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  • Alpha Ori
    Jul 3 3:40 PM
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      I have simply been inactive in most of the time on this list. However, as an author of "adult content" stories, that could really be no other way.
      And yet, anyone who purposefully acts in such a way as to cause suffering to another human being is, to my mind, an imbecile. True I do not agree with MEFAs policy on "adult content"  - banned, and yet directed at adult readers.This seems simply unatural to me - however, every website is free to decide what they want or otherwise, just as I am free to choose which sites to belong to , and which not to.
      For me, ethically, banning sex or violence is a simple act of intolerance, and as such, I understand that it is me that should leave, and not vice-versa. You guys have made it very clear what you want and what you do not. Therefore I will, of course, remove myself from this list.
      I would suggest stopping the MEFA awards as of 2011 - I really do not see the point in prolonging the agony, yet I do want to make my point clear. Both banning and attacking on the grounds of ethics, religious or not, is equitative - there is no difference.
      Thank you then, for spending your free time to make others happy. Forget the idiots that think that attacking what they do not agree with, with grevous intent, is "intellectual", because it's not, and although I do not agree with your criteria, you do deserve a round of applause.
      Alpha Ori

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