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ADMIN - how to nominate stories

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  • Marta
    Hey guys, Last week I mentioned several ways people can use the MEFA website. This week, I want to walk through in more detail one of the most common reasons
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      Hey guys,

      Last week I mentioned several ways people can use the MEFA website.
      This week, I want to walk through in more detail one of the most
      common reasons people use the website: nominating a story and, for
      nominated authors, completing the nomination form.



      Before you can nominate a story you have to be able to log in. If you
      were nominated you already have an account set up for you. Everyone
      else, things get a little more complicated, but basically you need to
      join the MEFAwards Yahoo group, and then you need to send in the
      questionnaire sent to you. Once you do BOTH of those things Elliska
      will set up your account within a day or two. The site will
      automatically send you a password that you can use to log in.

      If you don't know your password, first try to retrieve it yourself
      using the "forgot password" link. If that doesn't work you can email
      me at supportATmefawardsDOTorg.



      Once you have your account set up, you next want to make sure the
      story is eligible. The two most common problems are (1) issues with
      the URL, and (2) that the piece has already competed in the past.

      On the second point: I really recommend you check whether a piece was
      nominated before using the OFFICIAL MEFA RECORD. You can see whether
      someone else has already nominated it in 2011 using the current MEFA
      website. You should also check http://archive.mefawards.org/, to see
      if it was nominated in a previous year. In general things are only
      eligible once; the main exception is if it has a WIP beside it in the
      archive and it's now finished, the story is eligible again.

      With URL's, you want to watch out for a couple of things. Does the URL
      require you to log in if you aren't a site member? (It's okay to be
      asked to click a link verifying you're an adult; not okay if you need
      a password to see the actual story.) Also, if the link is posted on
      more than one page is there a clear way to get from one page to
      another? Table of contents work, as do previous/next links on each

      While there are occasionally other wrinkles that make a nomination
      ineligible, these are by far the most common reasons for why we have
      to withdraw nominations. That and just not being able to reach the
      author. Which brings eme to a last thing you might want to do before
      submitting your nomination: email the author. We don't require this
      because there's really no way to check, but it really does help us get
      in touch if the author knows we're trying to contact them.



      Now you're ready to enter your nomination. To do this:

      --- (1) Log in to www.mefawards.org/
      --- (2) Select the "Nominate a Piece" link from the "Nominations" menu.
      --- (3) Select the author's name from the list provided, or add the
      author using the steps provided.
      --- (4) Enter the title as it appears at the URL you are using.
      --- (5) Enter a URL where the story can be read. (See above re:
      eligibility and URLs.)
      --- (6) *If you know it*, enter some other ways to contact the author
      - alternate emails, blog addresses, etc.
      --- (7) Click the submit button at the bottom of the form.

      If you're not also the author, your work is then done. Here's what
      happens at this point.

      --- (A) If you added the author, the website automatically sends the
      author an email with their password.
      --- (B) The author is also automatically assigned a LIAISON, a
      volunteer who will work with the author to answer any questions the
      author has and to check over their form.
      --- (C) That liaison will look over the information you provide and
      make sure it's eligible. If it is, they will send the author an email
      getting them started.

      At this point the ball is in the author's court. In most cases she'll
      simply begin work on the form at our website. Occasionally she'll
      email the liaison to let us know that *the author* knows she's been
      nominated. Maybe she doesn't have time to fill out the form right
      away? That's okay. We just need some indication that the author knows
      she's been nominated.

      At some point the author will fill out the form at our website and
      signify she's done with it. At that point:

      --- (D) The liaison and the administrator (that's me) will check over
      the form for errors.
      --- (E) Assuming everything is okay, I will finalize the nomination.
      That means it's 100% ready to compete.

      And *voila*, the nomination process is done.



      If your story was nominated - by yourself or someone else - you will
      need to fill out a form describing your piece.

      --- If you are also the nominator, once nominating a story you will be
      given the option to continue on telling us about your story.
      --- If someone else nominated your story, you can get to this form by

      (1) Logging in to www.mefawards.org/
      (2) Clicking "Your Nominations" from the "Nominations" menu.
      (3) Clicking the "Form" link beside your piece's title.
      (4) Clicking the "Edit Basic Data" link.

      In any case, you will eventually be taken to a form divided into
      several sections. Here are some specific things to keep in mind when
      feeling out this form.

      --- Screen One: Basic Information

      1. Change the story title if needed
      2. Confirm the main URL and add a back-up.
      3. Enter a summary.
      4. Select a story type (for categorization).
      5. Select a story length (for readers).

      --- Screen Two: Award Categories

      Choose three main categories where you would like to complete, ranked
      in order of preference. You must select three, and you must be willing
      to complete in all three.

      --- Screen Three: Details for Readers

      1. Select a rating and the reason for that rating, if applicable.
      2. Enter any romance partners, if applicable. You may use 'm' for male
      and 'f' for female if it is an OC or if you need to keep the
      characters a surprise.
      3. Select characters, sub-genres, events, and sources to describe your story.

      --- Screen Four: Details for Categorization

      Narrow down your previous lists to what you want the categorizers to
      consider. For exmaple, you may want readers to know the story involves
      Legolas, Merry and Pippin, but you only want it to compete against
      other Legolas-centric stories, not hobbit-centric ones that might have
      nothing to do with Legolas. Then you would select all three as
      characters for readers, but only Legolas as a character for

      When done:

      1. Click the "Nomination Summary" button.
      2. Change the status to "Author Satisfied with form."
      3. Tick the box saying you are satisfied with the form.
      4. Click the "Submit Nomination Form" button.

      At that point the form is saved. Your liaison will be in touch if
      there are any problems. Otherwise your piece is ready to compete in
      the MEFAs.


      STEP 5 - WHAT NOW?

      Once authors are done with the form, it will be looked over by that
      author's liaison and by myself. Everyone else, your work is
      done.(though authors should keep an eye on their email address).

      Authors are invited to use a banner to brag about their MEFA
      nominations. These are available at

      Everyone is also welcome to start voting for their fave MEFA story
      (other than their own, of course). I'll go more into how next week.

      Elen sila lumenn omentielvo,

      (MEFA Admin.)
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