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RE: [MEFAwards] Categories Post Mortem begins--continued

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  • Ainaechoiriel
    Sorry, accidentally hit Send to soon. I ll continue below. (Actually, I just needed to finish one word.) ... From: Ainaechoiriel
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2005
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      Sorry, accidentally hit Send to soon. I'll continue below. (Actually, I
      just needed to finish one word.)

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      Subject: [MEFAwards] Categories Post Mortem begins

      These are the present categories as they stood from 2004

      1. (Topic) Races & Places
      a. Men
      b. Elves
      c. Hobbits
      d. Orcs
      e. Rohan
      f. Numenor
      2. (Topic) Genres
      a. Humor
      b. Adventure
      c. Drama (includes Angst)
      d. Romance
      e. Horror
      f. Mystery
      g. Crossovers
      3. (Topic) Time/Books
      a. The Silmarillion
      b. The Lord of the Rings
      c. The Hobbit

      Topics will stay the same: Races/Places, Genres, and Time/Books

      So what are we going to do? Rethink some of them. Time/Books doesn't seem
      very changeable, but there might be a genre that wasn't represented or one
      that needn't be there. And we might want to reorganize Races/Places. Maybe
      places are only subcategories that can become main categories with 20
      stories (I went ahead and made that the minimum, making that decision

      Let's start with suggestions to add and remove or combine. There will
      probably be a lot of polls on this one unless it seems like unanimous
      support here in the dis...


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