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  • Tanaqui
    Funds Drive Hey guys, It s that time again.... For the most part, the MEFAs don t cost anything but time. The website was designed and coded by volunteers and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2010
      Funds Drive

      Hey guys,

      It's that time again....

      For the most part, the MEFAs don't cost anything but time. The website
      was designed and coded by volunteers and is run ad-free; the competition
      itself is run by volunteers. There is no cash reward for the winners, no
      monetary compensation even for the most active volunteers. It's a labor
      of love.

      Which is precisely why we hate asking for donations. However, the
      company that hosts our website takes a slightly more capitalistic view
      of things. So we occasionally ask our members to chip in towards our
      site costs. Therefore, you can donate through paypal. There's a donation
      button at:


      (You don't need a LJ account to donate; the donation is handled through
      PayPal; it''s just a good place to put the button.)

      This is completely voluntary. If you can't or don't want to give money,
      you can still participate. With the economic downturn affecting most of
      us in some way, no one is going begrudge anyone not spending money on
      fannish things. If you want to contribute to the awards in other ways,
      we will always be able to find a use for your time.

      Second, whatever you contribute will go to our hosting fees and nothing
      else. (Marta controls the account, but she assures us she doesn't have a
      secret Amazon slush fund, and she's certainly not handing it out to the
      rest of us volunteers!) Every dollar, euro, pound or other currency you
      send goes on keeping the voting website online. The more that is
      donated, the longer it will be before we're back here with our hands out.

      Oh, and in the past people have wanted to donate without doing so
      online. (Yes, some people don't have credit or debit cards – which is
      smart!) For these people, in the past, Marta has let them mail her
      checks, which she has deposited into her personal account, and then made
      a corresponding donation to the paypal account. If you'd like to do
      this, email us privately (mefasupport at mefawards dot net) and we'll
      give you Marta's current mailing address (with her permission, of
      course!). If you've sent a check in the past, please don't use any
      previous address Marta may have provided, as it's likely it's no longer
      being forwarded to her, but email us for the current address.

      Thanks again to everyone for all your support of the MEFAs, however you
      give it.

      The MEFA Admin Team
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