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6416Re: [MEFAwards] Movie-verse versus Bookverse (Re: Question concerning Dwim's list)

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  • Laura
    Dec 1, 2005
      -- Marta Layton <melayton@...> wrote:
      >> I have to admit, the whole concept of a bookverse/movieverse hybrid
      >> seems a bit foreign to me. If a story is bookverse, that means that
      >> on all the points where the books differ from the movies, it
      >> follows the books. If I write a story about Faramir's thoughts just
      >> before he rides out to re-take Osgiliath, that story is movieverse
      >> by default - even if I have Faramir reflecting on things that are
      >> never mentioned in the movies, like Faramir's having the dream that
      >> sent Boromir to Osgiliath. The movies are pretty limited in their
      >> scope, especially when it comes to backstory.

      I've been wondering about this hybrid concept, and I *can* think of a few examples that might fall under such a category. There's one story out there in which the Lothlorien elves never showed up at Helm's Deep and Haldir never died. He has a fairly big role in the story, and on that count, it's a bookverse story. However, a lot of the lines and a lot of the flashbacks come straight out of the movies and don't have much to do with the books at all. The author did something of a pick-and-choose job, using elements from both the books and the movies until she got something that worked. But even so, I think with a bit of prodding it could be narrowed down into a bookverse or a movieverse category.

      The other examples would are all parodies that use movies and books against each other, and I can think of quite a few of those. But by and large, they're probably going in the humor section rather than in a time category or a movieverse category.

      Anyway, just wanted to point out that there are a few stories out there that try to blend movies and books. And there are a few that try to reconcile movies and books. My opinion is that all of them (at least, all of the stories I've read) can fit into bookverse or movieverse with a bit of wrangling. I don't see an overwhelming need for a hybrid option. But that's just my opinion.


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