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  • Ainaechoiriel
    Oct 1, 2004
      Last post on this since it is rather off-topic (though I do love to talk
      about cats!)

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      *coming out of lurkdome since the subject of cats has arisen.*

      >I had a cat that almost died due to fleas; not from an allergic reaction,
      but because he was injured and they sucked him dry.

      My 1-year-old, Zmrzlina, nearly died at 7 weeks because the had nearly
      sucked her dry. She had 4% red blood cells. She's a miracle baby. The vet
      really was surprised she survived and I think that a lot of that has to do
      with all the people who prayed for her. She got a middle name after that:
      Raphaelle "healed by God".

      I'm pro holistic when it comes to cat care. However, with fleas in a
      multi-cat household like mine, I say "nuke 'em" and use Frontline (NCI). If
      you are interested, I have a few herbal/holistic tips stored somewhere in my

      >I used to take my cat Garfield on a leash. Fat, orange tabby, with a
      cattitude, if you get the meaning. He's not named Garfield without good

      >He embarrassed me too many times...

      ;-) I think you'd have had to start pretty early with the leash training.
      This particular cat of mine is 9 years old.

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