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  • Marta
    Jul 3, 2012
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      Hello Sandra and everyone,

      I understand that you and everyone else are anxious upset about the new
      rating system. However, your suggestion that we delay the awards and go
      back to the old system isn't realistic. The old system was pretty seriously
      flawed, as the situation at the end of last year's awards showed. Everyone
      agrees that it isn't fair to authors to pull out their stories so late in
      the awards, and that's precisely what I'd have to do if the exact same
      situation happened in the 2012 awards.

      You suggested that we delay the awards and discuss the ratings systems in
      more detail now. But that's an unrealistic request for several reasons. For
      one thing, MEFAs aside, I don't have time to participate in a detailed
      discussion like that would require right now. More importantly, the other
      awards organizers and I simply aren't interested in rehashing this policy
      for one last year. I'm willing to continue working with the MEFAs through
      one more, for two real reasons. First, we are very nearly ready to start
      the awards so, compared to most years, there's not that much work left to
      do in order to get ready for it. And perhaps more importantly, I had
      already said there would be MEFAs in 2012, before I had any indication
      people had such passionate concerns about ratings. That is why I was
      willing to run the MEFAs for one last year if that's what people wanted.

      However, I'm not willing to make such major changes, nor am I willing to
      delay things and start the whole process of lining up volunteers all over
      again. That's not reasonable, given the circumstances. Of course, if anyone
      thinks the 2012 content advisory system (or any other aspect of the
      awards!) makes the awards not worth having, then you are free to vote that
      way in the polls going on now. I can also put you on our don't-nominate
      list whichever way the polls go.

      I realize that a binary poll like this seems restrictive. It is, in many
      ways. Unfortunately, other options like the ones you suggest would simply
      require more time and effort than I'm willing to invest in the MEFAs.

      Btw, Elliska was right that I'm not going to be around for a lot of today.
      I'm headed out in an hour and won't be online again until at *least* 4 PM
      (probably later). I'll answer as many emails as I can before then, and as
      many as I can tonight when I get back. Thanks for the patience!


      On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 5:41 AM, Sandra <isisrising08@...> wrote:

      > **
      > There should be a third alternative in the poll. Have the 2012 season with
      > the same rules/procedures as used in prior years in place. Would this
      > require a month's postponement of the awards season? Yes. But it would
      > return things to a ratings system that are understood and dialog can take
      > off for future changes from there.
      > I don't like either of the two choices you've offered me in your "poll".
      > - Erulisse (one L)

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