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6413Re: [MEFAwards] Movie-verse versus Bookverse (Re: Question concerning Dwim's list)

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  • Marta Layton
    Dec 1, 2005
      Hi RSF,

      I have to admit, the whole concept of a bookverse/movieverse hybrid
      seems a bit foreign to me. If a story is bookverse, that means that on
      all the points where the books differ from the movies, it follows the
      books. If I write a story about Faramir's thoughts just before he rides
      out to re-take Osgiliath, that story is movieverse by default - even if
      I have Faramir reflecting on things that are never mentioned in the
      movies, like Faramir's having the dream that sent Boromir to Osgiliath.
      The movies are pretty limited in their scope, especially when it comes
      to backstory.

      As for why not have the possibility of marking both, there's a simple
      logistical one. This year we had the "Movieverse" category as a choice.
      It was in Genres, but most people want to move it to Times from what
      I've seen. I certainly think it fits better there. But how would
      someone put their story in movieverse using Dwim's form? The way I
      interpret it, if you choose "based on the movies", your story gets
      "Movie-verse" as its "Times" category choice. If you choose "based on
      the books" it gets the time-period you chose as its Time choice.
      Therefore it's important that the author only choose one choice.

      If we don't want to do this, I guess we don't need a movieverse
      category, and I don't have a strong objection from an administrative
      viewpoint. I still think the concept of a hybrid doesn't make a lot of
      sense as I understand the term "bookverse" and "movieverse". But I'll
      go with whatever people want.

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