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11294Re: a difficult decision, and a poll

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  • Doc Bushwell
    Jul 3, 2012
      I'll just simply sign Steel's post below, as she reflects my opinions accurately, save that I first competed in 2007. I'll add that, based on my own experience in grad school, I well know that as one progresses in a program, the demands on one's time and energy become intense, as they should, so it's understandable that a step back from extracurriculars is necessary.

      Pande a.k.a. Doc B.

      --- In MEFAwards@yahoogroups.com, "surgeon_ruth" <surgsteel@...> wrote:
      > I first competed in the MEFAs in 2006, and you were my author liason, Marta - and it was a really fun experience. I respect what you've done to build the awards up.
      > However, I won't be voting in your poll as you've chosen to present it. Speaking for myself, I felt that the new ratings system was a weall-meant mistake caused by not involving *all* the stakeholders in the discussion. The response to the group of us who chose to bring forward concerns made me, personally, feel that my opinion as an author and voter in the MEFAs was not valued. This 'poll' which doesn't really present much choice at all, confirms for me that decisions have already been made and that my opinion doesn't actually count for much.
      > I'm sorry that this has become so stressful for you and sorry that you felt that you were personally attacked - as I said earlier, I respect what you've done to create the awards and hope you'll re-consider.
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