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3416RE: [MEFAwards] a (possibly belated) suggestion

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  • Ainaechoiriel
    Feb 3, 2005
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      Sorry I've been busy with computers and files that are 450MB in size.

      That would be fine to ask them to very the summary. I'll prepare a form
      letter, but anyone can always personalize it or add something as well.

      As for the categories, you can see them in the Rules already. But here they

      1. (Topic) Races & Places
      a. Men
      b. Elves
      c. Hobbits
      *d. Dwarves
      *e. Villains
      *f. Cross-Cultural

      2. (Topic) Genres
      a. Humor
      b. Adventure
      c. Drama (includes Angst)
      d. Romance
      e. Horror
      f. Mystery
      g. Crossovers
      *h. Alternate Universe
      *i. Movie-verse
      *j. Non-Fiction

      3. (Topic) Time/Books
      a. The Silmarillion
      b. The Hobbit
      c. The Lord of the Rings
      *d. Post-Ring War


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      > From: Marta [mailto:MartaL0712@...]
      > Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2005 10:48 PM
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      > Subject: [MEFAwards] a (possibly belated) suggestion
      > Hi Ainae,
      > When we're contacting authors to see where they want to
      > categorize their story, could we maybe ask them to verify
      > their summaries? I've lifted a lot from the archives where
      > the stories are posted, but for shorter pieces collected
      > several-to-one-story (such as
      > drabbles) there's not always a summary given by the author.
      > And sometimes the summaries are very brief followed by the
      > challenge the story was written from, and I've had to change
      > it a bit so it will make sense to readers who don't follow a
      > certain archive.
      > I think in most cases the author will approve the summary
      > without much thought, but I think they should have the write
      > to edit it if they don't like it.
      > Marta
      > PS- Have you decided on what categories will be available
      > next year? If so, can you get me a list so I can begin
      > working on a category guide?
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