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ADMIN:: Story Focus: Medium-Length Stories

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  • Dawn Felagund
    Greetings, all, This week s admin post will continue to spotlight some of the types of stories competing in the MEFAs, focusing in particular this week on
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2009
      Greetings, all,

      This week's admin post will continue to spotlight some of the types of stories competing in the MEFAs, focusing in particular this week on medium-length stories. The MEFAs define such a story as roughly 10,000 to 40,000 words. Such stories are often identified by their authors as "novellas": not quite the length and scope of a novel but just a bit too long for most readers to tackle in a single session. (Although they make great rainy-day reading!)

      The medium-length stories are one of the most diverse bunch of stories in the MEFAs: just about every era, genre, and race is covered. There is almost certainly something for everyone. So whether it is a summer thunderstorm raging outside your window or the cold chill of winter frosting the glass, as we approach the weekend, why not relax for a few hours with a story?



      To find all medium-length stories that have been nominated this year, visit the MEFA website and choose Browse All Nominated Stories.


      About midway down the page, click the link to Show Filter:


      This will open up the filter by which you can search for entries using a variety of criteria. The fourth drop-down box on the filter allows you to filter stories by length. Choose "Medium Length" from this list and click the button to "Display selected nominations" in order to bring up all of this year's medium-length stories.



      There are 68 medium-length story entries this year. These are listed below. To learn more about a particular entry, click the "Stories" link at the top of the MEFA website. Into the search bar, type the Story ID followed by the "#" sign and click "Search.

      #801. "If Death Is Kind" by Naltariel

      #25. "Of Rohan and Ruin" by Thundera Tiger

      #397. "The Kindness of Strangers" by Aiwendiel

      #762. "The Wisdom and Folly of Chaos and Confusion" by rosethorn59

      #299. "Saruman's Task" by WendWriter

      #385. "Seeing with the Heart" by Aglarien

      #30. "A Man in Full" by Jael

      #108. "Holding Back the Flood" by shirebound

      #392. "The Song in the Darkness" by Mirach

      #245. "Scourged Hearts" by weepingnaiad

      #387. "Mask of Virtue" by Linda Hoyland

      #600. "He is Mine Now" by rosethorn59

      #368. "Wanderlust" by Clodia

      #409. "Greet The Dawn" by Neoinean

      #693. "The Advice of A Child" by Calenlass Greenleaf

      #764. "The Archivist" by dancingkatz

      #204. "The Journal of Fingolfin" by j_dav (JDE)

      #289. "Tolog Mellon" by Nosterineth

      #360. "Walking the Line - Book One" by callerofcrows

      #537. "The Turning of Angwë" by WendWriter

      #111. "Through the Rain Curtain" by Eledhwen

      #40. "Will Overruled By Fate" by Oshun

      #657. "While Hope Lasts" by MP Brennan

      #302. "What Shall I Call You?" by Beloved of Aragorn

      #333. "The Calling of The Soul" by Lintalome (Amaranth)

      #706. "The Letter" by Antane

      #564. "Erestor's Secret" by Aglarien

      #493. "A Mirkwood Solstice" by Thundera Tiger

      #351. "Elf-root" by Soledad

      #613. "Leaving You Behind" by Sivan Shemesh

      #329. "Golden Days" by Lyra

      #258. "In the Woods of Ossiriand" by Perelleth

      #732. "The Love of a Lord" by WendWriter

      #662. "Not This Day" by Elvish Writer

      #541. "Angainor" by Larner

      #427. "Face of the Enemy" by Linaewen

      #356. "Just a Simple Mistake" by Sivan Shemesh

      #760. "Children of Lindórinand" by Darth Fingon

      #263. "To Wrap an Elven Princeling" by Jael

      #88. "The Flower King" by Windsurfbabe

      #301. "Esquire of the King" by Lady Roisin

      #809. "Fell and Fair" by Elena Tiriel

      #110. "The Quiet Hobbit" by the_arc5

      #465. "Shattered Stone" by MCat711

      #787. "To Have or Have Not" by Garnet Took

      #388. "Harper's Call" by Erfan Starled

      #579. "A Yearling Shoot" by Peredhil lover

      #415. "The Swamp On The Edge Of Forever" by weepingnaiad

      #78. "Death of a Heart" by cactuskim

      #220. "By Stars' Light" by Erfan Starled

      #29. "Trotter" by Dreamflower

      #371. "Ónen i Estel Edain" by StarSpray

      #122. "The Fire Within" Neumelndil

      #335. "The Last Message" by hareatic (aka Hare)

      #428. "Whispers on the Wind" by Jaiden_S

      #46. "A Little More Conversation" by Keiliss

      #827. "Osse's Gift" by elfscribe

      #374. "Fox in Winter" by Erfan Starled

      #168. "O the Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night" by Lindelea

      #97. "The Last Temptation of Legolas Thranduilion" by Jael

      #288. "In the King's Shoes" by rosethorn59

      #763. "The Archivist's Gift" by dancingkatz

      #408. "In Empty Lands" by Larner

      #14. "Adventures of an Eored: Sins of the Father" by Katzilla

      #440. "Mereth Aderthad" by Oshun

      #315. "The Coat of Eärendil" by Lothithil

      #249. "The Weather Outside is Frightful" by Radbooks

      #604. "The Shadow of Light" by j_dav (JDE)

      Happy reading! :)

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