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8183Re: [MEFAwards] Reviews Now Available

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  • Elena Tiriel
    Oct 1, 2007
      Hi Marta!

      I just want to say how excited I am to finally be able to read reviews, not
      only for my own story but also for my friends'. It is thrilling!

      That's what makes the MEFAs so extraordinary -- and so inspiring.

      To all the volunteers who make the MEFAs possible each year: thank you! ;-)

      - Barbara, whose contented muse is raising a glass of fine Dorwinion to the
      MEFA volunteers

      On 9/30/07, aure_enteluva <melayton@...> wrote:
      > Hey guys,
      > As many of you may have noticed, reviews are now visible at our
      > website. Go to http://www.mefawards.net/MEFA2007/ and log in. Or if
      > you don't have a password, click on "log in as guest". Once logged in,
      > click the "Read Reviews" link, and you'll see all of the final reviews
      > that have been entered. That's 930 reviews available for your browsing
      > privilege, at the time I'm writing this email.
      > There's been some confusion on whether you can still enter reviews.
      > The answer is YES. Reviewing is absolutely allowed until these awards
      > end on DECEMBER 30. The only difference is that you'll no longer be
      > able to *edit* final reviews. You can enter new reviews, and edit the
      > draft and hidden ones. I hope everyone will continue to do that.
      > Annmarwalk has volunteered to post the reviews to the MEFAwards Yahoo
      > group. (LJ folks, she'll be giving you guys links to the Yahoo posts
      > where the reviews are posted, so you won't miss out.) She'll be
      > posting 50 or so reviews a day until we're caught up. This means that
      > for a while, the reviews she posts every day won't be the ones posted
      > on that day. In the past people have been confused by that. We stagger
      > posting the reviews so people don't come home to 900 reviews in their
      > inbox. If you want to see the most recent reviews you can find them at
      > the website.
      > Authors: While it is by no means required, sometimes authors have
      > wanted to email their reviewers to thank them for their comments.
      > You'll notice that members' emails are not visible on our webpage. If
      > you would like to send an email to a reviewer, please email it to
      > mefasupport(at)gmail(dot)com, and I will forward it along to the
      > reviewer (along with your email address in case they choose to reply
      > back). Of course, if you know the reviewer's email address, feel free
      > to email them on your own.
      > Occasionally you may find a review that you think needs correcting for
      > some reason. Sometimes a review is accidentally entered for the wrong
      > story, or it does not follow the award rules (for instance, quotes are
      > not blocked off.) Other times, the reviewer composes reviews in a word
      > processor and just made a mistake coopying and pasting into the review
      > form. If a review seems off, email mefasupport(at)gmail(dot)com to
      > discuss it.
      > I think that's it! Happy reviewing guys!
      > Marta
      > (MEFA Admin.)

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