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11304Announcement from Aranel: Cancellation of MEFAs

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  • Aranel
    Jul 3, 2012
      Hello everyone,

      I'm sad to be the bearer of bad news, but I am going to have to step in and end the possibility of a 2012 MEFAs.

      This decision is my own. I informed Marta, Elliska, and Inkling today that I am unable to continue supporting the website. There are still some bugs to be worked out, we've been having database issues with the hosting company, and with everything that's been going on I haven't been able to give the site my full attention to have it totally ready to go. It's become too much stress to deal with and it's negatively affecting my Real Life. Real Life has to take priority.

      The site is in a condition that it is impossible for someone else to take it over at this point for a 2012 awards. There are still a lot of things to do for updating the post-nominations seasons. There are still bugs from the new updates to work out. I have been the only tech support person for the last year or so, so nobody else is familiar with it. I am also the worst code documenter in the universe (if there was an Olympics for crappy code documentation, I would win the gold!), so it would be no easy task for someone else to take over the updates and bug fixes.

      I will still host the MEFA Archive and I will finish updating the 2011 stories as soon as possible (after a break to de-stress).

      I know many will be disappointed in me, probably very angry with me, and I am truly sorry. But I know there are others already planning new awards, so I suggest taking your ire with me and focusing that energy on helping them out or starting new awards.

      I will preemptively address transferring the site code to someone else: Honestly, I'm a bit selfish about it and I'm really not willing to give away the work I've done. I also don't want to have to support the code (see: crappy documentation). And, really, your tech support and your users will be much happier if you decide what you want in your awards and then design your own site from the ground-up to do exactly what you want. It will work much better than trying to adapt someone else's code to fit your plans.

      I ask that you please respect my decision and not try to persuade me to change my mind on anything I've said.

      Aranel Took
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