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Re: hard-to-reach authors list #2

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  • inkling_tcbs
    Hi Marta, I ll give Permilea a nudge. Inkling
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 21, 2011
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      Hi Marta,

      I'll give Permilea a nudge.


      --- In MEFAwards@yahoogroups.com, Marta <marta.fandom@...> wrote:
      > Hey guys,
      > The following authors (a) have stories that have been nominated at
      > least a week, and (b) have neither started their forms or contacted
      > their liaisons to let them know they've been nominated.
      > Eldalie (liaison: Maethril, warriorprincess01fanficATgmailDOTcom)
      > Jay of Lasgalen (liaison: elliska, elliska67ATyahooDOTcom)
      > Permilea (liaison: elliska, elliska67ATyahooDOTcom)
      > If you know any of these authors, please have them get in touch with
      > the noted liaison. If they have trouble reaching the liaison - or if
      > they just need help logging in - have them drop me a line at
      > supportATmefawardsDOTorg.
      > On a related note, I'd really like to encourage people to nominate
      > their favorite pieces. At this moment we have 330 pieces nominated in
      > the 2011 MEFAs, of which 181 are completely ready to compete. That may
      > sound like a lot, but given that there's just about a week and a half
      > to go in nominations we are lagging a bit behind previous years. Some
      > of that is undoubtedly the fact that the Tolkien fandom has slowed
      > down a bit as time has passed from the movies, and that's fine. But I
      > know there's a lot of good fanfic still being produced, and I would
      > hate for it not to be nominated. In light of that, it might be fun to
      > give yourself a little challenge. Think of your three favorite Tolkien
      > pieces you're read in the last year - stories, poems, essays,
      > drabbles, whatever. Then check whether they've been nominated yet, and
      > if not, go ahead and nominate them. It's a great way to make the
      > author's day and contribute to the MEFAs at the same time.
      > Remember: nominations close at 11:59 PM GMT on June 30. If you need
      > help getting started email me at supportATmefawardsDOTorg.
      > Marta
      > MEFA Admin.
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