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6432Movie-verse versus Bookverse (Re: Question concerning Dwim's list)

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  • dwimmer_laik
    Dec 3, 2005
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      Re: LJ version

      Oh good. I still want to put the form up in the files. It'll make it
      easier to find whenever revisions are made. And even if (by a
      miracle) this were the final controversy over how the form was set
      up, it'd probably still be a good idea to ahve a copy of it isolated
      from the flow of messages.

      > You mentioned "the aim of the story" and that's precisely why I
      want to give
      > authors the option to call something a blend. It's intention that
      > here as much as any definition. There's probably a better word
      than blend
      > -- a chimera, perhaps? Defined as a story which intentionally
      draws strong
      > elements from two or more disparate sources and attempts to
      reconcile them?

      But that question I would see as dependent upon determining *which*
      was being reconciled to which? It makes a difference if the aim is
      to reconcile the movies to the books, but it's a different thing to
      make the books reconciled to the movies. There's an implicit
      assumption, I think, about the priority of one source with respect
      to another that as I see as both resulting in the same thing: they
      both are more concerned with doing something with the movies than
      they are with the books.

      > As far as readers finding things, hmmm. perhaps we could include
      > answers the authors gave us in the story information page.

      So the suggestion is to move the source material question, in
      suitably modified form, to the "subcategories" portion of the form
      and then to see whether sufficiently many movieverse fics are
      available to form a main category?
      > Yeah, it'll probably take a poll...

      Eventually! I feel as if we're still sort of swimming about at the

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