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6428Re: [MEFAwards] Movie-verse versus Bookverse (Re: Question concerning Dwim's list)

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  • Marta Layton
    Dec 3, 2005
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      Hi RSF,

      On 2 Dec 2005, at 22:50, rabidsamfan wrote:

      > If every author agrees that their story is one or the other it's no
      > biggie,
      > but I think it's possible that some authors will balk at having to
      > choose to
      > cram what they've written one direction or the other.  And since
      > we're using
      > source information to group similar stories together there's room for
      > some
      > flexibility. 

      This is why I suggested framing the question differently: is the story
      movieverse or not? If the author thinks there's enough movieverse in it
      for it to compete with movieverse stories, they select yes, even if
      there's a fair bit of bookverse in there as well. We could phrase it as
      something like "Is your story based on some adaptation of Tolkien's
      work like the movies made by Jackson or Bakshi. Select "yes" even if
      your story also draws from Tolkien's books if you would like it to
      compete with other movieverse stories. If you do not want it to compete
      in a movieverse category [or sub-category, whatever we go with], please
      select "Decline to answer" and mention that it draws from the movies in
      your summary."

      My concern with giving people a book/movie/splice option is that the
      splice stories won't go in with the movieverse categories even if the
      author might put it there. I had a story entered in this year's
      movieverse category ("Fell Deeds, Awake") that had Gimli at Helm's Deep
      comparing Theoden to Bard. It was movieverse because Gimli was the one
      who blew Helm Hammerhand's horn, and I still think that was the right
      category for it -- but if I had the option of marking it as a
      combination of bookverse and movieverse, I probably would have chosen a
      blend. I don't want that to happen to other people this year.

      Just my thoughts, of course. If most people want to accommodate splices
      this way I won't fight it. Would people like a poll on this?

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