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6454Movie-verse versus Bookverse (Re: Question concerning Dwim's list)

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  • Kathy
    Dec 8, 2005

      Your health comes first...yours too, Rhapsody. The holidays are
      stressful enough as it is and the MEFAs will keep. So get some rest
      and take care of yourself!

      Kathy (Inkling)

      --- In MEFAwards@yahoogroups.com, Marta Layton <melayton@g...> wrote:
      > Hi Rhapsody,
      > > > Having done the research does not guarantee a good
      > > > interpretation, it just makes it less likely to be bad.
      > >
      > > Well that is a nice pat on the back for those authors who do
      > > loads of amounts on doing very thorough research but are
      > > for canonical interpretation.
      > >
      > Rhapsody, I'm not 100% sure... was this sarcasm? It's so hard to
      > online.
      > I'm all for people doing research; I do a fair amount myself. I do
      > think we need to have a reasonable feel for what our readers can be
      > expected to know, and if something is more obscure than that, we
      > take responsibility for "educating" them through authors' notes or
      > what-not.
      > > <snip>
      > > >
      > > >> I think you need to be aware of this as well. We all can't
      > > << every single detail of what Tolkien wrote or stated, we all
      > > >> things when we read (or form our own idea about it)...
      > > >
      > > > You say "form our own idea about it" like this is both a bad
      > > > and an avoidable thing.
      > >
      > > Well that is your interpretation of my words. I surely didn't
      > > it that way. But when I read how Marta for example might give a
      > > less points because of it.. I am very much for own interpretation
      > > because it is, for me, a good way to see a different perspective
      > > I never thought of before. For example, I might write a very
      > > Boromir (with some good citations to back it up), but she adores
      > > and she doesn't agree with my intepretation of Boromir at all..
      am I
      > > rewarded with 2 points less then?
      > >
      > I think it's a fact of life that, if we choose a difficult or
      > characterisation, your piece has to be that much better to convince
      > of it. If I were to write, for example, Faramir as sexually
      > or or Feanor as a very sensitive kind of man (elf, you know what I
      > mean) I'd be working at a natural disadvantage. This doesn't mean
      > stories can't work, but that they do need to be better to work. At
      > least for me.
      > I know there's more to this email, not to mention other emails that
      > want to answer. But I have been feeling thoroughly depressed and
      > overwhelmed for several days now, and I really do need to turn in
      > early. I think anything I say at this point will come across as
      > snippety. So I'll do my best to get to the rest later. If I don't
      > to it, please don't think that it means less or that I don't *want*
      > or that I'm trying to ignore you. I'm just exhausted by various
      > going on (most RL and unrelated to MEFAs).
      > Thanks for your patience!
      > Marta
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