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6412Re: [MEFAwards] Movie-verse versus Bookverse (Re: Question concerning Dwim's list)

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  • rabidsamfan
    Dec 1, 2005
      On 12/1/05, elanor of aquitania <elanor@...> wrote:
      > rabidsamfan wrote Tue, 29 Nov 2005 22:04:52 -0500:
      > > drawn equally on both sources the option of putting their
      > > stories in with
      > > the crossovers? Either that or by caveat declare that if a
      > > story uses any
      > > *plot* element of the films (rather than any *visual*
      > > element), it should be
      > > with the movieverse stories.
      > Hi Rabidsamfan,
      > IMO both solutions are too strong.
      > 1) I thought cross-overs were for the mixing of
      > other movies like "Pirates of the Caribbean" with Tolkien's universe.
      > IMO the movie by PJ is a story working with
      > elements of Tolkien's Universe, which becomes
      > towards the third part more and more AU.
      > 2) IMO the solution that 'any *plot* element' suffices to shove
      > the story into movie-verse is also too strong a measure.
      > My question is a result of one of my own stories
      > where I use PJ's pyre scene to shorten the story line
      > which else is completely book-verse.
      > I would go with caveats in the summary
      > and I would like to change Dwim's text to
      > something like
      > ###########
      > My story is:
      > 1. Bookverse: *predominantly* based on the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien
      > and/or
      > drafts made available by C. Tolkien
      > 2. Filmverse: *predominantly* based on a film adaptation of "The Lord of
      > the
      > Rings" or "The Hobbit"
      > ###########
      > Best wishes Elanor

      I agree that most stories fall predominately into one 'verse or the other.
      I just think there ought to be an option for authors who intended their
      story to be a deliberate blending. If we're accomodating author intentions
      for other questions, why not this one? Since no one seems to feel that
      there should be a "both" ticky box, I was trying to think of which places
      blends could go.

      Crossover's not a great choice, I grant you.

      If we used the "visual"/"plot" distinction, then your story would fall into
      "book" if you simply used the description of the fires springing up from
      mountain to mountain, but fall into "movie" if you had Gandalf and Pippin
      conspiring to light the beacons, as that is a distinct plot change which
      impacts the portrayal of Denethor and alters Pippin's experiences in Minas
      Tirith considerably.

      I suppose I'm theorizing ahead of the facts. How about a "Other, explain?"
      ticky box? That might accomodate "LotR written ala Author X" and "But I
      think it's both!" etc. We can always use the visual/plot distinction later
      if there's only one or two stories that are odd, and explain to the authors
      that we needed to place them for the sake of making viable categories.

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