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  • Sorne&Enros
    Can I ask whether the ban on NC-17 fics is something that can be up for negotiation, or is it something you are adament about? What are you using as the
    Message 1 of 17 , May 1, 2004
      Can I ask whether the ban on NC-17 fics is something that can be up for
      negotiation, or is it something you are adament about? What are you using
      as the criteria to distinguish between R and NC-17. I ask because I have a
      couple of pieces that may fall outside the line without editing, and I'm not
      sure that's a road I want to go down. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

      And if this is not an 'adult' list, how are we going to work posting stories
      with ratings above G?

      I'm sorry if it's perhaps a bit late in the day to be raising this, the list
      is moving so fast I'm finding it hard to keep up ( didn't even manage to
      vote in the Orc category poll before it closed)


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      > Guess I'd better say my piece.
      > Hi. I'm Grond (the Draborgie-thing is from an earlier
      > persona). I'm UK based, and probably old enough to be
      > everyone's Auntie, if not Granny. I write slash for bad-guys
      > in an ever-increasing number of fandoms including LOTR (some
      > of the others are a bit left-of-centre:
      > Georgette Heyer, HP Lovecraft). My aim is to subvert, shock
      > and titillate (probably in that order). Currently working on
      > "Harry Potter" *cringe*.

      Well, I don't know Yahoo's rules on subverting and shocking, but you'll
      to keep the titillating to a minimum here. It's not an adult group. ;-)
      And we wouldn't want to courrupt the list-mom's virgin eyes would we?

      But nice to have you anyway! And the other new folks as well!

      I will take this opportunity to state that part of the rules though, just
      case someone here hasn't read the FAQ: G-R stories are eligible. NC-17's
      are not. And while some really racy stories may be nominated and read,
      comments must remain fit for a non-adult group. But remember also that
      strange characters (~@#$%^, etc.) won't be counted in the comments. So,
      play fast and loose with the euphemisms if you have to, folks!

      > And I know a lot of you from other listings.
      > *Waves*
      > Grond

      I've been seeing quite a few familiar "faces" here, and it makes me smile.
      So do the new folks that I'm not familiar with. I want these awards to
      reach farther than just the few LOTR-based groups I'm on.


      "This evil cannot be concealed by the power of the Elves," Elrond said,
      it is Windows-compatible, and freeware at that." --H.F.

      http://www.stormpages.com/gabrielle/lotr Land of Myth and Memory
      Blog: http://www.ainaechoiriel.blogspot.com

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