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6414Re: [MEFAwards] Movie-verse versus Bookverse (Re: Question concerning Dwim's list)

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  • rabidsamfan
    Dec 1, 2005
      It might not matter, actually. I keep trying to think of specific examples,
      but this hasn't been a good week for brain cells. Still as long as we leave
      an opening for authors to let the liaisons know when they feel that the
      options we've given (in whatever area) don't quite fit the way they see
      their stories, it should be sufficient to show us if there is a topic where
      our planning hasn't matched the expectations of others. One of the
      strengths of the MEFAs is inclusivity, and asking people what they think, as
      this discussion certainly proves.

      An evil little braincell in the back of my head just wondered whether or not
      we'd count a story with Bingo Baggins and Trotter as alternate
      universe... They do come from HoME, after all, and while I'm far too sleepy
      to go looking at the list as it stands, I thought that HoME was in the
      bookverse part of the stuff...

      On 12/1/05, Marta Layton <melayton@...> wrote:
      > Hi RSF,
      > I have to admit, the whole concept of a bookverse/movieverse hybrid
      > seems a bit foreign to me. If a story is bookverse, that means that on
      > all the points where the books differ from the movies, it follows the
      > books. If I write a story about Faramir's thoughts just before he rides
      > out to re-take Osgiliath, that story is movieverse by default - even if
      > I have Faramir reflecting on things that are never mentioned in the
      > movies, like Faramir's having the dream that sent Boromir to Osgiliath.
      > The movies are pretty limited in their scope, especially when it comes
      > to backstory.
      > As for why not have the possibility of marking both, there's a simple
      > logistical one. This year we had the "Movieverse" category as a choice.
      > It was in Genres, but most people want to move it to Times from what
      > I've seen. I certainly think it fits better there. But how would
      > someone put their story in movieverse using Dwim's form? The way I
      > interpret it, if you choose "based on the movies", your story gets
      > "Movie-verse" as its "Times" category choice. If you choose "based on
      > the books" it gets the time-period you chose as its Time choice.
      > Therefore it's important that the author only choose one choice.
      > If we don't want to do this, I guess we don't need a movieverse
      > category, and I don't have a strong objection from an administrative
      > viewpoint. I still think the concept of a hybrid doesn't make a lot of
      > sense as I understand the term "bookverse" and "movieverse". But I'll
      > go with whatever people want.
      > Marta
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