:13
      What a delightful little tale where Samwise gets to the root of everything
      so quickly, leaving Boromir very surprised. I love how Fadagaski writes both
      characters from such different backgrounds, with genuine dialogue of which
      Tolkien most certainly would have approved off. And I love the title for
      this short story a lot, it covers so much what it is actually about. Besides
      this all, Fadagaski gives Boromir somewhat more humanity and makes me wish
      that this part was included in the book itself.

      An excellent gap filler Fadagaski!

      Title: First Meeting · Author: Forodwaith · Books/Time: The Lord of The
      Rings: Drabble · ID: 364
      Reviewer: Tanaqui · 2005-09-03 13:10:51
      Ah, this is magnificent drabble. Celeborn and Galadriel cannot have been
      happy about the possibility of Arwen making Luthien’s choice and I’m sure
      would have questioned Aragorn’s intentions and resolve, to make sure he was
      very clear what he was asking -- and that he was not doing so lightly. I
      like the strength Forodwaith gives to Aragorn, to respond to the challenge
      of the concerned grandparents. The final line -- “I would hold it [her life]
      close as my own.”-- is a wonderful expression of Aragorn’s devotion and
      understanding of the precious nature of a mortal life.
      Title: Just in Case · Author: Marnie · Books/Time: Gap-Filler · ID: 477
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 13:37:48
      Celeborn being tempted by the One Ring, what an intriguing plot bunny
      Marnie! I love the way how you explore the elven racial difference between
      Galadriel and Celeborn, especially how the deceiving Annatar spins it (I
      admit it, that alone makes it great to let a bodily shaped Sauron play a
      role in your story alone). Oh how hard it must have been to see a Sinda
      being ruled over a Noldo (in this case both Galadriel ánd Celebrimbor and
      depending on what you do follow as a canon fact, Celeborn can either be a
      Noldo or a Vanyar as well), no wonder this is one Celeborn’s weakest spots.
      What I also like is the alluring effect of the Silmarils on Thingol and how
      the One ring might blind sight Galadriel or him. Sauron still manages to sow
      seeds of lies and mistrust, as his master Morgoth did before and even years
      later, it is still so visible in Celeborn’s thoughts. In a way I am glad
      that nature keeps his feet firm on the ground, but yet, as Galadriel said in
      the prologue of the movies: you can be so easily deceived and betrayed by
      that treacherous jewel (like the Master himself).

      A beautiful story Marnie, it has so many layers, so many little plot bunnies
      that might be worth exploring further. You leave so much up to the reader’s
      imagination and yet you establish a very humanlike elf named Celeborn who
      can be just as easily corrupted by the Dark Lord himself.

      Title: All Else Fades · Author: Claudia · Books/Time: The Lord of The Rings:
      Hobbits · ID: 1263
      Reviewer: Tanaqui · 2005-09-03 13:53:49
      This is an insightful movie!verse AU in which Claudia explores Sam’s
      thoughts as he treks across Mordor, believing Frodo has perished and he must
      complete the quest. I like the way Claudia has shown Sam’s understanding of
      Frodo’s torment and why Frodo empathised with Gollum. Sam’s fear that, with
      the Ring destroyed, Frodo would have become as empty and driven as “Stinker”
      is strongly conveyed. And the “attack” sequence is well conceived. There
      were some very minor stylistic issues that troubled me, but they didn’t
      detract from an excellent story.
      Title: The Arial Object · Author: Beethoven's 7th · Races/Places: Hobbits:
      Children · ID: 972
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 14:28:16
      A very wee and lovable story on how Pippin views the toy he loves so much. I
      am captivated by the way, how Beethoven's 7th manages to describe a toy as a
      yo-yo in such detail and activity... truly amazing. Once you can spare the
      time you have to tell me how you pull this off. Besides the incredibly
      narrative, I loved the ending as well. It is so incredibly hobbity and so
      wee!Pippin: stopping immediately when mom tells elevensies is ready. Now how
      more hobbity can it get like that? *grin* I like the way how you write
      Pippin as a child, so incredibly carefree.

      Another great story Beethoven's 7th, you always leave me wondering how much
      more beautiful stories you have hidden ;)

      Title: Of Snowhobbits and Cold Chills · Author: Garnet Took · Races/Places:
      Hobbits: Children · ID: 1190
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 14:35:33
      Oh my! This is such a great story! I know how Pippin must have felt like in
      the snow. Poor Pip and the ordeal he has to face with that bully. I really
      loved Merry and Saradoc! Little Pippin might be young, but is so much more a
      grown up as that bully. I like the way how you write the character
      development here for all characters involved. Merry learns that he can’t
      protect Pip forever, but will always try, Pippin who learns to bark and hey:
      it does get him somewhere and that Berilac learns that bullying little ones
      will fire back at him sooner or later. A great and insightful story on
      Hobbit children Garnet! Even after reading it again, I am yet again amazed
      by this story.
      Title: A Falcon for the Nightingale · Author: Enismirdal · Books/Time: The
      Silmarillion: First Age · ID: 63
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 15:58:43
      I am always on the look out for great Maglor stories, when I discovered
      Enismirdal’s ‘A Falcon for the Nightingale’ I was swept away immediately by
      her amazing writing style. I admit I never actively read stories that
      features the other elven minstrel, but after a few lines I knew I had to
      keep on reading.

      I especially loved this line: ‘It was then that Maglor began to realise that
      his fate was not to flee this life, but to remain.’ This is such an
      insightful line ... so is truly heartbreaking. Another part that is so
      incredibly impressive is the moment when Daeron finds Maglor at the spot
      where the Noldo cast the Silmaril into the sea. What follows after that in
      ways of dialogue and narrative style makes my heart almost skip a few beats.
      How will Maglor react, does Daeron know what he’s doing? Enismirdal builds
      up to some great tension here.

      Enismirdal writes so diligently and passionate about these two great
      minstrels, that they are unique by themselves, not only in their histories
      and life experiences, but also in their own unique talents. I am so happy to
      see that both can offer each other comfort through friendship and redemption
      offered to the one that needs it so badly. The tie in with Daeron’s personal
      experience and to see it back into his efforts to reach out to Maglor is so
      incredibly written that a happy sigh escapes me when Daeron finally
      convinces Maglor to return home, into the West.

      What a great story, such great story writing, so many emotions, feelings
      poured in these words. I am glad that I discovered this story. Thank you for
      writing this Enismirda!

      Title: Shadow · Author: Celebsul · Books/Time: The Silmarillion: First Age ·
      ID: 775
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 16:05:16
      What an amazing story from an orginal perspective. I can only guess that it
      is either a Vanyar or Noldo fighting here, that never has set foot on the
      shores of Beleriand. I like the way you pour so much meaning into your
      words, which makes it an incredibly read. A great story Celebsul!
      Title: Growing · Author: Anso the Hobbit · Races/Places: Hobbits: Children ·
      ID: 1178
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 16:15:41
      What a delightfull, fuzzy wee!Merry story. I am amazed by the way how you
      crawl into wee!Merry's head, portraying his fears so incredibly well.
      Esmeralda surely has a hand full there. I love Frodo gives Merry the
      encouragement and support he needs at that age. I love how you touch upon
      Merry's resolve to be there for Pippin as well. Thank you for writing this
      incredibly well written story Anso!

      Title: One of The Lads · Author: Dreamflower · Races/Places: Cross-Cultural:
      Vignette · ID: 980
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 16:28:32
      What an incredible observation by Aragorn. It makes me smile that even after
      so many of keeping watch over the Halflings by his very own rangers, the
      four hobbits can surprise the chieftain himself. I personally think tireless
      forages is merely an understatement of Merry's and Pip's role, immediately I
      had to think of how they have seated themselves on Orthanc stones, welcoming
      the rest of the fellowship after they fought so hard at Helms Deep! But I
      disgress, forgive me.

      Dreamflower, you have written an amazing story in which you write the
      cultural differences between the varied races within the Fellowship and you
      show us, through the eyes of Aragorn, how important the four hobbits were to
      the the others and the important role they have played in the War of the

      And these two lines Dreamflower: ‘They simply treated them all like large
      hobbits. And it was rather nice, if sometimes disconcerting.’' Excellent!!
      Title: A Chance Conversation · Author: Songspinner · Races/Places:
      Cross-Cultural: Vignette · ID: 804
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 16:36:30
      What a great story from Songspinner! I love the talk between Meriadoc and
      Landroval and I had to chuckle when Merry started to talk to the great eagle
      about Pippin and how he was named. It pains me to see Merry so restless, but
      it gives me a good feeling that this little chat with an impressive eagle
      gives Merry an idea what to do next and how important Merry is to the

      Songspinner writes a beautiful vignette, with captivating dialogue,
      excellent characterisation: it surely keeps the reader enthralled from the
      first word to the last!
      Title: The trouble with Jam · Author: grey_wonderer · Genres: Humor:
      Children · ID: 882
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 16:54:42
      Oh my goodness, what a great story featuring a very determined and
      resourceful little Pippin. I especially admire the way Grey Wonderer writes
      so incredibly well from a 6 year old Hobbit lad. Every thought, every action
      reminds the reader how he/she was around that age. I also like the two
      Bagginses in this beautiful tale, so very much in character, especially the
      final part made me burst into laughter. All the trouble an danger Pippin has
      put him through himself, just to be stopped by not being able to open the
      jar himself. It might take him some years before he can do it himself, but
      his Tummy must have roared immensly.

      A wonderful wee!Pippin tale Grey Wonder, thank you for writing this!
      Title: Triumph Incarnate · Author: Elena Tiriel · Races/Places: Villains:
      Drabble · ID: 198
      Reviewer: quirky_orthodox · 2005-09-03 17:05:58
      Wow, for a drabble that certainly packed a punch. I don't normally read
      pieces this short but I went wandering out of my category and found a gem. I
      loved the use of repetition and the cold calculation, the pace felt slow
      enough to immerse you even though it was such a brief scene and I adored the
      climax - great stuff!
      Title: "The Story of Poor, Unfortunate, Toffin" · Author: grey_wonderer ·
      Genres: Humor: Children · ID: 764
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 17:20:10
      Oh, what an incredibly humorous story told by Grey Wonderer. There is so
      much to say about this little tale. First, I love the way how Grey Wonderer
      writes about family dynamics between the four (yes I know that Sam isn’t
      family, but well, he can be regarded as one after the ordeal they’ve gone
      through), between every hobbit there is a special bond with the other and
      Grey Wonderer does an amazing job with it. Isn’t it amazing to read
      (accompanied with many chuckles) how Merry’s prank slowly starts to work
      against him, but even wee!Pippin can’t see the harm of it? I can imagine
      that Saradoc was livid!

      Second: I like the story build-up, hopping back and forth at key moments are
      cleverly chosen and most certainly add to the humorous take of Grey Wonderer
      on ‘killer chickens.’ It makes the reader wanting to know what happens next,
      especially when Pippin decides to tell what happened to Merry when his
      father found out.

      Third: yet again, I am simply in awe how Grey Wonderer writes accordingly to
      the age of the hobbits. Little Pippin sounds and acts like a child in a
      flash back and Merry also remains very true to his age in the way Grey
      Wonderer writes him.

      The dialogue is sharp and witty written, the pacing is excellent and very
      active: it keeps on drawing the attention of the reader to the story. Even
      that the Hobbits are so far away in Gondor, the re-telling of this tale to
      Sam gives the characters a feeling of being home again.

      Grey Wonderer: you are an amazing writer and every story I read coming from
      your hand truly amaze me! Thank you for writing them.

      Title: The Eavesdropper · Author: MysteriousWays · Genres: Humor: Children ·
      ID: 867
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 17:24:56
      Oh it's so incredible to read this story again. I love the way how
      Mysterious Ways gives us insight in Frodo's childhood with such loving
      parents. It is so incredibly caring and loving how the three interact with
      each other, it really makes you feel sorry if you know that Frodo's parents
      will be taken away from him. To me it feels that Mysterious Ways wanted to
      give this family this tender moment and writes it with so much love and
      care: an amazing story Mysterious Ways and a great read!

      Title: The Best Brew in Buckland · Author: Marta · Books/Time: The Lord of
      The Rings: Incomplete · ID: 934
      Reviewer: Tanaqui · 2005-09-03 17:38:30
      I know that Marta has plans to rework this story, but there’s much to admire
      here already. She handles scenes with half a dozen characters with aplomb,
      making sure the reader never loses sight of where everyone is and what
      they’re doing, even if they’re not the principal actors at that moment. Much
      of the interplay and dialogue between the characters is well drawn and very
      entertaining. Minor characters, such as Faramir’s cousins, are nicely
      handled. The use of many songs gives the piece a strong “Tolkienesque” feel.
      And I admire the shift of mood from frivolous to serious and moving in the
      last posted chapter. Pippin shines strongly here, and Faramir “letting his
      hair down” and loosening up as he gets more drunk is well done.
      Title: Hobbits · Author: Marta · Books/Time: The Lord of The Rings:
      Incomplete · ID: 944
      Reviewer: Tanaqui · 2005-09-03 17:38:53
      As a “research geek” myself, I am delighted to see Marta is making the canon
      information about Hobbits more easily accessible to both fanfic writers and
      interested readers. I know how much hard work goes into working through the
      texts and organising information into thematic sections. I applaud Marta’s
      efforts in producing such a useful resource, and look forward to seeing
      further additions to the work and its eventual completion.
      Title: Playtime · Author: Naresha · Genres: Humor: Children · ID: 651
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 17:39:07
      Oh Elfling fuzziness! We absolutely can't have enough of that. Naresha write
      a very humorous and loving vignette in which Erestor tries to baby sit a
      very active set of twins, while Glorfindel tries not to end up with them.
      The famous Balrog slayer being floored by an elfling. Priceless Naresha! I
      had to pick myself up from the floor … from laughter.

      Uncle Fin and Wes or unky Findel??? How on earth .... lovely nicks Naresha.
      *grin* If the little peredhel are already such an handful as elflings... try
      to imagine them as grown up elves.. oh, perish that thought. The same goes
      for a tied up Glorfindel. *ahem*

      Oh this is such an enjoyable read, I love the way how Naresha plays with
      words, especially regarding the elflings and gives us a pretty good idea
      what Glorfindels true nightmare might look like. A great read Naresha, you
      have a flair of writing elflings, maybe you can write a manual how to baby
      sit a twin of them? *winks*

      Title: Seedlings · Author: Beethoven's 7th · Genres: Humor: Hobbits · ID:
      Reviewer: Rhapsody · 2005-09-03 18:15:23
      Seedlings is a story I love a lot. In this beautiful story, Beethoven’s 7th
      tells us how special the relationship between Samwise and Frodo is. I cannot
      help to think that Samwise doesn’t want to stop Frodo from causing such a
      disastrous trail through his precious garden en yet he feels so honoured
      that Frodo shows such interest in his very love and life. The image of Sam
      hovering around his little babies … beautiful. With the right words
      Beethoven’s 7th show the reader how much Sam loves everything that grows:
      especially in the Shire. Of course, we already knew that, but to read it
      this way… very touching. And Frodo who still very much lives in his own
      world. I could imagine how Sam wanted to be careful around his fragile
      friend. The story also shows the research and knowledge the author herself
      has of gardening and it feels like she had to rescue her precious flowers on
      many occasions from a very enthusiastic helper. Beethoven’s 7th remains very
      true to Tolkien’s characterisation of Samwise and Frodo in this story, the
      way she writes the dialogue is truly fitting for a lazy afternoon in the

      Now before other readers think this fits better in drama: it actually really
      belongs in this category. The manner of writing is light and very hobbity.
      Beethoven’s 7th writes a very attractive and active story (story technique
      wise), that keeps the reader enthralled with an excellent pacing. Your
      command of the language is excellent, as always Beethoven’s 7th!

      Title: Reflections from the Paradise of Elves · Author: Bodkin · Genres:
      Drama (includes Angst): Incomplete · ID: 1329
      Reviewer: Jay of Lasgalen · 2005-09-03 18:49:51
      Late as usual - sorry, Bodkin! My favourite fanfic characters are Elladan
      and Elrohir, but so very few people write them well. I count you among the
      few, and love the banter between the twins and Legolas that always shines in
      these tales. Scattered through the humour are glimpses of the closeness
      between E2, the pain of their past, and the memories they all have of those
      they have lost.

      Great stories, and I hope there will be many more.
      Title: Goldfinch and Nightingale · Author: Nrink · Races/Places: Gondor:
      Pre-Quest Drabbles · ID: 504
      Reviewer: Marta · 2005-09-03 22:33:14
      How sad! You have captured childish delight at a new sitewell here in the
      character of Ivriniel -- but Finduilas's fondness and preference for the sea
      is heart-breaking, given how we know later events turn out.


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