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6451Movie-verse versus Bookverse (Re: Question concerning Dwim's list)

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  • dwimmer_laik
    Dec 7, 2005
      > Well, you guys who know me know that I would fall on the side of being
      > (vocally) critical of this characterisation of Denethor. But as much as
      > I hate to admit it, there are some events in the books that could lead
      > someone to a similar characterisation if interpreted a certain way.

      Hence the qualifier, "Unfit to rule in *every* respect"--all those who
      know me know I am most definitely not on the light side of Denethor
      interpretations for precisely the reason you name--there are passages
      and events that lead to interpreting him as a right bastard... just
      not one who's unfit to rule in *every* respect.


      > You're right, characterisation is more open to interpretation. Either
      > the Elves did or didn't show up at Helm's Deep, and either Saruman did
      > or did not occupy the Shire, and so on. it might happen differently in
      > the books and in the movies, but there's no arguing that in the books
      > Haldir died at Helm's Deep.

      In the books he doesn't die at HD, you mean.

      Dwim, who likes her Denethor like other people like their coffee
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